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Bible Tidbits for the Holidays:  
1.  What with the focus on Christmas and new beginnings of
a new year, Christ and the Bible surely deserve some
additional considerations and tidbits for new resolve.  You
can never go wrong by adding to your holiday schedule,
some efforts at the spread of the influence of the kingdom of
Christ, established by God Himself on earth simultaneously
with the birth of Christ, 2009 years ago

"And in those days of these kings {the kings of Rome} THE
GOD OF HEAVEN will set up a kingdom which shall never be
destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people;
it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and
it shall stand forever."  (Daniel 2:44)

NOTE:  Please read "The Golden Nugget and the Mocking
web page.

2.  Some emphasis on "materialism" is inevitable during the
Holiday season, and naturally the Prophets of Materialism and
the Gospel of Prosperity will receive added impetus for the
false gospel of Prosperity which they preach all year.   As
expected these popular prophets of prosperity during this
economic crisis have had to modified their message of
business and materialism, even greed, to no longer simply, "if
you have faith {interpreted to mean if you attend and give
regularly to this ministry}, you will prosper" to the modified
message of "wait 2 years and you will have a gold mine or an
oil well in your backyard".  Increasingly especially in this
season we see the quoting out-of-context of Jeremiah 29:11.

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the
LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future
and hope."  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Most generally the quote is made without any realization that
Jeremiah 24-29 is the Bible record of the final destruction of
Jerusalem during that 597 - 587 period, a period when the
walls and temple of Jerusalem were completely torn down,
the bad figs of the population killed or scattered, and the
good figs for which the plans above in 29:11 of restoration in
70 years were given for captivity in Babylon.  Please, the next
time you hear or read this verse to justify a Gospel of
Prosperity, then read the chapter and the chapters of 24-29 in
context.  Yes, there would be a restoration of the good figs,
and only a remnant of them, in 70 years from Babylonian
Captivity; and the "plans" from God as clearly identified in the
verse before, 29:10, were for in 70 years, for their children,
and only for the good figs of God's people (Jeremiah 24).

For more on this subject, please read the following web

"How To ID False Prophets and Preachers".

3.  Helps from SunGrist_Bible to focus on the Christ of

(1).  The Christmas Story.

(2).  Hear Christmas.

(3).  Prayer in the Chapel At Large.

4.  Some positive challenges from the Bible to consider for
the new year of 2010.

(1).  A Challenge Sufficient for the Falling Away.

(2).  The Way of Continuing Faith.

(3).  Friends of Jesus.

(4).  "Rivers of Living Water".

5.  Some negative realities that cannot be ignored unless you
chose to be a victim of the "turning away from {reality} and
truth" of the Falling Away.  (II Timothy 4:4,5).

(1).  The Falling Away.

(2).  The Second Coming of Christ.

(3).  The Admonition to Avoid Some Church Members.

6.  For in depth Bible Study for the new year focused on
Jeremiah and Prophesy, don't forget the continuing Bible
studies online and by newsletter:  
"Bible Studies in Jeremiah
and Prophesy".       Also Advanced Studies in Jeremiah.