chapter 7:    Prophets and Apostles                  page 135
7-1:   The Apostles Peter and James on the Prophets.                        
7-2:   A Rapid Survey of the Prophets according to Peter and James.
7-3:   Applications.                  
7-4:   The Minor Prophets from Joel to Malachi.        
7-5    The Prophet Joel.                      
7-6:   The Prophet Amos.                                
7-7:   The Gospel on Jonah.     
7-8:   The Prophet Obadiah.                            
7-9:   The Prophet Hosea.                   
7-10: The Prophet Micah.                                            
7-11: The Prophet Nahum.                   
7-12: The Prophet Habakkuk.              
7-13: The Prophet Zephaniah.
7-14: The Prophet Hagaii.                               
7-15: The Prophet Zechariah.                         
7-16: The Prophet Malachi.                 
chapter 8:    All the Prophets of the Old Testament        page 165
8-1:   The Prophet Messiah and The LORD Thy God.  
8-2:   The Progressive Flow of the Gospel.                  
8-3:   The Gospel to the Jews is that Jesus is their King!        
8-4:   Major Inserts from the Majors on the Gospel.             
chapter 9:    Solid Foothold in the Prophets and Christian Faith. page 184
9-1:   The Prophet Joel and the Apostle Peter.           
9-2:   Axes to Grind.                           
9-3:   Christian Faith.
9-4:   The Prophet Obadiah.                
9-5:   The Historical Context of Bad Blood between Jacob and Esau.   
9-6:   In the Total Context of the Bible.                    
9-7:   The Fair Judgments of God.
9-8:   We Preach Christ.
9-9:   Show us the Father: We Preach Christ.            
chapter 10:   Prophetic Messages on History               page 198
10-1: Major Prophets of Chaldean Period, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah.         
10-2: Prophets on Jerusalem:  Zephaniah, Ezekiel Habakkuk. and Jeremiah.     
10-3: An Outline of Ezekiel.                                        
10-4: Why Me on the National Level, Habakkuk?                      
10-5: The Temple: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.    
10-6: The Prophet Haggai.                   
10-7: Zechariah.                                              
10-8: The Prophet Malachi.                 
chapter 11:   LAST DAYS and Eschatology in the Prophets       page 219
11-1  Beginning of the Last Days.                   
11-2:  The Great and Notable Day of the Lord.         
11-3:   Battle of Jehosaphat and Jewish Conversion.              
11-4:   All Israel Saved, Romans 11.                 
11-5:  Jesus on Eschatology, Matthew 24.                 
11-6:   Great Tribulation.                                
11-7:  Out of Respect for B.H. Carroll.                       
11-8:   Apostle Peter on Eschatology.  
11-9:   Eschatology and Fear.               
11-10: Eschatology in the Pre-Prophet Prophets.
11-11: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Assyrian Period.     
11-12: Eschatology in the Prophets of the Chaldean Period.    
11-13: Eschatology of the Persian Period.        
11-14: The Composite Witness of the New Pentateuch.          
chapter 12:   Eschatology in the book of Revelation       page 242
12-1:   Last Things (Eschatology) in the book of Revelation.   
12-2:   Cycles of Historical Events.                 
12-3:   Eschatology in the Prophets.                            
12-4:   Bottom Line of the book of Revelation.           
12-5:   The Seven Last Plagues.                                   
12-6:   Two Cautions.               
12-7:  A Candle Still Burns in the City until the Fall of the U.S.
12-8:   Composite Witness of the Five of the New Pentateuch.          
chapter 13:   The Prophet Messiah.                page 257

Appendix:  Master Outline of the Bible, the Gospel.           Page 276
Plan and Program of Through the Bible in 3 Years, Continued

3 Year TOC…Volume 1a:  PROPHETS and APOSTLES,
Continued with Chapter 7