Book Bottom Line:  Spiritual Terrorism

“He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’” (Matthew 13:2)

Can You buy those words from Jesus Himself?        That there is
spiritual  terrorism  within  the  churches.        We are  concerned about
physical terrorism in our country when we should be more concerned  
about the spiritual terrorism in our churches and the kingdom at large.   
Our problem is that we can not tell the difference between wheat and
tares even when they come out from being underground: we do not know
the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian, between a false
Bible teacher and a true Bible teacher; and even when we do suspect a
church member, a church, or a denomination, or their leaders we are so  
indoctrinated in the American Democratic Faith as to put tolerance ahead
of dis-association from them as recommended by the Bible. Do you get
what Jesus is saying, “the enemy is within” the kingdom and the
churches.  Satan has put many tares in our local churches in order to
subvert the real work of the kingdom of God, and many of those tares
are leaders with itching ears.

All dialogue or feedback is appreciated, especially if you are the member
of a church that is enamored by your leadership with the Gospel of
Prosperity or which choses to ignore the calamities from God on
America and American churches since 911, a calamity like on God's
people of Israel, which will continue until there is real revival toward
righteousness and faith!

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