TAC Participation

Welcome to the learning process and development
COMPUTERS WITH matlab, in little letters because
some balance in development is given between the
MATLAB of Mathworks and the free and open
matlab-like softare of SciLab, FreeMat, JMathLIb,
and Octave.  Shortly you will receive an email
verifying your participation in TAC development
{with chapter 1}, and you are reminded to review the
contractual agreement--all free except for some of
your hard work--between yourself and the instructor,
as shown on the TAC_TOC web page.

It may sound serious, but it is really technically fun!  
However, if you do not progress sufficiently, like if
you can not submit modified chapters back in at
least one month and continuously, you will be
dropped in that no more chapters will be sent to
you!  And don't forget, you who thought you were
disqualified because you do not have access to a
computer with MATLAB itself, can download free
one or more of the free and open softwares listed
above.  Happy hunting!

You who have not signed up, and still wish to do so,
please use the form below.
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The complete over 400
page book of

Technical Applications
of Computers with
Matlab, FreeMat,
SciLab, and Octave

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