The Transfer Function of Data Analysis

The transfer function (tf) of data analysis has widespread applications
including for automatic control.  In this offered free PDF download of
sample pages from TAC***, you can read of the TF background in the
LaPlace Transform, then an example in Matlab Simulink, and further
implementation in the State Equations as they are transformed from
differential equation form to an algebraic form with "s" parameters.

Transfer Function, Matlab Simulink, LaPlace, and
State Space sample pages from chapter 6 of TAC***

In PDF, you can view and/or save to your computer; however in order
to read on your computer you must have Adobe Reader or the
equivalent, also available free from .

***TAC you will find throughout this site as short for
TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS of Computers with Matlab and
free, open software like FreeMat, Octave, JMathLib, and
SciLab. To learn more about the subject matter of TAC, the
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