{Everyone else is commenting on what happened in Tucson, why should
Christian Apologists be silent on it?  All these politicians tried to get into
Bible, as amateurish and out of context as it was, how about some Bible
into the American life.  Tragedy in Tucson to be posted here shortly! }

         The Second Tragedy in Tucson

 Seating Arrangements Referenced in the Bible

NOTE:  This is the introduction to the article on (1) “Second Tragedy
in Tucson”, which is really the continuing saga of why leaders are
mistreating the peoople in the land; and (2) “The National Den of
Thieves”, quotes from Jeremiah and Jesus, which explain how our
leaders are wicked simply because of their failure to do good for the
poorer and unemployed as well as the wealthy and men of status and
fine clothing.  This introduction prefaces and introduces both
subjects.  By the way you saw by way of the State of the Union
assembly in D.C. that being politicians and also concerned about
appearance {over reality} government leaders are quickly trying to
correct the impressions they created in Tucson and by their reactions
immediately after the Tucson Tragedy; however just that unusual
reaction is within itself testimony to their own realization of the way
things really are.

1. Jesus criticized the Jewish scribes, Pharisees, and other religious
leaders of the nation of Israel of His day because they “desired the
chief seats in the synagogue.” It is to our Lord and the author of our
Christian faith, another sign of “hypocrisy”. Jesus taught about the
scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23:2-7, saying--

“The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Therefore
whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do
according to their works; for they say, and do not do. For they bind
heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders, but
they them se les will not move them with one of their fingers. But all
their works they do to be seen by men. They make their phylacteries
broad and enlarge the borders of their gr aments. They love the best
greetings in the marketplace, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’”
(Matthew 23:2-7)

2. Pastor James in James 2:3 wrote of special seating arrangements
for those of “fine clothes” and the lesser seating arrangements for
those of lesser clothing.

“...and you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and say
to him, ‘You sit here in a good place,’ and say to the poor man, ‘You
stand there,’ or ‘Sit here at my footstool,’ have you not shown
partiality among yourselves, and become judges with evil thoughts?”
(James 2:3,4)

1-1: The UA Memorial as a Parable of how American Leaders continue
to mistreat the less fortunate citizens in the land during the economic
crisis during the last few years.

Why in the world at such a critical crisis in the nation in the city of
Tucson, are we concerned about such a little thing as the seating
arrangement at the recent UA Memorial Service for the victims of the
shooting at the wounding of Congresswoman Gifford? Don’t we have
more important and better Bible subjects to be discussing than
seating arrangements? Well, the answer is that the way we seat
people also indicates what we think of them; and even “for as a man
thinketh in his heart so is he”, even so as the governmental leaders
think in their heart of the American people, from the large to the
smallest, even so goes the righteousness and sin of the nation.

The Second tragedy in Tucson, more so than the first tragedy,
illustrates the kind of discrimination in American life, little recognized
by most Americans and hardly practiced by the average church
member in America: it is discrimination based on clothing, status,
position, and money. The second tragedy happened at the UA
Memorial service, a continuing tragedy in thought patterns, and was
illustrated by: (1) discrimination in the seating of the memorial service;
(2) discrimination of who was allowed and who was not allowed to
come into the memorial service; (3) discrimination on who was
allowed to speak and who was not allowed to speak at the memorial
service; and (4) the common practice of address pro to cal--alias who
was addressed first like the President, who was second, and lastly
the poor people.
Now this latter form of discrimination is so deeply en grained in the
American way of life, that it has almost become impossible to practice
the Christian faith without violating the fri st verse of the dynamic 13
verses of James chapter 2 on the RESPECTOR OF PERSONS.
Helpful is the heading over James 2:1-13 in the New King James
Version: “Beware of Personal Favoritism”.

NOTE: Recall that notes in your version of the Bible are not inspired
of God in the same manner as Scripture.

1-2: “BEWARE” in the heading of “Beware of Personal Favoritism”,
however, is far too mild for the actual content of James 2:1-13.
Words like these from the Word of God in the Book of James {Thus
saith the Word of the LORD for speakers from the government}:
1. You have shown “partiality”, or disci min at ion based on status,
money, and clothing, among yourselves! (James 2:4a)
2. You have becomes Judges of Evil Thoughts (James 2:4b).
NOTE: You can not subs ri be to these teachings of the Bible; then do
not hy pc ri tic ally claim to be Christian in your ways and words, or
flippantly read oratorically from a Book that you do not really believe!
3. The poor of status, money, and clothing are God’s first choice for
the kingdom of Christ over those of status, money, and fine clothing.
In fact, according to the teachings of the Bible it is hard for any man of
wealth and status to get into the kingdom of God.   (James 2:5)
{Wealth in this day as compared to New Testament days and time
would correspond more to those of income $250,000 per year or
4. You dishonor the poorer average citizen of this country. (James 2:
5. It is the people of status and money who drag poor Christians into
the courts, manipulating law and justice for their own purposes.
(James 2:6b)
6. By and large, behind a hypocritical image, those of status, position
and money, blaspheme the name of Christ by a lack of real
commitment and priority for the teachings of Christ. (James 2:7)
7. You can give lip service to the royal law of “love for neighbor”;
however if you show partiality toward persons of status and money
over the ordinary citizen, you are sinning at this very point and you are
a transgressor of the law just like a murderer or an adulterer. (James
8. We who keep all the laws of God, yet stumbles on one point, are
guilty of a violation of all the laws. (James 2:9b)
9. The very same God and Christ who said “Do not commit adultery”
also said “Do not kill”, so that the violation of either one {and with the
expansion of murder as the killing of fellow citizens by dishonor},
makes a total transgressor of the laws of God even though the laws
of man are greatly watered down (James 2:11)
10. Christians, leaders or otherwise, should “speak” and “do” as
Christians who will be judged by the more stringent “law of liberty”.
(James 2:12)
11. Judgement is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy
about discrimination and partiality. (James 2:13a)
12. Mercy trumps judgment. (James 2:13)
1-3: The Doctrine of Respect or of Persons.
Before all these side issues of superficial leadership, especially on
matters of the Bible, we must lay some kind of foundation on the
depth of the doctrine of Respect or of Persons in the Bible. “Doctrine”
in the Bible is another word for “teaching” of the Bible, primarily
applied to the doctrines or teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, and
supposedly what most Americans are supporting when they claim
understanding of the Bible.
Actually there are several Bible teachings, primarily by Christ and the
Apostles, involved in a less than superficial discussion of the Tucson
Tragedy. First, there is the Bible teaching on the evil influence of
Satan, a concept denied by most Americans; second, there is “the
spirit within us that lusted to envy”, where so much sin and wrongs
committed by Americans is as much out of an evil and inherent heart,
a thing of course denied by much of the History of American Thought
in our rationalizations to think all humans are born good, and are good.
For example, could you fellow Americans and leaders, subscribe to
this clear statement of Scripture.
“The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things, who
can know it.”
Most of this will sound strange to you because Americans, including
leaders, are growing up with less and less Bible knowledge, and even
less Bible understanding; but not nearly so strange as the next
statement is going to sound on the respect or of persons doctrine.
1. According to the Bible, to show lack of respect or for American
citizens based on their clothing, status, and appearance is the same in
the sight of God as murder or adultery.
Yep, you can read it right there in the Bible in the book written by
Pastor James. What it says, and we will quote it later is: if you
discriminate against persons based on their status in society, their
clothing, or appearance in favor of the person of status and high
priced clothing, you are just as guilty of violation of the laws of God as
if you had committed murder or adultery.
Let us come down to bottom line. Would you expect one of these high
minded Congressmen to go down into the lesser environment of
Washington DC and confab or help just one homeless individual? Or
do you think those of lesser clothing and status were allowed in the
UA memorial ceremony, much less allowed to sit on the front rolls. In
short, was their not discrimination by government in the meeting. You
see, even our normal protocal of introduction to a speech is done by
discrimination order, the most important first, the more important
second, the lesser important next, and so on. We are so drilled in the
ways of the world as contrasted to the ways of the Bible and
Christianity that we can not behavior-wise behave as Christians.
2. Okay, it is time to define the doctrine of Respector of Persons.
The New King James Version uses the words “discrimination” and
“pa rtiality” to define Respector of Persons; but down to the basics of
what it is, and in more modern terms:  It is discrimination or partialtiy
in favor of those of position, fine clothing, money, and status; and
against those who have no money, have poorer clothing, and no
status.  If you would translate the distinction between “poor” and
“wealthy” of the today as compared to New Testament times,
obviously the poor would be those with incomes less than $250,000
per year, and the the wealthy as those above $250,000; and the
millionaries that are crying because they are taxed, and which by the
way form the influence between the Tea Party as white, male, retired
millionaries are so rich that they will, according to Scripture have
trouble entering the kingdom of God.
3.  Violations at Tucson.
(1).  You say, of course, there had to be some partiality or
discrimination in the seating of the dignataries first, since this was a
University camputs.  Well, that is eactly what Pastor James is dealing
with.  We have come as Americans, Christians or otherwise, to accept
such discrimination as acceptable.  And we understand some of the
presssures in Tucson since the Jewish Community Center is so
strong and influential in that city, and goodness since Gifford herself
and probably a large part of the 20 assebembled during the shooting
were also Jewish, and pershpas the shooter himself.  It is even
conceivable that those in the home of the shooter who wrote the
public apology for the parents of the shooter were also part of the
Jewish Community if not from the department of Homeland Security
or some other government agency working on one of their famous
cover-ups to prevent intelectual honesty toward the American people.
(2).  And yes, there was also discrimination in the choice of the
location for the Memorial service.  Why not in a Christian place of
assembly or Jewish place of assembly where most memorial services
are conducted?  Are we saying, that there was bias in everything
done with respect to the Memorial Service?  YES, and that bias was
counter to the majority of Americans!
(3).  By the way, did you notice how prominent the dignataries were
on the front row; and how hard it was to find the orginary citizens in
the crowd  because of the obvious seating arrangment, the same
ones who showed action other than a government rep who helped
the Congresswoman.

1-4:  The Great Apostasy of  today, called in the Bible like in II
Thessalonians “the Falling Away”, demands that Classical Christian
Apologetics and Christian Evidences be expanded to include almost
all aspects of American life including the politics and government of
what happened in Tucson.

1.  For example the decrease in Bible knowledge and hence Bible
understanding, as indicated by almost any survey of Americans on
Bible, demands that the most simple truths of the Bible be presented
apologetically and as forcefully as possible.
You see that in just the simple question of Romans and Isaiah,
“LORD, who has believed our report?”  (Isaiah 53:1 and Romans 1:
16); and you can  not think of it as simply the Prophets and Apostles
filling sorry for themselves because people are not listening and
believing the most simple of Bible messages.  Here,  is what it is really
NOTE:  In fact, you might say that Isaiah was the first Christian
Apologetists.  And unfortunately when you first hear the title of
Apologetics, you might think that we Christians and Christian
preachers are apologizing that we have to tell you some things that
you don’t want to hear.  Not at all, the purpose of Classical Christian
Apologetics and the sub-heaing of Christian Evidences in just to start
with people where they are and in as patient and as a determined
manner as possible to take them where God wants them as revealed
in the Word.
2.  No only do less and less Americans read the Bible, but less and
less even READ period.
Did you know that anymore a very high precentage of American youth
do not graduate from high school, and further more than the national
reading level in recent years has dropped from the sixth grade to the
third grade.  Run portions of Hemmingway through Grammatik
software that is now installed in WordPerfect, and you will find that
even Hemmingway, at the fifth grade level, is beyond the average
reading level.  Many of us love to read USA TODAY, and it is written
to the second grade level.  Yes, I am not kidding you that teachers and
advocates of resume writing will quickly tell you tha the average
reading level in the US is now the third grade!  You see where that
poses a problem for Bible reading, for much of the Bible especially in
the King James Version and the New King James Versions that we
love so much is written for the second year of college level like the
Constitution of the United States and the Gettysburg address.
How tragic it is when the average American citizen can not read and
understand the Consitution of the United States, and how much we
can appreciate Congresswoman Gifford standing on the floor of the
House of Representatives to read the Constitution of the United
States!  And how tragic the average American can not read and
understand the words “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all
men are created free and equal, and endowed by their Creator with
certain inalienable rights as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

NOTE:  Did you know that the framing forefathers first wrote that as
“life, liberty, and pursuit of property”, then changed it to “happiness”
to keep from sounding so materialistic.  It is sort of ignoble to
suddenly go from “life” and “liberty” to something as mundane as
making a living and acquiring wealth and property.  Yet a careful study
of the History of American Thought easily indicates that in many ways
and at many times, including the present, the Gospel of Wealth and
the corrolary of success have dominated so much of what Americans
do and say.  Our pastors, preachers, and Philosophers of Religion
have been telling us for years that we Americans are too
materialisitcally inclined, and that emphasis goes way back in the
history of American Thought.

3.  There is another reason that a modified approach of Christian
Apologetics have to be used on even our own church members.  
Since increasing the world, including America and church members,
shield themselves with intolerance for sound doctrine.  The exact
words of the Bible are “will not endure sound doctrine”.  Church
members today just will not not put up with sound Bible teachings
and preaching, often running off the pastors who teach such or
finding another church or denomination that will go along with their
personal wishes.  As a matter of fact, when Paul wrote II Timothy 4:
4,5 he had in mind church members more than any other group.

“For the time will come {the time is already here} when they will not
endure sound doctrine {this is the intolerance toward sound Bible
teaching and preaching, replaced by personal aspiratons}; but out of
their own desires {church members and leaders are now motivated
more by what they want and desire than they are for Christ and the
teachings of Christ} shall they heap up teachers with itching ears, turn
away from the truth, and be turned into fables.”  (II Timothy 4:4,5)

1-5:  The American Democratic Faith and the Christian Faith of the

Most of us appreciate our American Democratic Faith.  Even with its
flaws, we enjoy the greatest form of government in the world today,
and the greatest form of government that has ever existed in history.  
Our government has provided for us an average standard of living
that allows us to enjoy daily live without the pressures of a shortage
of the necessities.  Most American leaders of government like Obama
and Bohmer like to call it the “American Dream” instead of the
“American Democratic Faith”; but the clue for such a description of
our American way of life came from an authority in the History of
American Thought when he wrote a book entitled MAIN CURRENTS
And perhaps the best way to introduce the subject of RESPECTOR
OF PERSONS, or discrimination based on status, clothing, and
money--which by the way, believe it or not we are rapidly
approaching--is to consider some of the differences between the
American Democratic Faith and the Christian Faith of the Bible.  That
is sort of what Pastor James is asking us to do in James 2:1.

“My brethren, do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord
of glory, with partiality”.  (James 2:1)

You are brethren, certainly, that hold the faith of the Lord Jesus
Christ.  You claim to be a Christian, don’t you?  Well, in other words,
Pastor James--and more importantly God through Pastor James, is
telling us not to mix our Christian faith with a partiality of
discrimination.  This is most often called in Bible teachings and
theology as THE RESPECTOR OF PERSONS.  Now unfortunately for
most of us that get confused between our American Democratic Faith,
which is great and necessay but will not provide salvation, and our
Christian Faith, James 2:1-13 is not addressing discrimination based
on “race, religion, and creed”.  I think all of us would agree that we
have made great strides in American life, especially in recent years,
with discrimination based on race, religion, and creed.  No, what the
Word of God in James 2:1-13 is talking about is a discrimination
among Christians based on status, clothing, and money.

“For if there should come into your assembly a man with gold rings, in
fine apparel, and there should also come in a poor man in filthy
clothes, and you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and
say to him, 'You sit here in a good place'
{this is exactly what
happened at the memorial assembly on the UA campus}
, and say to
the poor man, 'You stand there', or 'Sit here at my footstool', have you
not shown partiality among yourselves, and become judges with evil
thoughts?”  (James 2:2-4)

Wow, that is pretty strong language to speak to the President, the
Attorney General, the head of Homeland Security, the President of UA,
and an astronaut.  I am glad it came from the inspired Word of God,
and not from me.  Thankfully it is message from on High from the
LORD of the Universe instead of from a lowly preacher is a loyal
citizen of this nation.  It is saying two things, bottom line to all these
dignitaries, which won’t listen to it anyway, and all these officials of
government who had the nerve immediately after the shooting to
discriminate verbally by saying “an attack on one {member of
Congress} is an attack on all {members of Congress}”, a Freudian slip
of the tongue instead of saying “an attack on one ordinary American
citizen is an attack on all citizens”, and here it is to government and
other Americans straight from the Word of God who practice this
protocal of discrimination for position and money:
(1).  You are showing partiality, or discrimination, right there in the
middle of your government and memorial services; and
(2).  You, and this is where it is really hard to take, or even re-write in
other words, “You have become judges of evil thoughts.

                            Repeated Conclusion

Like the introduction of “Second Tragedy in Tucson” and “National
Dens of Thieves” this conclusion will be repeated for both articles.
2-5:  Then with intellectual honesty, Live up to {or Fulfill} the “Royal”
Law with justice for all Americans.  Perhaps one reason justice is
blind before the courts of law, is that it can be rationaized without full
truth in love for neighbors that grows feet.  Twice in Jeremiah 7:5
alone the word “throughly” in used to describe the execution of
justice in the land by leaders.

“For if you thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, if you
thoroughly execute judgment between a man and his neighbor.”  
(Jeremiah 7:5)

Once again J. A. Thompson in his wonderful commmentary on
Jeremiah talks about the leaders of the nation who were in a poistion
of power to do good for all the people, and yet withheld and abused
that power to do good.

“...there was no limit to the wicked deeds {of the leaders called
wicked men, because] “they failed to plead the cause of the
fatherless and thus bring about a just settlement of their case.  The
claims of the poor were negelected.  The charge seems to be
directed against the men in whose power it lay to bring aid to such
needy people.  In the Jerusalem of Jeremiah’s day not many could
do this with any real effect.  Those who should have cared were
precisely the rich ‘officials’ who could recite ‘The temple of the Lord,
the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord’ (Jeremiah 7:4), while
ignoring gross injustice in the land.  By virtue of thier high position
and reputation for piety the weak and helpless came to them for
help, but the impressions we gain from this passage (the passage of
5:20-31) is that any helpo they gave wasw a means to filling their
own coffers.  The rewards of ‘justice’ remained with them while they
gained power and control over those whom they aided.  The leaders
had somehow been able to fit in with Josiah’s reforms on the
religious level, so that they attended the temple and ceased to
attend the shrines while avoiding the deep ethical implications of the

Yes, even the neighbors of Congressmen is more than the fellow
wealthy and fellow government officials; yes the neigbors of
government princes and business leaders is more than other
wealthies with whom they feel so much at home; and yes, until there
is not one single unemployed in this nation, untile there is not one
child or adult that goes to bed hungry at night, until all have health
care and can manage in old age, these leaders have not brought real
justice through love of neighbor to all their neighbors.
1.  It is easy for Americans to remember the 10 commandments of the
Old Testament as recorded in Deuteronomy 20 and Exodus 10, but
forget at the same time how the royal law as a summary of these
commandments was written in Leviticus 19:18.

“You shall do no injustice in judgment.  You shall not be partial to the
poor, nor honor the person of the mighty.  In righteousness you shall
judge your neighbor.”  (Leviticus 19:15)

“You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the
children of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself:  
I am the LORD.”  (Leviticus 19:18)

2.  If you really fulfill the royal law, according to Scripture (James 2:8,9)
you will not show partially between the rich and men of position and
the poorer people of the country.

NOTE:  You do see what has happened as we have become so proud
of ourselves in our American Democratic faith where we do not
discriminate based on "race, religion, and creed" that we have
simultaneously failed to practice our Christian Faith of you shall not
show partiality for men of wealth and position.  Why not do both; or
stop hypocritically quoting from a book, the Bible, OT and NT, that we
neither understand or practice!

3.  Christians will be judged according to the law of liberty (James 2:
4.  Mercy trumps judgment.  “For judgment is without mercy to the
one who has shown no mercy.”  (James 2:13)

Please see the following for follow-ons to this article:

The National Dens of Thieves

       Meaning and Message of the Royal Law of Leviticus   and from
Pastor James

These 3 related articles inspired by real events immediately after the
Tucson shooting incident reflect more truly the non-Christian
preference of government, indee.d most Americans, for status,
money, and clothing.  It really also identifies the difference between
the "world" and "believers"; and while the preference would be for
more national leaders to practice a lack of respect for persons of
status, money, and clothing, granted possible only a few times, thus
the reason it is so hard for "a rich man, man of status, and fine
clothing to enter into the kingdom of God", and it is easier for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle; we would only ask out of
intellectual honesty that they not quote something they neither
understand nor practice!
These 3 related articles also serve to advance the
Advanced Bible
Studies in Jeremiah and Prophesy, and Bible Studies in Jeremiah,
because of the real Bible background on MISTREATMENT OF THE



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