Instructions for this free Bible Study on "Survey of the Bible"

1.  There will be a PowerPoint presentation for each of the 12 major topics of the
Bible.  You must have PowerPoint software on your computer.  {If that is a
problem for some of you please let me know at .

2.  As my wife requested, you can after download save the lesson in PowerPoint
or print it for ease of study.  There are a lot of REAL Bible chapters and even
books as this is a serious Bible study for those serious on the Bible.

3.  The 12 Top Topics of the Bible and what part of the Old Testament the
interpreted quotes come from is listed below.
(1).  The Living God of the Living.
(Genesis 1 -- Exodus 19)
(2).  Righteousness of God and Man.
(Exodus 20 -- Numbers)
(3).  Consistent Witness of the Bible.
(4).  God, Man, and the "Son of Man".
(Job and Psalms 1-15)
(5).  The Resurrection of Jesus.
(Psalms 16-35)
(6).  Wisdom from God.
(Proverbs, Ecclesiastes,
and Psalms 36-77)
(7).  The Gospel.
(Psalms 70 - 150)
(8).  Listening More Important than Sacrifice.
(I,II Samuel, I Kings, Jonah, Joel,
Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah 1 - 39)
(9).  What Happened to the Jews as the
Chosen People of God?
(10).  The Salvation of God.
(Isaiah 40-52)
(11).  New King, New Israel, and New Earth.
(Isaiah 54-66, Micah, Nahum, and
           Jeremiah 1 - 30)
(12).  The Living God Wants Others to LIve.
(Jeremiah 31 - 52, Habakuk, Daniel,
Ezekiel, Zechariah, and Malachi)

4.  What determines the balance of the lessons is the number of times that topic
and corresponding section of Old Testament is quoted in the New Testament.

5.  Since the major goal of this Bible study is to quickly cull all the interpretations
of the Old Testament that come with the quotes in the New Testament, then you
are simultaneously studying both Old and New Testaments.  {You will be
surprised when you carefully look at these quotes and their interpretations in the
New Testament, for sometimes the interpretation is actually back there in the Old

6.  What this for you is to accumulate a large list of proper ways to interpret the
Bible, on every subject and book, so that you can heed the Bible admonition of
the ASPI interpretation, that is "no scripture is of any private interpretation".  This,
in short, is the Authorized Semi-Public Interpretation.

9.  If you have completed one lesson and are ready for another, you can
influence the speed of the additions with an email to
Also any lesson comments and dialogue is appreciated.
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