BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED is 302 colorful 8 and 1/2 by 11 pages.  
While main text is in black, extensive Bible quotes are in green and
comments in blue for ease of identification and comfort in reading.  
You will read the following in BELIEVE AND BE BAPTIZED:  
"Unfortunately, most generally the custom is to think of “baptism”
as what takes place in the baptistry of the church.  Not so in the
Bible of Jesus and the Apostles where “baptism” most generally
refers to what takes place inside the life of the be¬liever before
entrance into the baptistry.  All the great teaching scriptures about
bap¬tism from Romans, Peter, and Jesus are more concerned with
the internal change in the believer when they believe that is created
by the Holy Spirit of God.  Believe is what we do for salvation:  
baptism is what God does inwardly in the believer when there is real
faith.  Granted, baptism in the baptistry {which could even be a river
as in the case of the water baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist} is
instructed by Jesus as an act of obedience, and it does preach a
message of salvation that should have already happened inside the
believer; but far more important is the inward change of baptism by
the Spirit of God, that can be called nothing less than salvation.  
Why do you think in the seven major doctrines of Ephesians
salvation is not in the summary of all the majors such as one God,
one Christ, one Spirit, one body, one faith?  Well, that is covered by
the one baptism."
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Table of Contents for LCC volume 3, "Believe and
Be Baptized", the 14 letters of the Apostle Paul