Sound Doctrines {Exegesis} on Second Coming  {this is a short form, but
complete outline of chapter 30 of "Den of Thieves"}

Sound Doctrine is Exegesis of Bible Teachings, and Sound Doctrine on the Second
Coming, with the related before and after events, would be exegesis of Bible teachings on
the Second Coming.  Like when I first started preaching over fifty years ago and studied the
book on homiletics
{often called the science of preaching, or the art of preaching} by
Andrew Blackwood, PREACHING FROM THE BIBLE, the immediate reaction was “what
else is there to preach from”; but we know better as Blackwood explains at the beginning of
the book.  In fact, you would have to say that twice as many Bible teachers and preachers
preach from sources other than the Bible, than those who preach and teach from the Bible
as the Word of God.  And then at least half, or more, of them does so as a book of wisdom
more than the Word of God, inspired only in the sense of greater than Shakespeare or
Linus.  A good example is the education of Ministers, of course the chief source of
preaching and teaching, where (1) very few Seminary students come to Seminary with any
solid training in Bible, and (2) once there, subjects like church administration, homiletics,
and systematic theology
{theology is quite different from Bible in that it puts as much
weight with the history of what men have said and taught on Bible more than the
Bible itself, which is also a way to describe a study of the Bible itself in
commentaries like in Carroll and commentaries, especially of the historical
criticism type where the interpreters of the past become more important than the
actual conservative message of God to us in the Bible dominate over real Bible
study, a good example of such a conservative approach today is THE NEW
which was all Seminary was when Carroll started
SWBTS by teaching through the notes of his AN INTERPRETATION OF THE ENGLISH
BIBLE.  While this Bible Study continues centered around the doctrine of the second
coming, in the final analysis it is the Principle and Principles
{hermeneutics} of the
Exegesis of Bible leading to Sound Doctrine that will be most important to you.  In the Bible
questions most often received by SunGrist_Bible at and the
two supplemental websites “sound doctrine”, what is and how we get it, is among the most
popular questions of those most interested in Bible.  Since it should be obvious that Bible
teachings on eschatology are the most likely to be victims of a dominance of isogesis
{reading meaning into the Bible for preconceived notions and wants} over exegesis,
it is only fair that these Bible teachings on “last things” afford a challenging opportunity to
overcome wild and weird imaginations on last things.  Also few places does Satan so
effectively promote “the lie” among church members, Christians, and those enthused about
the Bible as he does on eschatology.

30-1:  Sound Doctrine {Exegesis on Bible Teachings} on the Second Coming.

1.  The books of SunGrist_Bible written over the last 10 years have come full circle,
starting with a look at 10 major doctrines of the Bible in the Ebook SOME SOUNDS OF
{doctrine here used more in the sense of Christian Faith or
Teachings like in Jude 3, “the faith once for all delivered to the saints”}
, and all the
way through the promotion of Bible understanding in the 8 volumes of the LEARN CHRIST
commentaries, and efforts to apply Bible teachings in 7 other volumes to contemporary
Christian and church life, and now in the last of those seven, after REPORTS TO AND
FOR BELIEVING, where the bottom line is “Fear and Faith” and HIDEOUT FOR BAD
HABITS, where the bottom line is “Rescue Sound Doctrine” to here in “Den of Thieves”
where the bottom line after the last chapter where hopefully the reader sees some of the
“Leaky Barriers to Strong Delusion”, we conclude this chapter with the most outstanding
example of Sound Doctrine, an exegesis of Bible teachings, on the Second Coming.  
the 10 major doctrines that started this whole SunGrist_Bible ministry rolling, two
on eschatology were among them, “The Day of the LORD and Lord” and “The
Falling Away”, and which are still two of the most generalized conclusions of
eschatology in the Bible, of course both of which include the Second Coming:  
indeed the Day of the LORD of the OT with the diminished light of sun, moon, and
stars  becomes the Day of Christ in the NT, and the Falling Away is the great end
time event before the Day of the LORD and Lord and the Second Come.}
you will get the Second Coming as the period to last things; for even as “the end” is the
outstanding characteristics of real Bible exegesis on eschatology, and as contrasted to so
much from the fundamentalists, Pentecostals, and special revelationists that keeps adding
things in front of the Second Coming to one way or another put it off
{and yes while in the
same breath and at the same time as talking about the “eminence” of the Second
, so also is the Second Coming the terminal event of this earth age, just before
the destruction of the earth by fire and the ushering in by God of a new earth under new
heavens with a New Jerusalem lowered down from heaven where God will dwell with a
new people of God forever.
2.  “Coming of Christ” in the Bible.  Second Coming is not a phrase from the Bible, however
if we look in a good concordance for “coming of Christ” centered around the word
“coming”, we find at least 16 Bible references, most of which are what we would think of as
the major teachings in the Bible on the Second Coming.    
(1).  Matthew 24:3, “what is the sign of your coming and the end”--when you talk about the
Second Coming of Christ it should always be in terms of the very “end” of things in this
earth age and the start of the New Earth; and it is from “the end”, found often in the Bible
and always helpful to determine last events of this earth age with the ushering in of the new
“Life Beyond”, to use words from the book on “last things” by Ray Summers, that we in turn
get our two favorite words for Bible doctrines on “eschatology” or “last things”.  Always we
should start with the sequence of last events from the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24,
come back often to check ourselves, and primarily use these clear teachings of Jesus as a
basis for the rest of our Eschatology.  
{How much less weirdness and weird things
would we hear about on last things if only these itching ears Bible teachers had
held to the clear teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24 instead of going off on the
imaginative tangents of Scofield and beyond.  If would seem many times, and
partly because of the negligence on the subject on the part of many of us other
conservatives, that quite often Bible teachers come to the book of Revelation as if
it was a whole new and separate book of the Bible, separating all their theology
and Bible from the rest of the Bible, and ignoring the very fundamental principle of
hermeneutics that you “compare scripture with scripture.”}
 It is from Jesus and
Matthew that we start this brief study of the sound doctrine of the Bible on Last Things of
this Earth Age, and derive a major sequence of the signs and events before, during, and
after the Second Coming.
(2).  “So shall the coming of the Son of Man” Be of Matthew 24:27,37, and 39.
(3).  They of Christ “At His Coming” of I Corinthians 15:23.
(4).  The “Are You At His Coming” of I Thessalonians 2:10.
NOTE:  At first as we think of eschatology as centered naturally around the Second
Coming of Christ, we forget both where to look in the Bible, and even how to find it
in a good concordance, that is until we look up the word “coming”; and then after
we start rolling on all we can reference and remember and discuss with others,
then we are fascinated with both how often it is found in the Bible of 66 books, and
then how consistent the message is throughout all the 27 books of the NT and
beyond to all of the Bible, especially as we include in our Bible study, as God
intended, the Day of the LORD and Lord.
By the way, although somewhat parenthetical, let me give you right now the bottom line of
the Bible and eschatology in a passage of Scripture often overlooked.

30-2:  The Bottom Line of Eschatology and the Bible, I Corinthians 15:23-28.

Here is the sequence in I Corinthians 15:23-28 of the bottom line of Bible and eschatology:  
(1) Christ’s Coming (15:23); (2) “Then comes the end” (15:24a) {you see many of the
millennium and fundamentalists persuasion out of their isogesis support from Darby and
Scofield just will not let the end be the end, will not let the simplicity of Scripture be the
simplicity of Scripture}; (3) The end comes at the same time Christ delivers the kingdom to
God the Father (15:24b)
{many of the practitioners of isogesis do not like to admit
that the kingdom started on earth with the rule of Christ in the hearts of men, like
Christ said, and therefore usually flinch when hearing that Christ will have this
kingdom in His possession already, and complete, to deliver to God the Father at
His Second Coming--you see, the gathering of the dead in Christ from the four
corners of the earth with the dead in Christ that Christ brings with Him ARE THE
; (4) almost simultaneously with the deliverance (15:24c) of the total kingdom to
God, after the gathering is “an end to all rule and all authority and power”, done at the last
great Battle of Armageddon
{let us summarize what we know happens already in that
One Day of the LORD and Lord, first Christ makes an end of all other kingdoms,
rules, and authorities and then second delivers what is left to God the Father
}; (5)
granted Christ has been reigning over His kingdom, that part on earth and all in heaven,
since the Ascension; for not only “must He reign till He has put all enemies under His feet,”  
{why do you think we were taught by Christ to pray, “thy kingdom come”},
that is fully come since it already exist here on earth in the heart of the real of God’s
people, of course with more in the hearts of those who live in heaven and Hades, “thy will
be done on earth as it is in heaven”, for Christ already reigns in heaven over His own
people, and according to Revelation 20:6 living and reigning with him for the whole period
after their death, martyrs also “live and reign with Christ for one thousand years”...
NOTE:  While millennium is not a biblical word, “one thousand years” is found in
the Bible 9 times.  The glaring folly of isogesis is that Scofield and fundamentalists
have forced on the “one thousand years” of the Bible a very worldly concept of the
(6) death, the last enemy will be destroyed (15:26) when at the second coming of Christ as
“the dead in Christ rise first” and as He brings with Him and the angels all those (a) martyrs
of the first resurrection and (b) other Christians who have died and remain on another level
of heaven without their resurrection bodies, only their souls or spirits--and of course this
destruction of death speaks of the second resurrection where those other than martyrs
{those beheaded for Christ, those of a bloody and violent death} get their
resurrection bodies, often called full sanctification or glorification, the ultimate completion of
salvation; (7) Paul quotes Psalm 8:6, where “He”, Christ, “has put all things under His feet”
(15:27) to explain that God the Father is the one exception to being under the feet and
reign and kingdom of Christ; and (8) “that God may be all in all” (15:28).
And that is the bottom line of Bible and eschatology:  that God the Father may “be all in all.”

30-3:  Millennium is not Biblical, but “one thousand years” is in the Bible 9 times.

Millennium is not real and Biblical, but was invented out of desperation by to protect
property and the wealthy and men of worldly status by the practitioners of isogesis like
Scofield, a former divorced lawyer, later of the Congregationalists church in Dallas that
somehow through Bible correspondence courses on the Scofield Notes achieved sway and
influence over Baptists fundamentalists
{first Southern Baptists then with a split off
Bible Baptists and then approximately 25 years ago by political means took over
control of the SBC, but always fuedamentalists or fundamentalists}
, and promoted
by any that have become victims of the NOTES of the Scofield Reference Bible.  {Did you
note that in Memphis Tennessee is a society or association, any way a group and/or
business, that does nothing but promote the Scofield Reference Bible, and you thought
only the Missionary Baptists and the KJV of Paul did that!}
1.  “one thousand years” phrase of II Peter 3:8.
God gave this thought that “with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand
years as one day” not in order that such perverts as Darby and Scofield could construct a
millennium on top of it in order to put many complicated events in front of the Second
Coming and the End, but rather to engender patience that (1) God is not slack concerning
His promises, and (2) and that the judgment of that One Day of the LORD and Lord will
come just as surely as the Flood once destroyed the whole earth by water; and (3) not so
that scoffers and revisionist of Bible history and exegesis might also “out of their own lusts”
build a whole systematic theology of eschatology around a fictitious millennium of a
thousand years reign of Christ on earth, a time of peace and harmony that they get by
confusing with this theoretical millennium the Old Testament Scriptures on the New Earth.
NOTE:  When you nail down the Scriptures on New Earth and New Heavens with
God’s New Israel of the Old Testament, especially of Isaiah, they will cast out these
fictions of millennium as a thousand year reign of Christ on earth, the
establishment of a temporal kingdom like He refused to do the first time.  Yes, we
have a lot of seekers of a materialistic kingdom today who like in the days of Christ
wanted an immediate reign of Christ on earth.  No, the next and full reign of Christ
will be after the Second Coming with the establishment of the New Earth with at
the center the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21).  You see, just one chapter and a
few real verses can straighten out a whole lot of false exegesis.

30-4:  Historical Sequence of Signs in Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

1.  Matthew 24:3, “what is the sign of your coming and the end”.
As you talk about the Second Coming of Christ it should always be in terms of the very
“end” of things in this earth age and the start of the New Earth; and it is from “the end”,
found often in the Bible and always helpful to determine last events of this earth age with
the ushering in of the new “Life Beyond”, to use words from the book on “last things” by
Ray Summers, that we in turn get our two favorite words for Bible doctrines on
“eschatology” or “last things”.  Always we should start with the sequence of last events
from the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 24, come back often to check ourselves, and
primarily use these clear teachings of Jesus as a basis for the rest of our Eschatology.  
{How much less weirdness and weird things would we hear about on last things if
only these itching ears Bible teachers had held to the clear teachings of Jesus in
Matthew 24 instead of going off on the imaginative tangents of Scofield and
beyond.  If would seem many times, and partly because of the negligence on the
subject on the part of many of us other conservatives, that quite often Bible
teachers come to the book of Revelation as if it was a whole new and separate
book of the Bible, separating all their theology and Bible from the rest of the Bible,
and ignoring the very fundamental principle of hermeneutics that you “compare
scripture with scripture.”}
 It is from Jesus and Matthew that we start this brief study of
the sound doctrine of the Bible on Last Things of this Earth Age, and derive a major
sequence of the signs and events before, during, and after the Second Coming.
2.  The Beginning of Sorrows with 6 major signs.  These simple signs are given as a
preview of history about which Christians should not get excited.  Jesus is in effect
teaching that you will always have these things, and they indeed continue and overlap with
the later sequences, with you:  false Christs, wars and rumors of wars
{yes, we know
those have continued past the beginning of sorrows right up until today, and
indeed the last great battle of Armageddon as the Muslim army led by the Man of
Sin, perhaps Osama Bin Ladin, or Hisballah, or Iran, or Gaza}
comes against
Jerusalem and the Camp of the Saints, causing Christ on the “great white horse”
(Revelation 19:11) to intervene by coming again, nation against nation, famines,
pestilences, and earthquakes.
NOTE:  With the persecution many Christians are hated and killed by Jews and
Romans, and many “will be offended” (24:10), which is translated “stumble and fall
away” in the Amplified Version, another sign that the Falling Away has happened
throughout history on a lesser scale in spite of the two great Falling Aways, great
because they were so extensive in numbers among God’s own people.  Some of
the “to believe” type just do not make it into the second step of salvation to the
“for believing”, some can not take any amount of opposition or take the “cares of
this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and other things”.
3.  Great Tribulation with [1] the “heaping up of itching ears Bible teachers and preachers”
(II Timothy 3:3,4), here in Matthew 24:11 initiated by Jesus as “many false prophets that
will deceive many” {and by the way just like the beginning of sorrows where many are
deceived, which continues into the Great Tribulation period so likewise these signs
continue right up to the end, intensify, and in many cases we are just talking about the
intensity of the signs more than their existence in each period of last things history, and [2]
the Falling Away
{always like in the wilderness and in Hebrews there has been a
measure of Falling Away, “beware brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil
heart of unbelief” (Hebrews 3:12), once again it is the intensity that defines the
unique characteristic of each period identified by Jesus, with of course, the two
great and largest Falling Aways of the Bible being all God’s people except
approximately 7 in the wilderness and all God’s people now except about 7,000--a
shockingly low number but in the wilderness there were only a few over 20 and in
Sodom and Gomorrah 10 could be found, and during the Flood only 7 righteous}
:  if
God had not shortened it no flesh would have survived, which we know from Bible and
Scripture to be the first few centuries of Christianity which the Roman Caesars and the
Jewish religious leaders attempted to suppress this movement of Christ, a time of much
blood and beheading that qualified martyrs, just like today, “to live and reign with Christ for
one thousand years”
{this one thousand years is important but is found only 9 times
in the Bible, the most important of which is the first in II Peter where “one
thousand years is to God as one day and one day as a thousand years”, a clue that
we should get use to the variable nature of 1000 especially since some martyrs of
today will only live and reign with Christ for a few hundred years, if that long, all
the others are in Revelation 20--we should allow the first usage in II Peter to
establish the nature as a variable between 1 and 1,000, not Scofield NOTES added
after all the revelations of the Bible were complete}
4.  From End of the Beginning Period to the End:  Four Signs for the period of history
between the Great Tribulation
{persecution} and the Final Tribulation {natural disasters
and the mental anguish of strong delusion}
:  [1] the heaping up of false teachers and
prophets, [2] the Falling Away--”because sin will abound the love of many will wax cold” (24:
12) on a more minor scale like about mid-history in the “latter times” failures of the Roman
Catholics of I Timothy--”seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, forbidding marriage, and
commanding to abstain from good meats”--[3] endurance of some Christians all the way to
the end (Matthew 24:13), and [4] gospel of the kingdom preached to every nation, “then will
the end come”.
{If you do not see this overlap in all of Matthew 24, that is not in a
neat historical sequence of time, you will see it in Matthew 24:13 with the obvious
“end”, and then in the next verse switching back to a more immediate prediction in
the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem, the abomination of desolation of
Daniel, in verse 24:14, which we now to have happened in 70 A. D. by the Roman
army under General Titus.  This was when not one stone was left upon another of
Herod’s temple that the disciples admired to Jesus, and the subject that started the
whole conversation on the end and the Second Coming.}
 A lot of our problems today
with Scofieldites is that they put off and deny the end, even when it is so clear in Scripture
about the End as the Bible often uses that very word.  The End is the End:  it is the end of
this earth age and the beginning of the New Earth Age that will last eternally, and where in
the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21) God will dwell on the new earth with men forever.
NOTE:  If you do not see this overlap of signs and periods, an overlap in sequential
history, not only will you be confused when you come to read 24:29, “Immediately
after the tribulation of those days”, with a failure to distinguish between “those
days” of the Great and then of the Final Tribulation, but you will also be thoroughly
confused when you come to the book of Revelation.  Nail down these overlapping
periods clearly from Jesus in Matthew 24, then you will be ready in the context of
the whole Bible {and remember the Day of the LORD and Lord of both
Testaments}, to spiritually discern the book of Revelation without Scofield and
without imaginative {fiction based on fiction as in Tim LeHaye} weirdness.
5.  Final Tribulation is actually a sub-period of the Four Signs period between the
Beginning to End period, say about the last 40 years of earth People who want it simple
where you can divide and sequence only by periods and years, have trouble with the
overlap between the signs of the Great Tribulation of the first few centuries and the Final
Tribulation of our generation where it is more a persecution from nature as the whole
universe begins to crumble, disintegrate, and burn as things like hurricanes and
earthquakes, all natural calamities increase in intensity; and it is [1] the heaping up of false
Bible teachers and preachers and  [2] the Falling Away that are more outstanding in the
final tribulation than in the Great Tribulation.   However, you will find that Jesus in His
teachings while on earth did just like in the Old Testament as through “the Spirit of Christ”
he led OT Prophets to predict calamities of both more immediate and final nature.
6.  False Christs and False Prophets: is what you will find mentioned most often, far
beyond the natural calamities with “fire, blood, and vapor of smoke” (Acts 2:19 and Joel 2:
28-32), in Jesus discussion on last things; and in Matthew 24:24 the “great signs and
wonders” are combined with these false leaders {a short for the final Man of Sin and his
false prophet of the last great battle and who with all unbelievers are cast from Death and
Hades into the eternal lake of fire and brimstone (Revelation 21:10,13-15)}
NOTE:  The subject of these “false Christs and false prophets” will be the prime
subject of the next Section as it is illustrated that it is a continuous theme of Jesus
throughout the Matthew 24 and Luke 21 teachings, an overlap in periods of history
and signs, and one that final marks with the most outstanding characteristic of that
period, the Falling Away.
7.  AFTER the Final Tribulation, as both man made signs--the “great signs and wonders to
deceive, if possible, even the elect” of Matthew 24:24 and the God made signs of Acts 2:
19--”God will show signs and wonders in the heavens above and the earth beneath, fire
and blood and vapor of smoke”; then we will have on earth the finality of the great and
famous Day of the LORD and Lord spoke of in both Testaments, and most often in terms of
the diminished light of the sun, moon, and stars.  You see all these God made and sent
signs of earthquakes and hurricanes, which Paul likes to call “the groaning” of the whole
creation and Peter as the birth pangs for the new earth, and which Jesus said would start
in the period of the beginning of sorrows and continue through Great and Final Tribulation,
increasing to the point of Final Tribulation and utter destruction in fire on the Day of the
LORD and Lord.  
{You should always know that the Day of the LORD is nothing new,
old in the OT, and an understanding in Bible of the Second Coming of Jesus as part
of it came later, but always it was a time of ultimate judgment and justice of God.  
A time for God to make everything right!}
8.  To understand the “Immediately after” of Matthew 24:29, you need more of what Jesus
actually taught on this occasion as recorded in the parallel of Luke 21:9 where He starts
the last things teachings with “do not be terrified” about the wars and rumors of wars, “for
these things must come first, but the end will not come immediately”; then you have the
many signs and the overlapping periods and phases on all of Matthew 24 with a
continuation of (1) what must come first in Luke 21:9 and (2) what will come immediately
after of Matthew 24:9.  And you might think of this overlap of time and signs as first a
beginning of the first sorrows and then a continuation of the second batch of sorrows and
third, but still the first sorrows but increased in intensity.
9.  By the way Luke 21:24 also provides some more unique insight for us on last times,
since most often we think of Paul as originating in Romans the concept of the Fullness of
Gentiles, that period of history after God rejected most of the Jews as His people and of
which the U. S. has been such a large part in the spreading of the Gospel to every nation
which will bring in the end, but about which Jesus spoke right here as “And Jerusalem will
be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled”, obvious the same as the
Fullness of the Gentiles of Romans.  Now, obviously we see the Jews in possession of
Jerusalem again; however, where the mistake is made is in thinking that after the Fullness
of Gentiles, much of Israel or all of Israel as in the case of Carroll’s commentary on
Revelation is saved in one day.  
{Daniel and Zechariah clearly tell us of how and
when, and how many of the Jews will be saved and no longer saved; and while we
are aware of the Romans’ statement “All Israel will be saved”, we know this to be
the new Israel of Jews and Gentiles; and while the implication of Romans in the
verse about “the fullness of the Gentiles” is complete, the total Bible evidence is
that what will happen after is more the New Jerusalem of the New Earth than for
any revival of Palestine.  Many of these groups on Israel just want your money and
some notoriety.  
10.  The Rapture--when Christians are caught up in the air to meet Christ (I Thessalonians
4:16,17}--is clearly taught in the Word of God of Luke 21:25-28 immediately after the signs
of the Day of the LORD and Lord and the Second Coming:  [1] the signs in the heavens of
diminished light from sun, moon, and stars
{always the signs of the Day of the LORD
and Lord}
; [2] the sign of much tension and distress between nations; [3] the perplexity of
the seas and waves rolling in like in hurricanes and tropical storms; [4] as the very laws
and powers of the heavens are shaken over a period of time, men start to have heart
attacks from shear fear (21:26); [5] the whole world will see Christ, the Son of Man, ....

30-5:  “Take heed that no one deceives you”  (Matthew 24:4).

The very first words out of the mouth of Christ as He settles down with some deep
teachings on last things, and in answer to the disciples’ question, “what will be the sign of
Your Coming and the end of the age?” is this caution about the deception of history to
follow on last things teachings.
1.  The very subject of last things by Jesus starts with the subject of “deception”.


“Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately {it was
time for the private teaching of disciples on doctrine of eschatology}, saying, ‘Tell
us, when will these things be?  {of course, the starting reference of their history or
eschatology was the destruction of the Temple, Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24:
1,2 as they admired the construction of Herod’s temple}  And what will be the sign
of Your coming, and of the end of the age?’”  (Matthew 24:3)

THE ANSWER OF JESUS ON ESCHATOLOGY:  (yes, eschatology like Millennium
and even Second Coming are not words of the Bible, but “coming” of Christ is and
so also is “the end”!}

NOTE:  You know, what a paradox that fundamentalists of the millennium kind,
most of them and as Commager said of their place in American history that they
are paranoid, like to be consider famous for their literal approach to the Bible, but
are the very group that adds such words and concepts to the Bible as
"millennium", "rapture", and the concept of a millennium for a one thousand year
reign of Christ on earth.  By the way, they confuse many of the OT Scriptures on
the New Earth with this false concept.

“And Jesus answered and said to them “Take heed that none deceives you.  For
many will come in My name {in the name of Christ and of Christianity and even the
Bible}, saying “I am the Christ, and will deceive many.”  (Matthew 24:4)

2.  All of the eschatology discussion of Matthew 24 about the end and the Second Coming,
time and time again in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, come back to this warning against
(1).  Deception is part of the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:10,11) of the first few centuries
of Christianity as not only it is a great time of killing of Christians, delivering up to the
Roman government and imprisonment, the hating of Christians, but the deception grows in
the early church as (a) Christians are offended--once again the Amplified calls it stumbling
and falling away, (b) Christians betray each other, and (c) Christians out of the desperation
of social and other pressures of government even come to hate each other.  Is that not the
ultimate in the deception among churches and Christians?
(2).  “Many” (Matthew 24:11) false prophets, just like “many” Christians and church
members offended in the previous verse, will “rise up”
{again it reminds one of the
“heaping up” of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4}
, so also “many” will be deceive
by this common sign of both the Great and the Final Tribulation.  Should it be any secret
that both Great and Final Tribulation should suddenly be discussed at once, though spread
apart by thousands of years of history; for tribulation is tribulation and it has deception to it
whether it was in the first few centuries or the last few years.  And when you suddenly
come to this introduction to all history after the beginning of sorrows, that of Matthew 24:9-
12, and bingo you find yourself at the end of history in 24:13--with “But he who endures to
the end shall be saved”, then you know that you have made both a sweep of all history
from the beginnings to the end, but you have looked at the commonality between Great and
Final Tribulations.  
{Never forget that while the tribulation was primarily physical
persecution from other people in the Great Tribulation, it is going to be in the Final
Tribulation a persecution form the elements of the universe as it crumbles around
all residents, Christian or otherwise.}

30-6: End of Beginning of Sorrows to the End , Overlap of Matthew 24:9-14.

What overlaps is not the period of history but the signs.  Even as signs such as
earthquakes and wars are routine in the period of the beginning of sorrows, and perhaps
we should not even consider it as a period of history but of a grouping of signs, continue
through Great and Final Tribulation right up to the “End of time”, so also some form {signs}
of deception and tribulation continue through the Great and Final Tribulations.    Suddenly
with Matthew 24:9-14, you have jumped from the Great Tribulation after the beginning of
sorrow, by the way a period that also continues to the end of time with the signs of
earthquakes, wars, and pestilences, to the end times with Final Tribulations with (1) a pat
on the back for the Christians ho make it through the deception of the Falling Away in 24:13
and (2) the guarantee that “the end will come” as the Gospel of the kingdom is preached to
every nation, of course correlating roughly to the time of the Fullness of the Gentiles.
It would be convenient to understand last things if in Matthew 24:1, it stated the date of
history with the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple as 70 A.D., then with the Second
Coming of 24:3 and the End with a date of say, 2013
{of course a supposition for the
A.D.--quite a jump in two verses and not at all sequential in the time of history; then
with the beginning of sorrows of 24:5-8 a dating of say “30 A.D to 2013; and lastly in 24:9-
14 a dating of Great and Final Tribulation as from approximately 100 A.D. to 2013 which
again we have a sequence of signs all the way from some definite point in history
determined by the kind and extent of tribulation to the End.  But Jesus does not sequence it
that way, nor did the Old Testament Prophets on eschatology, nor did the Apostle John in
the writing of the book of Revelation.  It might desire to develop the mental concept of
teachings on eschatology as running more in parallel to the end.  Like think of these three
points below, as running in parallel although we have the finite limitation of sequencing
from a to c through b.
a.  From destruction of the temple to the End, Matthew 24:1-3.
b.  From the beginning of the signs of sorrows to the End, Matthew 24:4-8.
c.  From the Great Tribulation and through the Final Tribulation to the End, Matthew 24:9-
NOTE:  You might want to think of it as three distinct chances of signs for world
citizen to get it right before the End, in spite of repeated, oft, and differing

30-7:  More Deceptions from False Bible in Matthew 24 and Luke 21.
30-8:  More “Coming of Christ” from the Bible.
30-9:  The Principle of Two or More Witnesses, of Consistency of the Bible.
30-9:  “The End”, Eschatology or Last Things in the Bible.
30-10:  Exegesis and Hermeneutics:  the Bible is Self-Interpretative.
30-11:  Day of the LORD and Lord in the Bible.
1.  Day of the LORD in the Old Testament.
2.  Day of the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
30-12: Obvious Curses of the Bible on the Isogesis of False Bible Teachers.
30-13: Biggies of  the Bible on the Sound Doctrines of the Second Coming.
30-14:  Some Bottom Line Bible Teachings on the Second Coming.

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Sound Doctrines on the Second Coming
It is just no longer possible to ignore the millenarians with their
false and itching ears Bible teachings.  It is too serious a time
during this Falling Away as these fundamentalists deceive
Christians about a Rapture that will get them out of the Final
Tribulation, as all Americans are added all these complex events
that expectations of the Second Coming, and as new spiritual
interest in the Bible teachings are perverted to make disciples to
the false prophets of the Falling Away.  Well, we really never
should have as preaching positively the Sound Doctrine of the
Bible, Second Coming or otherwise, has always been the
obligation to God for preaching and teaching.  Yes the one
thousand years is real in the Bible and mentioned 9 times, but
the millinnium is a creation of Darby, Scofield, the Scofield Notes
of the Scofield Reference Bible, and the prime doctrine of
{like those who recently took control of the
who would violate the scriptural attitude of I Corinthians,
that "the Scripture can to you only, or came out of you", in order
to fight and destroy. Yes indeed, this fundamentalist movement,
like Henry Steele Commager stated as the creation of
Californian millionaires, is a big thrust of the strong delusion of
the Falling Away.  Of course, they will tell you in your churches
that you will not be present in the Final Tribulation, in order not
to admit the part they and their churches have in the Falling