Snatching, Stumbling, and the
Falling Away
Both the Falling Away and the Security of
the Believer are sound and valid Bible
doctrines.  Do they seem contradictory?  
The two are easily reconciled as we study
in depth the parable of the seed and sower
as told by the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Some Sounds of Sound Faith
Call it Bible doctrine, call it the basics or
majors of the Bible, or call it just Bible
teachings:  it is the same, it is what is
considered the most important to know from
the Bible by topics.
Check out the 10 major
doctrines of the Bible that are presented in a
simple, devotional, and thorough manner
based on certain Bible passages.
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What Churches Don't Want
You to Hear!
Well, you decide for yourself is this is fair!  
Have you heard your church or any other Bible
teacher talking about the Falling Away and the
implications for the kingdom of Christ?
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HEAR!  And to ORDER.
A Cup of Water
This is condensed version of Mark with
comments offered to you as a cup of water
with which to either start your serious
journey into a life of Bible study or for more
depth on eschatology as given in the book
of Daniel.
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Commentaries on Bible
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