What Sort?

They just do not have the right to tamper with the Bible like that!  
With their futile attempts to impose dispensations of time history on
the Bible, they make God appear to be a variable rather than the
rock of consistency that He is!  Not only with their brand of
hermeneutics, the science of Bible interpretation, do they substitute
a hunt and peck method but also a cut and paste method to their
Bible studies, teaching, and preaching; thus substituting away from
the self-interpretative methods of the Bible like ASPI of II Peter 1:21
and the ALL Scripture movement and method of II Timothy 3:16,17.  
In stead of Bible studies to gain the natural built-in structure and flow
of the Bible, they memorize and repeat often about 300 random
verses of the Bible without the built-in flow of the Top 12 Topics of
the Bible; and with their august wisdom by which they attempt to
supplant God as the source of the Bible, they cut and paste, dividing
the Bible into artificial historical slices of time, and at the same time,
have the heavenly wisdom to tell you which sections of their split and
divided Bibles apply to you and at what time they apply to you.  It
just should not be; and in the wisdom of God with the revelations of
the 66 books of the Bible, He warned us of “this sort” of “they”
people through the Apostle Paul and the Holy Spirit in the writing of II
In a Mormon like and Mason like fashion, the Bible in II Timothy
assists the standard Bible reader to identify them primarily as those
of a “secret rapture” theory.  You see the “pride” and “boasting” of
this sort, specifically mentioned in the bad habits and attitudes of
that sort as listed in II Timothy 3:1-9, a pride, unadulterated
arrogance, and unmitigated gaul that leads them to teach what silver
and gold church members of over two thousand years of Christianity
based on the Bible have not seen.  Goodness the rest of us have
been reading and reveling in the Bible for well over 50 years, and
multiply that by thousands each generation for over two thousand
years which have not found any of these kind of secrets in the Bible,
then you start to realize that in spite of the big pulpits they represent
and the established schools, they have outstripped the intentions of
God in the giving of the Bible in their desires to be academic.  They
do not all have doctors degrees, but their most vocal have the “pride
of life” academically, reveling in you calling them Dr. so and so, a
pride of life condemned in I John 2;15-17 just as surely as the lust of
the flesh and the lust of the eyes.  One would almost think that those
secrets kept by Masons for so many years in seeking after the
ultimate light centered around this secret rapture of the
fundamentalists; that the Mormons in making their temple on
Mormon square secretive, only accessible to key carrying Mormons,
have hidden also for years that secret rapture there; and even when
a select BBFer like Tim LeHaye wrote the “left behind” fiction books
based on fiction, it is significant that he chose the medium of fiction
over reality!
8-1:  What sort?  “That sort”  allow their follies to be revealed by
preaching this secret rapture that the Bible condemned in the
first century of Christianity, in II Timothy 2:14-18.
Granted in the secret rapture of Hymenaeus and Philetus, which did
spread like a cancer in Christianity, at least after 1830, it was a
secret only known to a select few like Philetus and Hymenaus and
their disciples, a secret of a resurrection of Christians already in the
past, while the secret rapture of the current fundamentalists starting
with Scofield and the SRB is a secret rapture still to take place but
much nearer in time that the real gathering of the saints at the
Second Coming of Christ.  The heresy of real Bible is the same of
the secret rapturers then and the secret rapturers now, they distort
the original Word of God as delivered through the Apostles and
Prophets and Jesus, and set up a time sequence of eschatological
events never intending or revealed in His Word from God!  Nobody,
nobody, pastor of the largest SBC church or of any other
denomination, big degreed, little degreed, or not degreed has the
right to tamper with the Bible and sound doctrine in that fashion.  We
may respect the pulpit, but we can not and dare not respect the false
teaching of a resurrection of Christians other than at the END, at the
second  coming of Christ!
8-2:  What sort?  The sort of the perilous times of hideouts for
bad habits and bad attitudes, the sort that put personal gain
ahead of the “glory of God in the Christian calling”, the sort of
the people of God of Jeremiah that God through Jeremiah called
a “den of thieves”, and the sort of whom Jesus repeated about
the den thieves around the temple like the money changers.
1.  What sort?  that sort of “lovers of self” and “lovers of money”,
who actually with such bad attitudes and bad habits of a den of
thieves create the perilous times of Christianity.  You have read the
roll call in II Timothy 3:1-9 of bad habits and attitudes; unfortunately
as youth growing up in the once doctrinally sound SBC, we did not
recognize or have to courage to state that what we saw in the
fundamentalists as fuedamentalists because you knew what they
were against more than what they were for, and because they
wanted a fight with other Christian brethern...then we did not
recognize that as the bad habits and attitudes of II Timothy 3:1-9 like
we can know now after we have witnessed over 50 years of those
perilous times, especially know with the fundamentalists takeover of
the SBC we witness the triumph of “love of self and love of money”
over more moderate love of other Christian teachers and
preachers.  Respect of academics and big pulpits, combined with
debate and habits of lawyers to represent both sides of truth as
equal, had covered a multitude of sins of bad habits in the eyes of
most southern baptists, and more so of other denominations that
want to grow in size as the SBC once did.
2.  What sort?  The sort that join a church organization but never
experience any divine, inner change, like that sort of II Timothy 3:1-9
who have religion or a “form of godliness but deny the power
thereof” (II Timothy 3:5)
3.  What sort?  That sort of itinerates that go into homes by various
means to teach gullible women and others with teachings like the
secret rapture, millennium, and dispensations of time, never intended
in the Bible but added with Notes in the SRB.
8-3.  What sort?  That sort  of fundamentalists like in II Timothy 3:
10-13 who have never learned in their short or long Christian life
that “all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer
persecution” (3:12), rather have accepted the ways of the world
around them and tenets of democratic faith and the American
dream, never comprehending in their worldly success that they
do not learn Christ in such a method as other Gentiles
(Ephesians 4:20).
Christians increasing with the extent of the falling away just to not get
the Bible difference for Christians, young and old, to be “in the world”
but “not of the world”--”all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the
lust of the eyes, and the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the
world.  The world passes away and the lusts thereof, but he that
does the will of God abides forever.”  In spite of the increasing
influences of worldliness, the falling away, and the rising tide of the
mystery of sin and lawlessness, it remains your individual choice as
to how much you will be in the world without being of the world.
8-4:  What sort?  The sort that jumped the hurdle of the ALL
Scripture approach and method, that of II Timothy 3:16,17, for a
more popular and number gaining method of both hunt and peck
random scriptures and cut and paste in whatever time zone it is
convenient for your church members.
True the follies of that sort of bad habits and attitudes was revealed
as they withstood the silver and gold of the SBC, like Jannes and
Jambres strived to withstand the leadership of God in the life and
ministry of Moses; but unfortunately for only about 1730 years as
this sort of Christian leaders jumped the hurdle of the ALL Scripture
approach and method.  This sort ignored the all doctrine, all reproof,
all correction, and all instructions in righteous approach in favor of
their hunt and peck methods and hermeneutics, of their cut and paste
distortions of time and truth.
8-5:  What sort?  The sort that reveled so long in their secrets
and academics and desire for fame and fortune that they came
to a point of the falling away where “they will not endure sound
doctrine”  (II Timothy 4:3).
From their pulpits now if you would read some of many such
scriptures of sound doctrine as II Thessalonians 2:1-3, it would
sound strange to the congregation and be rejected as heresy; or
even worse the skilled fundamentalists of a false literalism that adds
theology to Bible, explains the simplicity of the scripture with  very
complex terms developed historically about 1917 with the SRB.  Or  
at best, as we have witnessed, the congregation gets very silent as
they stand in awe of the doctorate of their pastor, thinking after all
these years of Bible study under the leadership of the Holy Spirit we
must have missed these complicated concepts and philosophies of
history in favor of “just letting the Bible say what the Bible wants to
8-6:  Also granted, the previous half of II Timothy--from 2:14 thru
4:4-- is the more what might be called negative half of II Timothy,
more negative because current church members have been
cultivated and pleased without “doctrine, reproof, correction,
and even half of instruction in righteousness”--is less pleasant
but necessary even than the more positive half that is both
before--II Timothy 1:1-2:13, and after--II Timothy 4:4 thru 4:22.
8-7:  To be other than “that sort” of II Timothy 1:1 thru 2:13, the
sort that applies the ALL Scripture method to gain doctrine,
reproof, correction, and instruction that leads to righteous
behavior and attitudes, opposite of that sort
(1).  Remember that “genuine faith” of your SBC heritage, and
accordingly stir up the gift of God that is in you more than the
heritage training of your distorted academics.  (1:1-1:7).
(2).  The Christian shared sufferings of forefathers in the faith like
Paul, being saved and called with a holy calling. (1:8-12).
Holy, and to be holy like God and Paul, has almost become a dirty
and  strange concept to modern Christians, especially among the
(3)  Be loyal to the faith once for all delivered to the saints.  (1:13-18)
How quickly in the last 40-80 years had the faith once for all
delivered to the saints disappeared from the practice, teaching, and
preaching of most churches.  Unsound doctrines sound normal, and
sound doctrines sound strange to the ears of most church members.
8-8:  Other than that sort are much stronger in faith than of legal
works (2:1-13), and God remains faithful to them with inner
resources and strength.
Somewhere along the way “this sort” of fundamentalists have slipped
out of bounds from the grace of God and have become mean in
strict law, much like the scribes and Sadduces of much law and form
of religion that Jesus often during His teaching life on earth
condemned.  Those of that sort have to make it on appearance over
reality, on huff and puff, and on academics that is “ever learning and
never able to come to a knowledge of the truth”.
8-9:  Any and all Christians, like Paul admonished the young
evangelist Timothy, should do the work and way of an
evangelist for Christ and the Bible, and as Paul had expended
his life (II Timothy 4:5-22).
1.  The evangelistic Christian, according to Paul and the Bible, is
characterized by 4 realities:  (1) carefully watch all matters of
Christian life and living; (2) grace and graciousness in the endurance
of afflictions; (3) whether officially an evangelist or not, do the work
of an evangelistic Christian witness; (4) fulfill, or make complete with
instruction in righteousness, the ministry that is for the glory of God
in your Christian calling. (4:5)
2.  Fight the good fight of faith for the crown of righteousness that
comes on the Day of the LORD and Lord for our righteous judge, at
the second Coming and the END.  (4:6-8)
3.  Be aware of those who are of that sort and those who are not of
that sort, that sort love the present world more than the next, they
resist the truth and those who preach it, same as the “despisers of
good”.  (4:9-22)

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