“...Then The End Will Come.”  (Jesus in Matthew 24:14)  Part II.

The necessary Scriptures to do some justice to this subject of THE END
expanded so large that it was necessary to divide the message into two
parts.  This is the Second Part, and takes you all the way to the end of the
end of Daniel.

1-6.  Perhaps the famous ONE DAY of the LORD of the Old Testament
and the famous ONE Day of the Lord Jesus Christ of the New
Testament, by the way the same end day or terminal day, is better for
you if you have trouble understanding “the end” or Terminal?

Here in a nutshell, made to be simple in the Bible, is what is going to happen
on that final, terminal ONE DAY OF THE LORD AND Lord Jesus Christ.
1.  The 2 prior events of the (1) Falling Away and (2) a visual on the man of
sin, recorded in the subject matter of II Thessalonians, begin to climax as
the “little time” (Revelation 20:3) starts, precipitated by the withdrawal of the
Holy Spirit from earth (II Thessalonians 2:7) which releases Satan from
bondage.  These are prior events, not the ONE day, and are clearly
demanded by the Word of God context of II Thessalonians.  For example:
“Now brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ {what part of
this as the Second Coming of Christ can not be understood} and our
gathering together to Him {Bible words are not rapture, but “our gathering
together to Him; and it would be far preferable to call it “OUR GATHERING”
than to invent some rapture.}, we ask you {and preachers today concerned
about all this false deceit about the timing of the Second Coming, would
again ask you of more sober mind and more noble motivations}, not to be
soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter....”

NOTE:  Christians are being troubled today by the deceit that they are not
presently in the Falling Away, and that they will not have to go through final
tribulation with these false concepts of “rapture” and “one thousand years”.

“...as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come.  Let no one deceive
you by any means {any preacher or evangelists or pastor of respected
reputation, status, and popularity is not to be the means to deceive you on
the sequence of events of the Second Coming of Christ}; for THAT DAY
will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is
revealed, the son of perdition...”  (II Thessalonians 2:1-3)

2.  Satan and the man of sin bring their world-wide, and deceived, army
against Jerusalem and the camp of the Saints; so that this is the precipitous
event of the history of this old earth, where Christ in that ONE DAY of the
Second Coming also destroys with the host of heaven this army.
3.  Also on this ONE Day, God and Christ destroy the old earth by fire as
predicted by Peter, “the elements will melt with a fervent heart”.  By the way
the reason for OUR GATHERING is to get all dead Christians and all alive
Christians out of the way for the total destruction of the whole earth.
4.  Then there is the creation of the new earth for the new people of God.
5.  God lowers the new Jerusalem down from heaven to sit on Mount Zion.

1-7:  Except for the confusion of the Scoffield Notes on Eschatology
{last things} and the turmoil caused by fundamentalists, what is so
hard about that, to see the events of the Second Coming as all in ONE

1.  In ONE Day Christ appears in the clouds of heaven and draws all the
dead in Christ and those who are still alive and remain on earth at the great
2.  With the dead in Christ and live Christians out of the way, off the earth;
and in that same One Day Christ can finish His destruction of both the one
great army coming against Jerusalem and the camp of the saints, and that
of the total earth by fire.
3.  On this same ONE great Day of the LORD and Lord, God through Christ
like in original creation, will create one new earth with one new people of
Jews and Gentiles.
4. On this same One great Day, God can lower the New Jerusalem of 1500
miles, by 1500 miles, by 1500 miles by 1500 miles down from heaven to
Mount Zion.

NOTE:  There is a prophetic prediction of encouragement that one day
Assyrian {now Iraqi}, Egypt, and Canaan will both have a major highway that
runs between them and speak the same language.  Surely we must see that
as part of the very large New Jerusalem which will easily compass the
distance between these countries, with New Jerusalem centered on Mount
Zion, and the Mediterranean gone as “there is no more sea”.

1-8:  Would that it were possible to be more gracious to these
fundamentalists; however no matter how respected by a select group
of people or denomination, it is just not possible to tamper with the
Word of God in the manner of these fundamentalists without some
protests from real conservatives!  It is not easy on eschatology, and
there is no quick and easy method of interpretation like with Scoffield
Notes; and it is possible to try to be gracious by admitting three
common problems on interpretation of eschatology.

1.  In the famous Matthew 24 of Jesus on Mount Olives, there is the pattern--
same as in Old Testament prophesies--to begin at a certain historical event
and go all the way to the end with the Second Coming of Christ; then to
repeat that again and again, usually started with “then”; so that the lawyer
Scoffield was confused looking in Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation
for a sequence that started at the beginning and went all the way to the end.

NOTE:  The faithful exegesis of Matthew 24, with the simultaneous
sequence from a historical event all the way to the end method of the Bible,
can use this same outline of Jesus for the whole book of Revelation, and in
fact for the total eschatology of the Bible.  It is far better than the imposition
on the Bible of an artificial and false philosophy that involves dispensations,
the reading of the messages to the 7 churches of Asia Minor as so kind of
vague church history of the future, a rapture, 70 years here and one
thousand years here, and on and on, so that we never get to the new earth.

2.  There is an adversity among Christians and church members to see the
two kinds of Calamities as sent by God, the calamities of the first kind like in
the destruction of Jerusalem of Jeremiah with the 70 years of captivity; an
the calamities of the second kind which are almost under automatic control
through the “whole creation groaning” with earthquakes, hurricanes,
droughts, wildfires, tornadoes, and the like, leading up to the total calamity
of the destruction of the old earth.
3.  In most prophetic predictions of the Old Testament, both a Day of God
is mentioned of more immediate judgment, like in Joel, {over 163 years
ahead of time in Joel and over 1000 years in Deuteronomy}; and then
automatically running, almost noticeable if you do not carefully look for the
language of eternity and forever, into the end of the time of this old earth.

NOTE:  So many itching ears Bible teachers fail to notice the transfer from
immediate calamities to the final events, such as the lion laying down with
the lamb, etc; and therefore look for many of these final events to happen
on some postulated one thousand years on earth instead of:  (1) in the
eternity of the new earth; and (2) on the new earth.

1-9:  The Terminal “The End” from Daniel.

Granted there is much in Daniel difficult to understand; however surely we
can understand “The End” repeated 5 or 6  times in the last chapter {chapter
12} of Daniel:  “...until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro {a lot of
world travel like today}, and knowledge  shall increase {an information
explosion like today with all these computers}...”  (12:4); “...and when the
power of the holy people has been completely shattered, all these things
shall be finished  {finished is like English for “The end” and French “alfin” for
the end} (12:7); “My lord, what shall be the end of these things?”  (12:8);
“And he said, ‘Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed
till the time of the end” (12:9); “But you, go  your way till the end” (12:13a);
and “for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the
days.”  (12:13b)
1.  Often since we have some troubles with Daniel in  understanding all last
things {eschatology}, and in spite of being told clearly in this concluding
chapter of Daniel that some of the “words are closed up and sealed” until
made clear by actual historical events at THE END, you definitely can
understand clearly many last days events and primarily come to see the
pattern of SWEEPS TO THE END that will help you with understanding of
both Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation. {5 sweeps to the end in
Daniel, and for more details on these sweeps, you can read CUP OF
WATER, available free as a PDF download on the www.biblecombibleman.
com web site}.
(1).  Daniel Sweep #1 to the End, Daniel 7:9-13.
(a)  God, the Ancient of Days, sitting in Judgment with His court and the
power to execute; (b)  The Man of Sin, or the Son of Perdition, respectively
of the Greek and Roman Empire, like a parable, completely fulfilled in the
end time Man of Sin {now looking more and more like a prototype and
typical man with all the Arab/Muslim leaders assembling their vast armies
around Israel with the motivation to destroy Jews and Jerusalem}; (c) Other
kingdoms under the control and judgment of God and kings given a period
of dominion according to the determination of God, the Ancient of Days
{surely you do not think that the rise and fall of just another kingdom called
the United States is not under the control of the Ancient of Days}; (d)
Establishment {not fulfillment} of the Everlasting kingdom of Christ to ruler
over all other kings and kingdoms, determined by the Ancient of Days but
not truly realized on earth until the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ;
and (e) The Second Coming of Christ to finalize the reign of Christ over all
other kingdoms of this earth, and then deliverance to the Great Judge that
God may be all in all.
(2).  Daniel Sweep #2 to the End, Daniel 7:15-27.
(a) Daniel explained to King Belshazzar {King of Babylon after
Nebuchadnezzar nand before Darius} that the 4 beasts of his vision, like
explanations from Jesus un parables, are 4 kings; (b) the focus of Daniel’s
interest is on the details about the “little horn”, first descriptive phrase of the
Old Testament for the man of sin, and most of this about his pompous
speeches against the Ancient of Days; (c) the pompous little horn, the man
of sin, in his fight against the saints is prevailing {the Falling Away and the
withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth make possible this “complete
shattering of the holy people”, equivalent of Jesus’ “because sin shall
abound, the love of many will was cold” and the equivalent of the 5 stages of
the Falling Away from the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 4:4,5, the fifth stage of
which is a complete turning away from truth with the subsequent fifth of
“being turned into fables”}; (d) the Ancient of Days judges {historically
intervenes} in favor of the saints, and sends the Lord Jesus Christ, alias the
Second Coming, to execute this Judgment; (e) the son of perdition will be a
Revolutionary {much like the Arab/Muslim with his Jihad} who tries to change
“times and laws” {tries to turn around history and replace law, common law,
and the 10 commands with a Muslim law like in the Koran}, the saints are
given into his hands of a time, times, and half a time; (f) The Court of God
takes away the dominion of the man of sin and Satan, destroying it forever;
and (g) greatness of the previous kingdoms on earth will be given over by
the Most High God to the kingdom of Christ {by the way on the new earth
and centered around the New Jerusalem lowered down from heaven on
Mount Zion} where the saints will obey and serve God.
(3).  Daniel’s Third Sweep of History to the End, Daniel 8:1-28.
The vision by Daniel of the ram and goat, the interpretation of which was
given by Gabriel himself:  while most of it is about the kings of Persia,
Greece, and Rome--now past history--there is more about the infamous
man of sin, the “little horn” that spreads to the north, south, east, and west.  
This is the time Satan is released from bondage because the Holy Spirit is
withdrawn from earth, the Muslim forces on earth joining with the fallen
forces from heaven to wage a mighty war.
(4).  The fourth Sweep, Daniel 9:1-27
Gabriel has arrived from heaven, sent by God, to answer Daniel’s prayer,
“what is going to happen to my people?”  And the answer is once again a
sweep all the way to the end of time on the old earth, of course with more
detail.  It is almost as if the radar sweep of history is closer, filling in more
details of peaks and valleys:  (1) 70 weeks, really meaning 70 years, of
Captivity is to be the fate of Israel in Babylon as God through Jeremiah
foretold for them; (2) From the restoration until the Messiah comes that will
be cut off by God’s people {the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ by
Israel}; (3) predictions of the destruction of the temple and the city of
Jerusalem, the famous abomination of desolation that Jesus references in
Matthew 24 from Daniel  {Israel still had not learned their lesson of
obedience by faith, so they rejected the very Son of God, except for
approximately 100,000 of Jews converted in the first century}; (4) yes, like
today there were prototypes during other periods of history of the man of
sin, warming up to the final man of sin that leads the world army in the attack
on Jerusalem and the camp of the saints, this first century period of history
it was another “man of fortresses”, or war, the Roman General Titus who
destroyed the temple and Jerusalem in 75 A.D; (5) under the wings of
desolation {what Paul would later call in II Thessalonians, the rising tide of
the mystery of sin and lawlessness} the released Satan will empower the
man of sin to lead a gigantic world-wide army against Jerusalem; and (6) the
consummation is poured out on the desolate at the end.
(5).  Fifth Sweep to the End, Daniel 10-12.
Of course like with all sweeps to the end of Daniel and other eschatological
writings like Matthew 24, Mark 13, and the book of Revelation, each sweep
adds more details of the peaks and valleys of history.  This 5th sweep takes
3 chapters of Daniel to cover.  {If you have caught on to this pattern of God
the Spirit in the writing of Scriptures, a pattern of sweeps all the way to the
end, and each time with more detail, you can be rescued from the tendency
of the Irish Roman Catholic priest, Darby, and the divorced former lawyer
Scoffield of the First Congregationalists Church in Dallas, to impose on the
book of Revelation a straight sequence from beginning to end on the
eschatology.}.  This marvelous section of Daniel and fifth sweep is where
Daniel himself gets an encouraging vision of the Glorious Man.  Of course,
such things as the kings of Persia in chapter 10 is repeated with more detail,
then the kings {emperors} of Rome start in chapter 11; the people who
actually know God will carry out great exploits, obviously the predicted
history of Acts; then the great tribulation of the first centuries happens (11:
33) where “they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering”;
then into the final tribulation and the Falling Away where “some of those of
understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white,
until the time of THE END” (11:35); and the man of sin makes his visual
appearance in human history {of course, one of the only 2 signs mentioned
by Paul in II Thessalonians as necessary before the Second Coming}.

“Then the king shall do according to his own will:  he shall exalt and magnify
himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods,
and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished, for what has been
determined shall be done.  He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor
the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above
them all.  But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god
which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver {look at
that hideous golden Dome of a Moslem mosque on the holy land of
Jerusalem} , with precious stones and pleasant things.  Then he shall act
against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall
acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over
many and divide the land for gain.”  (Daniel 11:36-39)

NOTE:  If you can not see in this the whole history of the Muslim movement,
your eyes are cluttered by Darby, Scoffield, and famous fundamentalists
preachers.  Hardly do we stop to think that another god called “Allah”, not
the same as the God of the Bible evidenced by the actions of Muslims and
the words of their own Scriptures, as blasphemy against the only real God
of this Universe.  Nor do we stop to consider the prosperity and expansion
of Mohammedanism since its inception late in history during the 700’s A.D.  
Largely Arabs descended from Ishmael, a son of Abraham, throughout this
history and before have come to ignore:  (1) the God of their fathers like
Abraham; (2) ignore the desire of men; (3) have not respect for any god
except Allah who really turns out to be Satan; and (4) their leaders {rulers or
kings} magnify themselves like the present President of Iran, like Hisballah,
like those of Gaza and the West Bank, and Saudi Arabia over all other

Right now, the Muslim/Arabs rule over much of the total land and population
of the world; and you are seeing a large revolution underway now as they
overthrow sympathetic rulers to Western and Christian powers.  Just look at
how divided the land of God in Palestine has become in recent years with
Gaza, and the West Bank, and Syria, and Hisballah in Lebanon, all peoples
who desire the destruct on of Jerusalem and the United States.  And you
who are conservative on the Bible, especially southern Baptists not
controlled in your thought like your denomination by fundamentalists, would
immediately see in the ungodly and blasphemous Muslim movement, the
influence of Satan and many collective men of sin {leaders of these
Muslim/Arab} countries, were it not for the detrimental influence of
fundamentalists with their weird teachings and philosophy of last things
{eschatology}.  Of course  what has happened to Baptists and other
conservatives is as they have allowed the extreme tolerance of other
religions and gods to overcomes any remaining endurance toward sound
doctrine.  The religious of American are considered what other religions and
countries think; what the intellectual and tolerant think of the American
Democratic faith; the moral majority, if you would:  however, very few are
really worried about what the real God of this world, and the real determiner
of the history of the world thinks!

“And he {it is much closer to THE END when you consider the man of sin of
II Thessalonians as a typical Muslim leader} shall plant the tents of his
palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come
to his END, and no one will help him.”  (Daniel 11:45)

1-10:  “Some of those of understanding shall fall” (Daniel 11:35)

You who are in the present day process of ignoring or denying the historical
reality of the Falling Away of God’s people, not from churches and
denominations, but from God, Christ, and the sound doctrine of the Bible,
must just let the Bible say what it wants to say as above in Daniel 11:35.
1.  The “understanding” of the godly and knowing  starts in context back at
11:32 with “the people who know their god”.
Satan and the man of sin corrupts by flattery the most religious people that
have ever lived, and at the time of Christ, in the first century the Jewish
leaders that even since Jeremiah have done “wickedly against the covenant”
of God.  However as we know from the history of Acts and of the first
chapters of Revelation, there were in the first centuries some who knew their
God and were strong, even with the leadership of Jesus through the
Apostles carrying out “great exploits”  {look at the missionary journeys and
writing of the Apostle Paul}.
2.  The rapid expansion of Christianity immediately after the Ascension of
Christ, again the emphasis of the Bible, if you let it say what it wants to say
is on the few “who understand”.

“And those of the people who understand shall instruct many...”  (Daniel 11:

3.  Yet this is the time of the great tribulation.

“yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and
plundering” (Daniel 11:33b)

NOTE:  We do the Scriptures injustice to confuse this Great Tribulation with
the Final Tribulation that the church is about to pass into any year now!

4.  Yes, it is possible for some of those of understanding to FALL.

“And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them,
and make them white, UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END; because it is still
for the appointed time.”  (Daniel 11:35)

NOTE:  you may wish to download now both parts of this message combined, in PDF and in color.