Technical Reports on CACSD by Email*

30-50 pages each with program routines and plots Free
Open Software and MATLAB

Free software as Octave, SciLlab, FreeMat, and JMathLib.

1.  Introduction to Root Locus, Octave, and SciLab.

2.  Marvel of Engineering Math:  from the differential
equations of a simple spring-mass system to the sys = tf to
numerous analysis plots of the system (sys).

3.  Numerical Analysis with FreeMat and JMathLib.

4.  Using the RLTOOL in SciLab for Root Locus Design.

5.  Automatic Control Analysis of an F-16 Auto Pilot

6.  Computer Aided Control System Design (CACSD) in

7. CACSD in Octave with the Control Toolbox.

 In color and with extensive plots, these reports are  too
many MBs for download, and must be handled by email
attachment. For more info or answers to questions, you can
email SunGrist at or use the SUBMIT
form below.

Or go to the
web page of OPR to read about the OPR by
E-mail process. Process to order TECHNICAL REPORTS,
like those listed above, is the same process for the ordring
of TAC_TOC chapters.
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