Well, we are in-between Falls; however some of you are still coming to
this page to look for a SPECIAL, and Bible Study and Bible Study aids are
always in season--you know the "in season and out of season" work with
the Word.
Recall when you could remember some words of a verse, but
could not remember where it is located in the Bible?  Then you
need an exhaustive and respected Bible concordance like
YOUNG'S ANALYTICAL.  You can have it free this month with
the purchase of volume 3 or volume 5 of the LEARN CHRIST
approximately 1100 page book with a listing of every word in
the Bible with a phrase quoted and the location of the Bible
book, chapter, and verse can be yours free this month with the
purchase of either "Believe and Be Baptized" or "The Message
of the Writing Prophets".

2.  "BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED":  this volume 3 of the
Learn Christ commentaries will bless your life, inspire, and
straighten out your doctrines with a complete study of the 14
letters from the Apostle Paul.  It is amazing the number of
Christian life problems and church life problems that can be
corrected--"reprove, rebuke, and exhort"--with a fresh look at
the Bible itself, for example on I and II Corinthians where
many churches today have the same attitude that Paul
reprimanded as if "the Word had come to them only" or as if
"the Word have come out of them".  Likewise all the
contemporary worship problems where everybody has a song
or a word.

last and volume 5 of the Learn Christ commentaries looks at
the writings of 15 Prophets of the Old Testament in the
context of the 12 primary topics of the Bible.  All the way from
the Prophet Moses, David in Psalms, and to Malachi, you will
find the content of the common message or messages from
the Prophets both on predictions and on today-relevant
messages for nations and individuals.

4.  Order either
volume 3 or volume 5 from the Product Page,
and you will automatically receive Young's Analytical
Concordance.  Although it will not show up in your order form
like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble, you will receive it in the
mail with your purchase of the $40 volume 3 or volume 5.
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