Top 17 Choices September 2015

1.  Christian View of Life and Living series with 2013
2.  ALL Scripture 2014
3.  Divinity of Christ and God the Father
4.  Rest for Minds and Souls, The Philosophy of Religion
5.  Technical Index for TAC pages
6.  Enchanting Land and Interesting People
7.  Gospel Pride of Romans Includes Sin and
Righteousness by Faith
8.  Knowledge of Jesus and Godliness
9.  The Lord Jesus Christ on the How?
of the Balance to Living and Life
10.  Peace, Pastors, Prophets, Priests, and People
12.  What Atheist Mind Humanism Heart Means?
13.  BibleTopTopics
14.  Answers, Answers, Answers: Bible Q&A
15.  Christian Fables, WORLD LABELS, and Sound Doctrine
16.  Devotional and Passionate Christian Living
17.  SunGrist's Blog