A Reconciliation of the Security of the Believer with the
Parable of the Seed and the Sower, or the Falling Away
with Security of the Believer.  First, you must recognize
according to the Bible that there is a difference between
the "called" of God and the "chosen" of God!

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Just in case the person who sent in the Bible
search question, "where are signs actually
mentioned in the Bible on such a thing as the
Falling Away
", was sincere, then read the
many signs of the Falling Away in this book of
FALLING AWAY, Item # 2, or the "Falling
Away" in
FAITH, Item #1.

Or read the Bible:

1.  In Matthew 24 and Mark 13, Jesus told of
the sign before the Second Coming when
"because sin will abound the love of many will
wax cold".  What do you think that is except
the Falling Away, and who do you think has
love that is waxing cold except Christians and
church member.

2.  My, I can not believe these
fundamentalists of the SBC and other
denominations, who think Christians will not
be in the Falling Away of the Final Tribulation.  
Let me ask you what is "falling away" as
mentioned in II Thessalonians, except a
Falling Away of Christians, which naturally
implies that Christians still have to be on earth
before the Second Coming in order to fall

3.  What do you think II Timothy 4:3,4 is all
about except the signs of the Falling Away:  
(1) intolerance toward sound doctrine; (2)
members purpose driven more by their own
wants and desires than by Christ, Bible, and
the Holy Spirit; (3) the tremendous heaping up
in churches, pulpits, and seminaries--which by
the way you see happening right now--of
teachers and preachers with itching ears; (4)
the widespread signs in churches and out of
churches of the turning away from truth itself;
and (5) the many fables we see every day
and newer ones each week from false
prophets and teachers.

4.  The subject of Hebrews, second only to
the priesthood of Christ, is the Falling Away.  
"Breware brethren, lest there be in any of you
an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the
living God."  Falling away is not a departure
from church attendance even as salvation
does not come from church attendance as
church leaders would like to have you believe,
like insurance salesman who have their
insurance mad mandatory by law, what such a
false concept does is promote their own job
security and insure attendance when there is
little or nothing there to offer.  The first falling
away, mentioned often in Hebrews, was on
the part of God's originally called people
{there is a difference between called and
chosen}, after they wandered in unbelief for
40 years in the wilderness; and the second is
like it, according to Hebrews and the Bible, it
is a Falling Away after over 40 years of God's
people of the churches, which happens the
last period of history before the Second