Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul
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{Revised 5-5-2012)

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(Study Course Outline of The Life and 14 Letters of the Apostle Paul)

"We Don't Have to Win, We Just Have to Fight"

{"Remember My Bonds" (Col. 4:18 KJV), The Epitaph of Paul.}

Group Self-Denial and Separation.

{Actually largely from the LCC vol 4 commentary, "Christ for Individuals",
and is considered a supplemental Appendix to this study}

3.  Harmony of Life.

4.  "Spare No Effort to make fast with bonds of peace the unity which the
Spirit gives."  (Ephesians 4:3 NEV)

Spare No Effort at Balance and Symmetry Part 1.

6.  Spare No Effort at Balance and Symmetry Part 2.  

Into the 14 Letters of Paul

7.  The Bible Book of I Corinthians, "Skill in Understanding".
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Into the Meat of Paul's Letters

PAUL'S 14 LETTERS, after the past
newsletters on the "Life and Letters of Paul".  
You were promised how exciting such a study
can be; at least now as we are plunging into the
Bible books themselves, and if really have some
spiritual development allready in your Christian
life.  {If not, hang in there and the Word of God,
if your heart and attitude are in the right place,
can easily improve the illumination and
inspiration for you!}

Check the progress chart below to verify that
we are on session # 7, and are actually getting
into the actual 14 letters of the Apostle with a
short study of  I Corinthians, appropriate at this
point with a major subject matter of "Skill in
Understanding".  Quite often inspiration and
illumination are confused!  It is obvious with such
a widespread mixture of world-wide cultures
and Bible background, that in order to continue
our studies, they would be facilitated by some
common Biblle understanding on "understanding"

In short for this month of May, click on "I
Corinthians, Skill in Understanding".
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