ACCORDING TO THE NEW TESTAMENT  is 301 colorful 8 and
1/2 by 11 pages.  While main text is in black, extensive Bible
quotes are in green and comments in blue for ease of
identification and comfort in reading.  Can you imagine a
deduced outline of the whole Bible under 12 major divisions?  
This is what the Magic Outline of the Old Testament according
to the New Testament provides.  It begins with all the Old
Testament quotes in the NT, rearranged in OT historical
sequence, then a subject attached to each quote with the help
of the NT interpretation, and then the subjects of each quote in
the major divisions summarized in a subject heading.  For
example for Genesis and the beginning of Exodus it is "The
Living God of the Living"; for major division 12  which
includes some major and minor Prophets {most generally
called the Prophets of the Chaldean Period as contrasted to
the earlier Prophets of the Assyrian Period}, it is "The Living
God Wants Others to Live"; and you will especially appreciate
the major division of "What Happened to the Jews as the
Chosen People of God", you know centered around Isaiah
and Paul's proper interpretation in Romans.
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