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Away Finalizes Falling Away" in PDF.
Turning Away Finalizes Falling Away

Can we interpret the statement of a nationally recognized news reporter
and analyst of “Americans want to move on rather than hear about a
Truth Commission” as Americans are more interested in National
Security than Truth?  Perhaps any church, church member, or nation of
God’s people can survive rejection by God during the first three stages of
the five stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine,
but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears,
they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their
ears from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”  (II Timothy 4:3,4)

However, the fourth stage of “turn their ears away from the truth” is the
precipice for which there is no return.  No church, no church member, or
no nation of God’s people can survive as part of the kingdom of God,
once they have turned away from the truth.  Then the fifth stage is
automatic; that is the stage where God takes over with the “strong
delusion” of II Thessalonians, and any church, church member or nation
of God’s people is automatically turned into fables.  By now in your Bible
Study of “Jeremiah and Prophesy”, you should know that:  (1) Jeremiah is
the book that defines “backsliding” as over 75% of the usages of the
word in the Bible are in the book of Jeremiah; (2) that backsliding is
worse than the Falling Away because in the Temple Message of
Jeremiah 7:26 it is clearly stated with the words provided to Jeremiah by
God Himself that the God’s people of that generation, “the generation of
His wrath”, were worse than their forefathers of the Falling Away in the
wilderness; (3) that backsliding, contrary to popular opinion, that is when it
actually based on a literal respect for the Word of God is not those who
do not come to the house of God, but is a malady of those active in
attendance, who although active still move backwards away from God
Himself instead of forwards; and (4) actually backsliding is the final two
stages of the Falling Away--the fourth stage, the turning away from truth
and the fifth stage, where God allows them to turn into fables.  
By now since you both know the two great evils that any nation of Gods
people can commit as summarized in Jeremiah 2:13 as (1) forsaking
God as the fountain of living waters and (2) as self-constructing substitute
and broken cisterns for salvation that will not hold water, and also you
see the equivalency of these two great evils in the fourth and fifth stages
of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4:  the turning away from truth and
the turning away from the listening to the truth is the clearly the equivalent
of “forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters” (Jeremiah 2:13b); and the
being allowed or being turned into fables is clearly the equivalent of “hewn
themselves cisterns--broken cisterns that can hold no water” (Jeremiah 2:


The text of this message is Jeremiah 7:28.

“So you shall say to them, ‘This is a nation that does not obey the
voice of the LORD their God nor receive correction.  Truth has
perished and has been cut off from their mouth.”  (Jeremiah 7:28)

1.  It starts with a nation, one nation under God, the nation of Judah “one
nation under God” and under a mutual covenant with God like the United
States today, progressing almost subtly from the national level of truth
down to the fundamental honest which no longer comes out of the mouth
of each citizen of the nation.  Notice at first, “this is a nation that does not
obey the voice of...God”; and then finally in the same verse, “truth...has
been cut off from their mouth.”
2.  Actually the words of this text begin with “So you shall say to them”, as
God gives the Prophet Jeremiah the very words that he is to speak;
having for several proceeding verses warned Jeremiah that even as the
people have not listening to the words of God from the true prophets--
how God would get up early in the morning and each day (7:25) to send
these true prophets with the word of God--Gods own people would now
listen even less to the words of Jeremiah.  You will recall that Jeremiah
had to preach each day at the gates of the temple as the official prophets
and priests had banned him from speaking in the temple; how the people
of his own home town of Anatoth threatened him with death if he
continued to preach these words from the voice of God; and how the
princes of the government, the professional religious leaders, and the
people of the land would not longer listen to “the voice of God” through
the Prophet Jeremiah.
3.  Judah was a nation that would not “obey” the voice of the LORD their
God, and we must decide for ourselves with the book of Jeremiah about
a nation as our example, good and bad, to what extent the United States
today is like the nation of Judah at the time of Jeremiah.  Long ago we
learned from the Pastor James in James 5:10 that “brethren” church
members are to “take the prophets, who spoke in the name of the Lord,
as an example”, as an example of how to continue with “suffering and
patience”; how the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in
Jude 7 were set forth in the Bible “as an example” of the “vengeance of
eternal fire”; and always and ever we must be reminded of the example in
teaching and preaching that “ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of
God...”, Jeremiah or Isaiah, the words of comfort and security as well as
all the words of the Bible which are “profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
for correction, and for instruction in righteousness.”  (II Timothy 3:16)

NOTE:  How would it be to preach the Temple Message every day at
the gates of the temple, which was the only true message of this one
single prophet Jeremiah among all the official prophets and priests
of that time who were “false” and spoke falsely, knowing that they
would not listen?  Well, if indeed we in the United States have
progressed to this “backsliding” which is also the fourth stage of the
Falling Away, then we few preachers who continue to preach the
sound doctrine of all the Word of God, are going to find out.  Indeed,
there is much evidence that we already are beginning to see this
turning away from truth on the part of the nation of the United States.

4.  While God told Jeremiah to preach that “Truth has perished from the
nation” (Jeremiah 7:28), because that is what God saw and what God
decided was the truth on the matter; and as we look at what happened to
this nation of Gods people as our example of both what not to do and
what to do as a nation of Gods people, surely we can conclude that we
as “one nation under God” have not yet progressed to the point where
truth has perished; yet surely we must recognize that TRUTH IS IN THE
that as one nation of Gods people under God, we are in the first stage of
“backsliding” as defined in the Word of God, the backsliding of a nation
away from God, and we are in the fourth state of the Falling Away, where
the nation “turns away from truth”.  Surely the turning away from truth of
the fourth stage of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4 is the same as the
perishing of truth from a nation of Jeremiah 7:28.
How timely now is this “truth” issue in the United States at the national
level!  Last week we heard Nancy Pelosi, many Republican senators, and
many news commentators as they discussed the CIA, illegal torture, and
who knew what about the truth at what time.  Pelosi accused the CIA of
lying to congress about waterboarding torture, and many republicans and
commentators have come to the defence of the CIA as always being
honest, without any distortion of the truth.  Also on the national level, we
as American citizens have learned that the very Attorneys at the Security
and Exchange Commission that prosecuted Martha Steward for inside
trading on stock, have been grossly guilty of practices the same
dishonesty, illegality, and greed.  One news commentator had the nerve
to say, “The American people don’t want to hear about a Truth
Commission, they want to move on”; and a congressmen had the nerve
to say that “National Security has priority over truth.”
5.  In a democratic nation and a “one nation under God”, there is no
national security without truth.  Truth and the ordinary citizen knowing
enough about truth through education and news is the very foundation of
a properly functioning democracy.  How can the government rest on the
will and knowledge of the people, and how can the ordinary citizen know
how to vote and who to vote for without truth.  It should be alarming to us
to realize how far as a nation “truth has perished” when our own
government representatives and our national news commentators can
make such superficial and dishonest statements about TRUTH!
6.  When God has Jeremiah say “the nation does not receive correction”,
it applies to the nation of Judah during the time of Jeremiah; but how
much as our example of good and bad, does this refusal to receive
correction apply to the United States today.  It is obvious that this voice
of God for correction comes today in the churches of the United States
from the Bible; but the mature questions about this truth and truths must
be asked:  (1) how much of the total message of the Bible is being
preached, in other words how much of the “ALL” of the ALL Scriptures” is
actually be heard by the people; (2) how much of the Bible message is
just comfort and security without the reproof and correction; and (3) how
much do the people of churches and outside of church even listen to and
heed this voice of God?

15-1:  What Can Help America and American Churches Today from

Since it should be clear to most church members, and Americans, who
are serious about Bible Study that this “one nation under God” is, along
with the rest of the world, head over heels, in the third stage of the Falling
Away--the vast heaping up of Bible teachers, preachers, prophets, and
evangelists of the “itching ears” types (II Timothy 4:3,4), and standing on
the precipice edge of the fourth stage--the “turning away from truth”; then
the more we in America and American churches can learn from Jeremiah
of how God’s own people slipped into this turning away from truth, then
the longer we can delay the same thing from happening in our churches
and in our nation.
1.  All five stages of the Falling Away are inevitable as they are firmly
predicted in all the prophesy and prophecies of the Bible including by
Jesus who stated in Matthew 24 that near the end “because sin will
abound, the love of many will wax cold”, and clearly identified as a
inevitable prediction in both II Thessalonians and II Timothy 4:3,4.  So
why bother, you may ask, with any efforts to slow down the turning away
from truth, since the actuality of its happening is so firmly established in
as inevitable in the Bible?  Well, you do have a point there, as the Falling
Away along with the appearance of the son of perdition, the man of sin,
according to II Thessalonians must happen before the Second Coming;
and since you are right that we are taught to prayer, “Even so come
quickly Lord Jesus”, for the Second Coming, why not just stop the fight
against the turning away from truth as both (1) inevitable and (2) as
something that must come before the Second Coming can come?
2.  As you have read from SunGrist_Bible before, this battle against the
Falling Away, fourth stage as well as all five stages, is a fight that we are
going to lose anyway as Christians; and like in “Brave Heart”, we don’t
have to win, just fight.  Now, don’t get the Bible wrong on these matters
of eschatology.  We do not lose the ultimate battle which is the victory
over death and eternity in hell at the second coming of Christ, we just do
inevitable lose the battle before the Second Coming of the Falling Away
and therefore also of the Turning Away from truth.
3.  The answer is simple:  (1) a minority of Christians in the churches and
in America will overcome the Falling Away and the turning away from
truth; and (2) the majority of church members and citizens that lose the
battle with truth also lose their salvation so that the Second Coming also
loses hope of eternal salvation with God for them.

15-2:  When Truth Dies In a Nation of Gods People?

{For this section, please click to the page and website where you
"Truth in the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7".}

15-3:  When Was Truth Born in Israel?

1.  With the call of Abraham and the promise of the land of Palestine.
2.  During the time of Moses.  You would have to say during the time of
Moses when a nation of God’s people was first established as God
called and rescue them out of Egyptian bondage.
3.  Truth as revealed word and words from God, and of the Bible, started
with the call of Moses from the burning bush where God identified
Himself as the true God, as truth; and as the “God of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob”.  
4.  With the establishment of the law of the covenant between God and
the nation at Mount Sinai with the ten commandments.
5.  With the definition of Prophesy, true and false, and Prophets, true and
false in Deuteronomy.  Perhaps you have never realized that when in
Deuteronomy 18:15-22 Moses announced another Prophet like himself,
the Prophet Messiah of the future and of ultimate truth that the people
must listen to, he was also identifying the difference between truth and a
life, he was also equating Truth with Prophesy.

“when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does
not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has
not spoken, the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not
be afraid of him.”  (Deuteronomy 1:22)

Now, as prosperity has ceased, at least momentarily as one more in the
series of calamities on America since 9/11, and your favorite heaped-up
prophet and prophets have spoken presumptuously about prosperity
showing the extent of your faith in God, are you read to cease your
respect for their prophecies on things of the good life and of purposes in
the Christian life and church life that are more personal desires and wants
than Christ driven and Spirit driven?  You can now cease to be afraid, or
respectful of, the big smile or the casual dress and ways!

15-5:  True Prophesy is Truth:  False Prophesy is a Lie and False.

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"Prophesy and Truth".}

15-3:  How Judah Was Cut Off from the Source of Truth?

1.  All the official Prophets substituted the special revelations of “dreams”
and “visions” for the true words from God.
2.  God stopped talking to them, saying they were running with have been
called or sent.
3.  All the prophets and priests became just like the people, full of deceit
and false dealings.
4.  God promised a time when each Christians would become a Prophet.
5.  That prophesy was fulfilled with the coming of the Holy Spirit on the
first day of Pentecost after the Ascension, that beginning of the last days
when out of many mouths would flow the prophecies of “living water”.
6.  The prophesy of Joel had predicted it as prophecy becoming more
democratic as sons and daughters, young men and old men, would both
“prophesy” (Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2:16-21) and see visions and dream
dreams.  Do you not see how that is exactly what God forbade for the
official prophets of the days of Jeremiah?
7.  The Ascended Christ gave gifts to men and to the churches and the
nations of His own people and kingdom of “prophets” along with pastors,
teachers, and evangelists.  (Ephesians 4:11)
8.  You can read the story of the perversion of this democratic gift of
prophesy and prophets in I Corinthians 14, even though it has taken over
two thousand years to fully get there today.

15-4:  Falling Away is to the Second Coming as “Truth” is to the
Falling Away.

In other words, according to II Thessalonians even as the two signs of
the Falling Away and a visual on the man of sin are our examples of
warning signs of how close in the termination of human history we are to
the Second Coming of Christ, when it all ends and it all happens, so also
on how far we are into the five stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:
3,4 is gauged by how much honesty and truth has departed from this “one
nation under God” of the United States.  Let is be clearly understood:  
how close are we to the end of all things with the Second Coming of
Christ depends on whether we can see the signs of the Falling Away and
a visual on the son of perdition; and how far we are into the Falling Away
as a nation of God’s people can be measured by how much “Truth” and
truth about truth is perishing from this nation.

1.  We already know that the first stage of the Falling Away of II Timothy
4:3,4, “the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine”, has
been achieved in the churches of America and in the nation.  Even if we
did not see all this false and “itching ears” doctrines of the gospel of
prosperity, of non-biblical words and concepts like “rapture” and
millennium that deceive church members into thinking that they will not be
here for the Falling Away that they are already embroiled in, even if we do
not see the false prophets and itching ears Bible teachers in all these
special revelations of “God told me” and “God said to me”, and even if
we do not see a lack of spiritual understanding in all this pentecostal
excesses in worship, we know that we have progressed through this first
step of the Falling Away and the second stage--personal desires and
wants supplanting the Spirit and Christ for church motivation--simply
because it is obvious on the national scene that we are well into the third
stage of the vast “heaping up of Bible teachers and preachers with itching
ears”, on TV and in pulpits, in conferences, and in best-sellers the
termites of itching ears Bible teachers are coming out of the woodwork
on a national level.

NOTE:  That is, the existence of the third stage of the Falling Away
in our nation and in the churches of our nation proves that we have
already gone through the first two stages, the intolerance toward
sound doctrine and the personal desire driven motivations in
churches supplanting the Spirit and Christ driven motivations.  {If
you would place “Christ” or “Holy Spirit” for Purpose Driven in the
purpose driven life and church, you would see where the church and
churches in America should be today, instead of the obvious
motivations as each members follows his own personal desires,
wants, and matters of comfort and security.}

2.  What is America and American churches listening to today as a
substitute for the voice of God from a true prophet like Jeremiah?  Well,
they are listening to what comforts them, what satisfies them, and what
makes them feel that they are in control of their own church life and
salvation.  This is the second stage of the Falling Away that we as a
people of God and as the churches of God in America today have
already gone through.  It is the “according to their own desires” that
motivates at the grassroots each church member level a common desire
for (1) intolerance toward sound doctrine, and (3) this present and vast
“heaping up” of Bible teachers and preachers with itching ears.

3.  Never in the history of religion in America and in the history of
Christianity have you heard so many new words and concepts of
prophesy and preaching, these words and concepts of special
revelations extra to the written Word of God.  And likewise in the Bible
classes, conferences, popular lectures on success and prosperity, and
from pulpits, seminaries, and Bible colleges, of course also from TV,
these termites of “itching ears” Bible teachings clamor for your
recognition and money with the new and the novel.

NOTE:  Overlooking the reluctance of any American to criticize the
religious or religion, and overlooking the personal pride in our own
preacher and prophet, it really is quite easy today to determine a
false prophet or itching ears Bible teachers from what was
established in the Bible long ago:  (1) is he preaching and teaching
for personal gain, and (2) is he preaching and teaching for personal
status, the status of making and keeping disciples to himself.

15-5:  A Nation of God’s People Can Majority Wise Turn Away from

Never, without Jeremiah and without a close look at Jeremiah on
backsliding as a nation of Gods people wholesale turning away from
truth, and the God of truth, would be inclined to consider that A NATION
Well, you see that is what backsliding is as defined by the book of
Jeremiah, the primary book which discusses and defines backsliding; and
that is what the Falling Away is all about.

15-6:  As the Pillar of Truth Crumbles and as the Ground of the Truth

This scripture in I Timothy bespeaks of the influences the church, or
church of churches and denominations, the American church, has on the
nation of the United States.

“...I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself
in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar
and ground of the truth.”  (I Timothy 3:15)

1.  Do you not recognize some similarity between churches today as “the
house of God” to the Temple of God in Jeremiah?
2.  Do you not recognize this national wise “church of the living God” as
like the God of the fountain of living waters of Jeremiah, who was
forsaken as substitutes for salvation were created as other gods for this
living God in the broken cisterns that could hold no water?
3.  Do you not recognize the responsibility of any house of church of the
living God for truth in the nation as a “pillar” and “ground” base for truth?
4.  Do you not recognize that improper conduct in the house of God or a
lack of following the rules of God for proper conduct in the church of the
living God can cause truth to perish in that church and in the nation?

15-6:  We Depend on the Truth about Truth in the Bible.

1.  As you might expect the books of Psalms has most on Truth in the
Old Testament.
2.  Isaiah is second.
3.  Jeremiah speaks a great deal of Truth.  You saw just a sample from
the Temple Message of Jeremiah 7, a summary of the book of Jeremiah;
and there is much more than you can read by using a good Concordance
on the word “truth”.  
4.  In the New Testament, although quite often not recognized as such,
the Gospel of John leads on truth about truth.  Please read it and even
note it!
5.  The little epistles give us the most practical applications of what is true
and truth as related to the churches and nation.

15-7:  Strange So Much About Truth in the Bible Yet So Little from

No talking about the well warn phrases and quotes about God as
Absolute Truth and Jesus as the Truth, referenced but never adequately
explained as connected to other gods and the forsaking of the God of the
truth as the fountain of living waters, and the substitute cisterns for
salvation.  Isn’t it strange to you that a Christ that caused so much
controversy during His life and ministry, can now be emulated in dress
and messages with such a message of popularity, prosperity, and
political correctness?