Working Appendix for TECH APPS OF COMPUTERS with Matlab
and free, open software such as SciLab, Octave, FreeMat, and

1.  TAC Working Appendix part I, contains
Flow control with "for" in FreeMat
Listing of Flight Test Engineering CE jobs
Supplements to selected sections of TAC textbook for
  correspondence course and Appendix

2.  TAC Working Appendix part II, contains
Basic Maneuvers of Flight Test
Wind tunnel measurements of the F-35 JSF
A collection of Matlab Transfer Functions
Stable Pitch axis for the F-16
Short outline of Flight Dynamics
FAA CFR requirements
Introduction to the free, open software of SciLab
Aerodynamic Missile Coefficients, Predicted vs Measured

3.  TAC Working Appendix part III.
Introduction to Longitudinal Stability, Aerodynamic
 Coefficients for Aircraft, and F-16 flight parameters
Short history of TAC {Tech Apps of Computers) development
Correspondence course on TAC

4.  TAC Working Appendix part IVa
Sample TAC pages to browse, chapter 1, "Data Analysis"
Matlab routine to program the Matlab logo
Learning Theory {see also
Integrated Learning System}

5.  TAC Working Appendix part IVb.

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6.  TAC Working Appendix part IVc, consist of
Digital Signal Processing
Sample pages from the "Digital Atomic Age" chapter

7.  TAC Working Appendix part V, guides to using free, open software like
SciLab, FreeMat, and Octave.

8.  TAC Working Appendix part VI, a compendium of helpful research
papers from NASA like on the octave computer program, and many flight
test reports such as those used in the writing of the TAC textbook and

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