Although we desire in our preaching and teaching of sound faith not
to be brutal, there are some simple Bible facts that must be faced
up to as we struggle with the problem of why so few people really
understand the Bible:
(1) God actually blinds the eyes of most people so that they can
not understand as for example most of the Jewish nation up to this
present except for a chosen few like Paul and the other Apostles
and the first churches; (2) As Romans 1 informs us God gives up
most people and civilizations to a “reprobate mind” that can not
understand the things of God, do not care to understand and in fact
have a predisposed attitude to prevent an understanding of the
Bible; (3) God plays with the wisdom of the world and of the
university scholars as He chooses to save those through the
foolishness of preaching to save those who believe (
“When in the
wisdom of God, the world by wisdom knew not God it pleased
God by the foolishness of preaching to save those that
(4) The wisdom of this world of the universities and books (except
a select few) are foolishness with God, and not many mighty or
noble or wise are called to a proper spiritual understanding; and (5)
It is necessary to face up to the fact that true Bible faith in Christ is
a minority endeavor as “many are called but few are chosen”, and
“broad is the way that leads to destruction and many go that way”
while “narrow is the way that leads to eternal life” and few there are
that take that way of life.  It is the simple difference between the
majority and the minority that we are
talking about.
This applies to the United States also.  You can hardly make a
legitimate case that this majority and minority thing of the Bible
applies to the whole world apart from the United States.  Even as it
applied also to Israel, the originally chosen nation of God, in the
days of Christ, it also applies to the currently chosen nation of God,
the United States, during this age of the fullness of the Gentiles.  
What we have in the United States, to use the words of some of
the American Studies scholars, is an AMERICAN DEMOCRATIC
FAITH.  It can be summarized as spoken by former Prime Minister
of Israel Begin, “You Americans are born Christians just as Jews
are born Jews.”
Neither is true, but it takes a close study of that part of the Word of
God called the book of Romans, by the Apostle Paul and the Spirit
of God, to understand it.  That will be explained in the third chapter,
“God‛s Watershed of History: Choice of a Beloved and Foolish
Nation”.  Suffice it to say for now as Paul, “not every Jew is born of
Israel”, nor is every child of God born of Israel, and there is a
spiritual Israel.  In other words, until the fullness of the Gentiles age
is complete, there will be more children of God from among
the Gentiles, the United States leading the way, than from among
the physical nation of Israel.  {Enjoy it while you can.}
Second to the proper attitude, it is necessary to work hard to
understand the Bible.  Jesus uses the words “asking”, “seeking”,
and “knocking”.  Another way to say it is that those who search
after the truth from the Bible are the ones most likely to find the
truth.  One of the so-called “beatitudes” describes the way God will
bless those who seek the truth of the Bible, “Blessed are those who
hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Many
like to talk about this as happiness or the beatitudes.  No, it is the
blessings of God; and if God Himself blesses you beyond that of
the sun and rain, beyond that of the majority on the earth, it is
indeed a blessing.  God can and will bless you by understanding of
every word that proceeds out of His mouth if you will develop the
right attitude and put out effort in knowing the truth.  We live among
many who desire the instant spiritual blessings of salvation and
special insight; however there is never and has never been a
quick and easy way.   
Many point to the salvation of Paul on the road to Damascus as
an example of instantaneous salvation; but there would not have
been a salvation experience of the road except for the extended
time of that preceded it in which “he kicked against the pricks”.  And
still his salvation was not complete as indicated by the physical
blindness {a sign of incomplete spiritual insight}, until Ananias
assisted him with more truth from the Ascended Christ.  Even so
Paul was not yet ready to preach. He must spend time in the
Arabian Desert with the Ascended Christ, and then go back to
Tarsus to reread the Old Testament in the light of what Christ had
taught him.
Paul teaches about the yearn in Hebrews for the sound doctrine of
the Word of God as the equivalent motivation of a new born baby
desiring to have milk.  All know of that yelling and screaming and
crying of the baby for milk, and the person who yearns with that
intensity after every word from the mouth of God as recorded in
the Word of God will be rewarded in like manner as a mother cares
for her child.  Someone besides Jacob must wrestle with the angel
for a spiritual blessing, and that someone is the person, having
established a proper attitude, who seeks to know the truth of God
and Christ, the truth of the Word of God which is divine in origin,
absolute in authority, sufficient in message, and high fidelity in
What is Sound Doctrine?

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