8 and 1/2 by 11 pages.  While main text is in black, extensive
Bible quotes are in green and comments in blue for ease of
identification and comfort in reading.  One of the few books
on the market today about the books of  19 of the Old
Testament Prophets that is conservative, that makes the
Prophets as relevant as the daily news, and that utilizes a
Magic Outline developed in "The Old Testament According to
the New Testament" and expanded in this volume.  You will
not find anything on the market today that offers you the
insight into Bible study as does the Magic Outline, based on
exegesis of OT quotes in the NT, it builds on top of this
exegesis an outline of the whole Bible in 12 major divisions.
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Table of Contents for LCC volume 5, "The Message
of the Writing Prophets", 19 Prophets of the OT