OPR by email

How To ORDER, PAY thru PayPal, and Receive eBook chapters in  
PDF and and in color by Email

1.  Dowload the TAC Table of Contents** below with the Resumeof the
instructor in order to check for quaifications, and to see which chapter you want
to buy.

2.  Email
jerryvmc@toast.net for which chapter you want by return email.

3.  Immediately you will be emailed two links to PayPal for purchase of either the
chapter you requested or the whole book.

4.  Pay by choosing the proper email link, PayPal notifies us, and to your email
address will be sent the chapter-manuscript in PDF format.

** Dowload and/or Save the TAC_TOC with the qualifications Resume of
the textbook author and instructor.

NOTE:  Publishing plots and graphs, and with notes and pictures in color is
so much more economical in e-book PDF format, and the cost is at least
one half the cost of a paperback.  And you can receive it so much easier
and more quickly.