The Diamond of the AT-ONE-MENT

More Good News
(Atonement) for Bird and
Flower Lovers, You of Faith
or Potential Faith!
CROSS was written back
in 1955, but like the Bible
and the “faith once for all
delivered to the saints                         
(Jude3), it can never be
outdated because of how
related are exactly from
the Bible what the Apostles
like Paul, specifically wrote
on the Message of the
Some have  just
discovered this Message
of the Cross, and better
late than never; however it
has been right there in the
Bible all along; and Morris and
Connor do a marvelous
job of summarizing and
organization what the Bible
says on the Message of
the Cross.
NOTE:  When the chapters below
in the Table Of Contents are
underlined you can link
to the summary.  In the
meantime, please go to
Top 12 Topics of the
Table of Contents
I.  Redemption.
II.  Covenant.
III.  The Blood.
IV.  Propitiation (1)
V.  Propitiation (2)
VI.  Reconciliation.
VII.  Justification  (1).
VIII.  Justification  (2).
IX.  Conclusion.

3 thoughts on “The Diamond of the AT-ONE-MENT

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  3. I’m so sorry you are going through all these emotions, and it’s not surprising you are confused. But what really upset me was thinking your kids would be better off without you. You play with them, you spend time with them. They don’t know your innermost thoughts, or how you feel. But you would leave a huge gap in their lives. I grew up without my mum, and I wo;#1n&l82d7ut wish that on anyone. I hope things start changing for you, and your glass becomes half full soon. xx

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