The Bible as the Standard for
faith and practice.

It is the Word of God, divine in
origin, absolute in authority,
sufficient in message, high
fidelity in communications with
the hermeneutics of the
dynamically alive, and
self-interpretative with the ASPI
version (I Peter 1:21)

In spite of the obvious distortions of the Falling Away from the Bible of traditional
denominations, sometimes even worse from new non-denominations groups that
cater to the whims of the world, we can sometimes miss their traditions of the
past where the Bible in many statements of faith was listed as "the sole criterion
of faith and practice".  "Listen to what the Spirit says today thru me", taking the
quote of Isaiah and departing into all kinds of isogesis (reading meaning into the
Bible, instead of exegesis which is reading the meaning out}, is a classic example
of the bad Bible hermeneutics {just rules in the Bible for proper understanding}
of:  (1) failure to get verses and chapters and books of the Bible in the total
context of the Bible {quite often the work of amateurs in the Bible with few years
of Bible experience and study}; (2) the victims of Special Revelation that have the
gall, many each year, to think in the Holy Zinger words of I Corinthians 14 that
either the "Word of God came out of them, or the Word came to them only",
normally the same people of the rest of I Corinthians 14 which fail to heed Paul
on Bible to speak only known tongues in public worship, reserving unknown
tongues for private devotionals, and also who consider they alone with their
ministry and church must slight and ignore other Christians, missionaries, and
missions across the world as if they are nothing, also practicing "sheep-stealing"
where other men have labored for years; and (3) do not compare scripture with
scripture as advised by Paul, preferring some kind of hunt and peck system that
keeps them limited to about 300 verses of the Bible {See the recommended
Scripture Approach and Movement".}

Above is another classic example, there is nothing new under the sun and we
just keep each generation repeating the same follies of Bible interpretation, one
of taking one verse out of context and as preacher boys said while learning
homiletics and hermeneutics, "going every  where preaching".  However it is no
joke, for this is the way new denominations and divisions in Christianity are
started.  It is what Bernard Ramm in Christian Bible hermeneutics would call
"special revelations" where some strive to add to the message of the Bible.

This time of the year as the nuts and weirdos come out of the woodwork
and strive to increase their self-serving thrusts of the whole year, we must
express in Christianity and in the real body of Christ presently on earth our
appreciation for the STANDARD, the Bible, for all to believe and practice.  Also
to express amazement for the wisdom and grace of God to take over 7,000
years and 40 authors from the human side to give us a Book that is a light for our
path and a guide for life and living.

Even as "a little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf", so is the bad influence of one
gone astray with tangents, diversions, and sin centered around Scripture, and
sometimes they are even
"that sort" of II Timothy that are to be avoided, at all
cost, by other Christians