Yes, volume 1 of the LEARN CHRIST commentaries
has 4 versions--shown below--each with a different
content and perspective, striving to do justice to the
whole Bible {and structure of the whole Bible} by way
of the Old Testament quotes in the New Testament.  
You will find these quotes rearranged in the sequence
of the Old Testament.
As the above pictured, from the cover of volume 1, are made available for
you free, they will be shown in red; and by using the submit form below
you can request a copy by email.  {Be sure to tell in the comments, what
your request is, and phone number is not necessary.}

1a:  Prophets and Apostles.  (appendix of this version has the whole
outline of the Bible based on quotes in the NT)

1b:  The Old Testament according to the New Testament.

1c.  Top 12 Topics of the Bible.

1d.  Magic Outline of the Bible.
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