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SunGrist Bible Commentaries
P. O. Box 960, Cloudcroft, NM  88317
Why SunGrist Bible Commentaries?

  • without any axe to grind or organizational committments,
    except to Christ and a conservative loyalty to the Bible,
    you will read certain Bible truths only here
  • surveys indicate that many Americans are disgusted with
    churches and denominations but interested in Christ and
    the Bible
  • all books are professional published in FrameMaker,
    Adobe InDeisgn, QuarkXPress, and Adobe PDF (Portable
    Document Format)
  • through the Bible in only 5 commentaries in the LEARN
    CHRIST five volume set
  • what is sound doctrine, the clear teachings of the Bible
    from Christ, the Apostles, and Prophets; and that is what
    you will find in the 4 books on Bible teachings
  • books are available here for immediate download or to
    order in 3 configurations--bound paper hard copy, CD, or
  • each book is 200-300 colorful pages with main text in black
    large print, with Bible quotes in green, and comments in
  • Click this link to look at a sample page of the books
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You are welcome to contact us at SunGrist Bible Commentaries
anytime by email, to listen to audio of critical messages, or to
participate in the
SunGrist Blog on the Bible and World Events.  
However, the primary purpose of this page is to enable dialogue
with you in the form of feedback or questions.  All email addresses
coming this way will be kept in the strictest confidence like to a
minister, and you will receive an answer.  During the Fall Flat rate
special, PDF books etc are available for $20, and you can order by
using the Buy Now button above with an email notice using the
Submit form below so the correct volume will be emailed to you. OR
you can secure a 20 dollar bill in an envelope and mail it to the
address above.  
Also please feel free to get in touch with us at the email address
above for any feedback, Bible questions, or other informational

Thank You.
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