10 Commandments of Atheism

would be an interesting sociological study to research on the correlation
between the increase of OMG in the English language with what percent of
them originate with aetheists.  It is evident that you not only see lack of
respect from God among them, but also lack of respect for courtesy in the
English language with so much usage of vulgarity.  Also noticeable among is
the Sin Problem, so that an objective person might see aetheism as a
coverup, rationalization, or justification for some favorite, habitual
life-consuming pet sin like sex.
Granted that a lot of their public remarks are to order to shock believers, and
also a thinking out loud effort to convince themselves of unbelief, scepticism,
and agnoticism.  Granted they are in a minority, they still do not wish the
world to pass them by.  My goodness their lives, words, and careers beg for
attention, and in the final analysis when the books of heaven are eternally
closed that is all the good they will have left!

I.  For a good general introduction to the minority movement of
Atheism, please read Wikipedia,

II.  Read the 10 commandments of an Atheist Online, "Alone,
Asian, and Atheist". as published on the Islamic Monthly.

III.  A POR and Zinger2015 analysis of these 10 commandments
of Atheism.

1.  Shalt not watch TV, efforts to replace the media with the culture of the
academics and social conformists, "Perhaps there is no such thing as reality,
only the media!"

Zinger:  On reality that brings up the subject of "absolute and universal truth"
from POR and in particular R.A. Millikan in EVOLUTION IN SCIENCE AND
RELIGION, the bottom line of which is that without God and the truth of God,
with the pragmatic record in the Bible, truth is very muddled.  See "Bible as
Standard"; and on the value and freedom of journalism versus academics,
first of all culture would like for us to get all guidance from them, we
recognize some problems, yet but for them there would never be any
Watergate, do you think these academics and social workers would have done
the same for us.

2.  "Stay yourself", respect is two-way.

Zinger:  And except for lip service to the American Democratic Faith, probably
for whom the article was written and from which the book money will come for
profit, these atheist often demonstrate a lack of freedom of expression from
other religious, using the standard of academic culture at their time in history
and conformity to the political correct for profit.

3.  "Enpower Man", "So message is: the men should be empowered for the
women to have power."

Zinger:  So once again culture, academics, or powerful women are going to be
a substitute for God and what He gave to all humanity in the first place in the
Garden of Eden.

4.  "Fear God".

Zinger:  that should be "god" in the 10 commandments of an Atheist, not the
God of the Bible, the father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Creator of the

5.  "Turn Around" America and world, "There is no political
Confucianism, political Buddhism or political Shintoism. The choice
made by many Asia nations is to build a national identity through cultural
elements. Middle East! Turn around and look East!"

Zinger:  well, well, well we finally get, at half-way,  to the personal axe and
cultural axion that is being grinded, look to the religions of the East and Asia
for national identify building

6.  "Break Free", "Recent study shows that 80% of the people in Middle East
believe that the US is the biggest threat and less than 10% believe that their
intervention in the region is genuine. The mentality is dominated with a
crippling notion that everything is a plot, a conspiracy, that all is controlled by
dark forces, CIA, Israel, the imperialistic West. This paranoia is the worst form
of colonialism because it is the most effective (Ramadan). For as long as this
victimization culture persists, the Middle East will be the prisoner of
suspicion, and can never be truly free."

Zinger:  wow, that sounds good but a little one-sided as if the US did not need
to help as ISIS was destroying Christians, Kurds, and others.  And once again
we fall back on the Bible as a standard of wisdom if not of the Word of God,
that true, absolute, and ultimate freedom from sin and bondage, the real
common problems of all humanity, comes by absolute truth, the Word of God,
and the Jesus Christ who said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall
make you free."

7.  "Seek Guidance"

Zinger:  Now this is interesting as we are about to learn where such aetheist
turn for their mental, spiritual, and social guidance.  Like most aetheist and
the like with the bottom line words of "How much freedom is free enough?
How tolerable multiculturalism should be?" they seek guidance in questions
rather than answers as if you get a large enough committee of fodder data,
you can arrive at a viable solution.  We have it in the Bible as the standard
source of guidance.  Does this not sound like B. F. Skinner in behaviorism
and  "Beyond Freedom and Dignity"?  Which in this case would be a socially
controlled State much like they have in the Netherlands.
In the next commandment number 8, "name the land", we can see more and
more that the guidance comes from her own experience, the experience of
school only, and of about 7 years of one school and country indoctrination,
"in the Middle East, my experience tells me that tribalism can destabilize much
more than religious fault lines."

8.  "name the land", everybody has some social redeeming aspects, and here
is a clue to the one of this Atheist:  
It is for good reason that both Arabism
and Islamism are embraced in the region. An Arab/Muslim identity replaces
that of the State when the State fails to provide any identity. In a recent
study, 62% of the Middle Eastern people expected their governments to do
what is good for either Muslims or Arabs, while only 31% thought the
national policies should benefit their own country. Islamism with its global
Islamic state kicks in, exploiting the lack of national belonging, manipulating
the loyalties from tribal level to universal level, bypassing the national level.  
Nation and national identity, more often than not, float like a mirage in the

9.  "the land named again", with "so vivid is the failure of multiculturalism.

Zinger:  The axe is grinding again with a bias for Asian culture and criticisms
of the failures of multiculturalism of the West that is also many times
emulated in the Middle East.  It is just hoped that Garrison is right when
suggesting that 2 out of 7 Muslims are not turning to Budahism and the East
but to Christ, and may we also see such an increased movement among the
Jews.  Does this atheist want to name the region the Eastern Middle East.

10.  "acknowlege my new identity", no doubt an effort to expand socialism to
the whole world of the Eastern Middle East.  "security measurement has
become a new God".

Zinger:  Bottom line of atheism, always like the early idol worshippers
looking for another god, this time through academics, selective experience,
and the repair of multiculturalism, pehaps the Budahism of the East.

Bottom Line:  We can not help but respect the experience {however mainly by
talking to one of her students}, the accuracy of English expression and
academics, admitting that these 10 commandments are among the best of the
atheist; however by that same nature, "wolves come in sheep's clothing", and
the underlying assumptions at the base line are what bother us most--a world
and society with the God of the Bible, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and
Creator, and without the truth of Jesus and the Bible as the Source for
Guidance. There can be little doubt with more secular education without Bible
and God and Christ, sceptism and these other "isms" that ought to be
"wasms" also go up, the natural tendecy of throwing away so much
previously known for new knowledge is build into the educational system

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