In Memory of
Texas Civil War Soldiers
As Typical, Cass County McMichaels
Texas 10th Infantry Company F
I.  Before a complete rooster of all Texas Confederates, you were promised a
Mystery to solve about Sergeant John B. McMichael, John Bruce or John
Bartlett, introduced with some but questionable
historical evidence in an
online blog.  You only see one John B. in the official rooster above, so that
is one clue that among Texas Vets there was only one John B, not a John
Bruce and a John Bartlett.  On that blog is a photo of John B. and Rufus
Edwards taken at Galveston.
II. Not such a Mystery, you say, however in the same blog is the picture of
the announcement {shown below} of John B McMichael's death in a
Petersburg Virginia Hospital from the attending Physician.  Which would be
okay if there had been two John B's in Confederate service, but you saw at
the top there was only one John B.  And many census and other historical
records of Cass County Texas show:  (1) John Bruce as marrying Francis
Caroline Lanier in 1865 Cass County; (2) Numberous county census records
showing Francis, John B and 4 children; (3) Both Francis and John B listed
on Texas Vets pension records; and (4) John B McMichael as the recepient
of 1024 acres as a disabled Texas Civil War veteran.
III.  For a short introductory brief on the History of the 10th Regiment,
Texas Infantry (Nelson's) (CSA), US Civil War, go to