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1.  “Lord, how will you manifest Yourself to us, and not to the world?”  (John 14:22)

This question is one of three in the context asked by the first disciples of Jesus, and the answers of Jesus to all three
help to explain a real relationship with Jesus.  So many today in this period of the Falling Away, are deceiving others
about their relationship with Jesus, because they are also faking out themselves.  Jesus told in Matthew 7 of how not
every person who cries “Jesus, Jesus” or “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven.  Further He said in that final
Day, many would say, Lord did we not do all these things in your name.  “We”, they say prophesied in your name; we
cast out demons in your name; and we did marvelous works in your name.  Don’t you see that as a large group of
people today who commend themselves on their mighty works of God, because they have faked out themselves that
they are doing the works of God.  It appears to them that they are preaching in the name of Jesus; that they are casting
out demons in the name of Jesus; and that they are doing marvelous healings in the name of Jesus.  They don’t even
know any better.  They can deceive the people in the nature of false prophets, false teachers, and itching ears Bible
teachers of unsound doctrine; because they themselves are deceived on their present standing in the sight of God, and
in the sight of God’s Christ.  Have you ever in your lifetime seen so many Bible teachers, preachers, and would-be
prophets?  Sometimes you must wonder as they spout all those words of authority as if from God Himself who called
them to do those marvelous works.  What did Jesus say, that there would be “many” like that, and that He would say to
them, “Depart from me you that work inutility for I never knew you.”
How will Jesus manifest Himself to us and not to the world, and beyond that how will Jesus manifest Himself to us in a
way that we will not fake ourselves out nor will we fake out those who will take their time to listen to us?  We have less
chance of self-deception if we understand the nature of Jesus’ answer to the question by Judas, not Iscariot.  Jesus in the
context of John 14 answered in circles like He did very often.  The teachings of Jesus are sort of like the circling of an
airplane to come in for a landing.  Very seldom is it a straight in approach, but rather a pattern which might be called
circling.  There are several main points to this circling by Jesus to answer the question of how He is manifested to
disciples and not to the whole world, how some get the real thing and others are faked out.  Here are the main points of
the answering circle by Jesus:  (1) If any man loves Jesus, he will observe the teachings and commandments of Jesus;
(2) if a man holds fast to these sound doctrines of the teachings of Jesus then God will in turn love the lover of Jesus; (3)
Then the manifestation comes as in the words of Jesus, “We will come to him and make our home with him”.  Wow, what
a manifestation!  God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will themselves come to the person who loves Jesus and
keeps His commandments.
God is a God of secret places.  That is you can not see God with your physical eyes, nor can you hear God with your
physical ears.  Jesus taught also in the Sermon on the Mount to pray in a secret place because that is where God is and
that is where God hears prayer.  How that “the God who hears in secret will reward you openly.”  Once again Jesus was
dealing with a large group of religious leaders who have faked themselves out on their authority with God.  They were
noted for their long prayers in a public place so that they could be seen praying to God.
The faith of the Bible and in Jesus is a faith in the secret God.  “Faith is”, according to Hebrews 11:1 the evidence of
things not seen.  We can not see faith itself; we cannot see God; we can not see Christ; we can not see the new birth
and salvation.  Faith is manifested in hidden places by a God that we can not see.  This is a manifestation of Christ that
we world can not see this Christmas even though many will verbally and in song express the name of Christ.  Many
church members and church leaders will talk about the manifestation of Christ as a babe in the manger in Bethlehem
that will never see the real manifestation of Christ as God the Father and Christ the Son come to them and manifest
themselves to them in their heart, and that is tragic!  Yet the way is open for all who will love Jesus and keep His
What is almost as tragic is the large number of those who try to name the name of Christ for themselves that will never
know the experience of passing from a disciple of Christ to a friend of Christ.  Jesus also taught this in John 14.  Jesus
told those closest to Him in this life that no longer did He call them disciples but He called them friends.  Why?  Because
Jesus shared with them all the things that He was doing, and shared with them all the teachings that He received from
God the Father.
This better than nominal relationship with Jesus is describe by Jesus in the words “ABIDE IN ME.”  Jesus said that He is
like the vine and friends of Jesus are like the branches.  As the vine can not survive or abide without the source of the
branch, neither can friends of Jesus survive and abide without constant contact with Jesus.  Further, Jesus said “without
me you can do nothing”.  Even as many fake themselves out by thinking they are doing something marvelous for Jesus,
or even doing a little for Jesus, so are the marvelous works of prophesy, healing, and casting out demons considered to
be something when they are really nothing since there is no abiding in Jesus.
What a Christmas and New Year's season this can be for you and yours if you not only have a manifestation in your life
and heart of Jesus and God the Father, but if you also learn to go beyond a disciple to a friend of Jesus as you practice
the abiding in Jesus!


Among the signs of the times that we are in the Falling Away and that the rising tide of lawlessness is well on the way to
overwhelming us is the large churches you saw on TV during the Christmas season who exhibit more the gospel of
prosperity than the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Even secular news has picked up on how these large churches like
Lakewood in Houston, Prestonwood in Dallas, Second Baptist in Houston, and Saddleback in California are among the
61% of Christians who believe in the Gospel of Wealth.  Joel Osteen and Rick Warren have reached the best seller list
with this popular version of the Gospel of Wealth and the corollary of success.  Even when Warren exhibits a false sense
of humility with the line that “I am just a pastor that grew a large church”, there is the obvious effort to make a good
impression, which is working, of the numbers of people that have been attracted to these churches like at Saddleback
and Lakewood.  And you will notice that Warren will quickly add how many hundreds of churches he has taught his
“purpose-driven” teachings to in the world, and how many churches in the United States.

Yes, this message is popular as is the message of Frank Gramm at Prestonwood and that of Joel Osteen at Lakewood.  
Danger!  Popularity is a bad sign now that we are in the Falling Away since one of the prime signs of the times during the
Falling Away is that church members will amass (the exact words are “will heap up to themselves teachers with itching
ears”) Bible teachers and preachers of unsound doctrine.  Do not be deceived it is not like over 50 years ago when the
Bible preaching of Billy Graham was so popular throughout the world, because that was well before the falling away into
the Falling Away.  You noticed how even the vast popularity of Billy Graham began to dissipate approximately 30 years
ago as the rising tide of lawlessness and Gospel perversion took hold in churches and Bible teachers across the world.

Quickly before getting into the “it is nothing” in reference to those large churches you saw on TV at Christmas, let us
mention just a few of the signs in the United States and the rest of the world that we are now in the Falling Away that
must happen before the Second Coming of Christ.  First, there are more signs of the Second Coming and the Falling
Away according to II Thessalonians must happened approximately 40-80 years before the Second Coming of Christ.  
More and more you see the world and in particular the Middle East lining up for the last great battle of Armageddon as
the Muslins come against Jerusalem and the camp of the saints outside Jerusalem, and when Christ intervenes with His
Second Coming to destroy this vast army, no doubt led by Iran and the President of Iran who has made clear that they
desire the destruction of the Jews.  Second, there is the popularity of the Gospel of Prosperity, formerly called in
American Studies the Doctrine of the Gospel of Wealth and the corollary of success.  By the way, you saw the Gospel of
Prosperity in action in those large, comfortable auditoriums with the lavish choir robes and consumes and suits.  It was
impressive that all that talent could be assembled in the name of Christ and in order to proclaim the name of  the Christ
at Christmas.  But what we saw more than the Gospel of Christ was the Gospel of Large Numbers and Prosperity.  If you
did not see the unsound doctrine in the message of these pastors of large churches in the Gospel of Prosperity as it is
preached and practiced, then you can see it their distortions of God’s plan for marriage as it is now also true that well
over 50% of church members are divorced.  It was the same Christ born on Christmas who also taught marriage was
still ordained by God to be like in the beginning where there is one man and one woman for life; and although this like all
other sins except “an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God” can receive forgiveness when there is
confession and cleansing from unrighteousness from God the Father and through Christ, most of the church members
and leaders continue to rebel against the plan of God from the beginning for marriage by either a denial and a
rationalization so that confession and forgiveness by God in the face of such rebellion becomes impossible.

Another obvious sign of the times in such churches and among such church members is the taking of God’s name in
vain.  Oh yes, not only do you hear it more and more on TV to the extent that you think writers can no longer write
without a blasphemy of the name of God, but you know and I know and the world knows that you are hearing it more
and more among those church members in spite of the teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount that “God will not
hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.”

In fact we are laying down such hard facts in the Bible, it should also be mentioned that such large churches who preach
and practice the Gospel of Prosperity are cursed.  Yes, a curse rest on them which is difficult to see as you are
impressed with their large numbers and talent and prosperity, but the Apostle Paul called down a curse on any church or
any church member that would preach or teach any other Gospel than that which he delivered; and do not be deceived
Paul, nor Jesus, nor any other Apostle as recorded in the Bible ever preached a Gospel of Prosperity.  There is just no
way to be prosperous without seeking it; and the Jesus who taught to “seek first the kingdom of God and His
righteousness” taught also that these others things would be added without seeking; and the whole statement of the
Sermon on the Mount is that God provides only needs and on a daily basis not prosperity.

Now it is time to explain how that “it is nothing” those good impressions that were created in your mind by large
churches and prosperous pastors of fame during this last Christmas season.  When Jesus taught His closest Apostles in
John 14 “without Me you can do nothing”, it implied that even the top leaders of the Christian faith, these 11 Apostles,
even if they prophesied in the name of Christ or cast out devils or did a lot of marvelous works like those we saw of TV,
would amount to nothing if they did it apart from abiding in Christ.  You may have some disciples of Christ in those large
churches, albeit disciples in the falling away are almost there, since there is always the 39% of church members who do
not profess belief in the Gospel of Prosperity; but the number must be very small of those like in the Garden of John 14-
16 with Jesus who have passed from mere discipleship to being a friend of Christ.  Christ said at that time, bottom line,
you are my friends if you love me and do what I command and abide in Me!

Now if you were to look around today for those who will after the Second Coming say to Jesus, “Lord, did we not
prophesy in your name, and cast demons out in your name, and do other marvelous works in your name”, where would
you look now for such people.  Yes, those of large churches who think that they are doing marvelous works for Christ!  
What happens with so many today who name the name of Christ without departing from iniquity, what happens today
with so many who cater to the desires of church members for unsound doctrine, these itching ears Bible teachers and
preachers, is that they first fake themselves out that they are doing the marvelous works of Christ, then they easily fake
out their followers.  Do you think that Ted Haggard was the only so-called “evangelical” leader to fall away from Christ,
the Bible, and sound doctrine?  Do you not think that such a leader who practiced such sins habitually for years was able
to grow church members that were right.  That is contrary to what Jesus also taught in the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus
said you will know the sound Bible teachers from the false prophets by the fruit which they bear.  Good preachers yield
good fruit and unsound and itching ears Bible teachers yield bad fruits.  You see, what we have done in the nature of
worldliness is to look at the number of the fruit in churches rather than the quality of the fruit.  It does not matter how
much or how many fruit a church tree can grow, it is how good the fruit is.  The beautiful and massive choir in an
exceedingly large auditorium at Prestonwood, it is nothing it they practice the Gospel of Prosperity and the bad signs of
the Falling Away, it is nothing.  The impressive robes and affluence of the Second Baptist Church in Houston with
evidences of talent acknowledged by the world is nothing if they have been cursed by Gospel substitution.  The peace
and love and purpose of Saddleback and their leaders is nothing if they have a substituted the sound doctrines of Christ
and the Bible for an “up with people” music and message.  Ah, Lakewood, it is nothing because all you hear from them is
the power of positive thinking, the glorification of things, and a message that you must not have faith if you are not
prosperous.  That means nothing to God and Christ!  That is nothing of eternal value.  You will always find with instant
popularity and fame on the part of a church and a church leader that they have sold out to Satan at the same points
where Satan tempted Jesus in order to have the fame and fortune of the world.  Oh yes, Satan as the prince of this
world does control the world to the extent that he could deliver fame and fortune to Jesus at that time and he can do the
same for any church member of  leader today, and does.  In the nature of testing the spirit of I John and testing the
doctrine of the message and the practice for itching ears and abiding in Christ, check at the same 3 points where Jesus
was tempted.  Jesus did not, of course, yield and sell out to the world and Satan; but inevitable during the Falling Away
more and more church members and leaders will be savage wolfs that will not spare the flock and deceivers who will
make disciples more after themselves than after Christ and the Bible.  Check for these three points:  (1) They will
subvert their spiritual capabilities for material gain; (2) they will tempt God by placing themselves in the “praise the
Lord” position of stepping into every mud puddle they see in order to prove their faith; and (3)  they will secretly and
subtly shift their allegiance to Satan and the world in order to show success and gain.

This is the problem with the fame and fortune that Rick Warren has achieved on the best seller list and throughout the
world, where leaders and churches want to grow large like he did, you are not able to look careful at how good the fruit
in his church is, you are only able to look at the size of the tree.  Indeed, you can find many indications when you
sample the fruit of the church tree of the large churches, where the fruit is not only bad but it is rotten.

If you see the logic of this from the Bible and from what is happening in America today, and want to know more about it
from the Bible; and I assure you that you will not hear about it from any where else as the popular Bible teachers and
preachers will not tell you something this unpopular, then please read about

3.  Crimes Against Humanity

The great crime against humanity is the misery and death that the  Iraqi people have suffered when the US invaded and
the misery and death that they are still suffering.  The people of Iraqi did nothing to deserve this, not mater what
justification you may have in terms of  Saddam, democracy for the world, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism.  
The people have no life!  They can not shop, they can not play, they can not work in peace and security, perhaps they
can not even sleep or live; and it only gets worse for them no matter what hopes are extended by Bush and his cohorts.  
This is perhaps the greatest injustice every perpetrated on a peoples except perhaps the holocaust.  It must be
considered as a crime against humanity.  What caused all this misery?  Certainly, you can not blame it on Islam or the
American people.  You have to look for the cause of the misery, and the cause was the invasion by the US.  The US
should have backed off and evacuated the minute we read the headlines, “Fallujah Liberated, 5,000 killed.”  You do not
liberate a people anywhere in the world by killing and increased misery.
Part of the hidden aspect of the mysteries of the Bible, including the mystery of the rising tide of lawlessness, is that
most of humanity can not see it.  It reminds one of the writings of Plato about the people who lived underground so that
all the light they saw was reflected light, so as a civilization they had no concept of real light and being on top of the
ground.  So it is with most Americans who can barely see the realities of crimes against humanity in many third world
countries such as in Darfur, etc; but can not see the crimes against the humanity of Iraqi that are being committed by
the Bush administration.  The Iraqi people themselves have done nothing to desire the complete destruction of their
country that has occurred and continues to occur.  Their law and order, their whole way of life, their communities, and
comforts of life, and even health and livelihood has been destroyed by the presence of the U.S. military.  This is
independent of the misery caused by death, wounding, and evacuation.  Who would deny that for whatever vague cause
on the part of Bush, that all the present chaos in Iraqi started with the invasion by U.S. forces?  It is rather ironical that
Bush, a religious fundamentalists, with some Christian principles, no doubt, has put himself and our nation in the
category of killing for democracy.  We should have been alarmed way back there when the news read:  “Fallujah
Liberated, 5000 killed.”  This is the sort of thing the Muslims did in approximately 1000 A.D. when they conquered much
of Western civilization with the options of convert to Islam or die.  All this killing and inhumanity to man in the name of
Christ who said “thou shalt not kill.” is the gift of what remains hidden from the American people.  We thought it strange
that during the Lebanon’s wars a few years ago, that one of the warring parties was called the “Christian Party”; yet it is
the same with Bush and other fundamentalists like Jerry Falwell who made the statement on TV publicly that “it is better
to kill them other there than fight them here.”  Yes, a minister of the fundamentalists said that to Jesse Jackson on TV.  
And the real problem is that now some logic has been revealed through the mystery to show that there was no real
original connection between the terrorists group that attached the US and Iraqi; weapons of mass destruction were a lie,
actually Sadom was more a buffer against the real threat of Iran and Hezbollah, and the people are far worse off now in
Iraqi than they were before the US invasion.  This is not to blame the US military for they are just doing what they are
told; but we must also recall that in the famous Nuremberg trials of Nazi military men, we lead in the trial of just such
crimes against humanity as the US is now committing against Iraqi.  It was the top military leaders that were held
responsible for these crimes, not the average military man who is just trying to do his duty.  The bottom line is just that
the Iraqi people do not desire what has happened to them at the hands of the US military, nor do they desire what
continues to happen to them; and there is no fundamentalist justification that can rationalize such inhumanity to any
group of people as we daily see on TV, especially that of giving them democracy in a revival of what has classically been
called “the mission of America” in American Thought.  What is so different is that the foreign policy of the United States
has never really been to force democracy on another country by killing or running off most of their population.  Like
Putin said in front of Bush publicly, “we don’t want a democracy like in Iraqi”.  We might add out of the unveiled logic of
the mystery, nor do we need more democracies like in Palestine and that of Lebanon of the Hezbollah.  What we are
really doing in most cases, out of ignorance of the Arab and Muslim ways, thought patterns, and behavior is creating
more hate for the US and Israel, and creating a higher tide level for the rising tide of  the mystery of  lawlessness.  And
it isn’t ironical that the very fundamentalists of the moral majority who offer us so much teaching on eschatology in the
Tim LeHaye are the same leaders that are now hastening our demise as we irrigate and agitate such a large part of the
world’s population.  The nature of such fundamentalists as Bush, Falwell, LaHaye, and Charles Stanley {three of whom
where founders of the moral majority} has remained hidden as part of the mystery of lawlessness.  Over 50 years ago,
and before their takeover by political means of the SBC 20 years ago, we called them “fuedamentalists” because you
knew what they were against more than what they are for, and they always wanted to fight.  They still have a fighting
spirit which just downright can not be consistent with the nature of Christ, nor compatible.  What we really have in these
religious leaders is the American Democratic Faith of American Thought and not the faith of Christ and the Bible, but this
is part of the famous Falling Away of the Bible whereby most Christians and church members approximately 40-80 years
before the Second Coming with the end of this world age, will “not endure sound doctrine”, falling away from sound
doctrine, God, and Christ.  As part of the hidden nature of this mystery, they will not even know that sin is abounding in
their life and environment as they do not know that they love of Christ, God, and the Bible has also waxed cold.  (If you
desire to know more about this, please check out the books of such as CHRIST, PAUL, AND

What we really have in this county is a large established body of citizens with a measure of material means and security,
and with some positions that they gloat in, who rationalize that because of their “success” and relative prosperity that
God has blessed them so they must be right as teachers of every body else in the nation and the world.  Little do they
realize that God, the giver of freedom of choice, has only allowed them to enjoy their comfort in this short life like the
rich man did while Lazarus suffered in this life.  Paul in the Bible of Romans 1-3 dashed to pieces this false sense of
security and ability to teach morality and law of a similar group of people called the Jews, who thought they were
teachers but who because of them the name of God was being blasphemed all over the world.  Go past Romans 1 where
it is Gentiles civilizations who know God but will no longer retain God in their thinking, to the Biblical condemnation of the
Jewish people who think they are teachers of law and morality, leaders of the blind, but who give God a bad reputation
throughout the world.  Well, today these leaders of such crimes of humanity as we see in Iraqi are also causing the
name of Christ and the real God of the universe and of the  Bible to be blasphemed across the world.  


Even as President Bush is a pretty good politician but no theologian with a superficial concept of evil as more isolated to
an axis of three countries with a failure to recognize that to God and the Bible, the greatest evil is unbelief, in the United
States or anywhere; so also can a novice church movement like that of the New Life and of Rod Presslar neither
represent Christianity and denominational history, nor except in the secular minds of newscasters represent evangelicals
and the 9 month new birth.

Bible fact number 1:  an evil heart of unbelief is the most real evil, and the only evil will that eternally isolate any citizen
from God and from salvation.

“Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God.”  (Hebrews 3:11)

This serves to remind us that most of the so called people of God in the wilderness fell, in the wilderness and eternally,
because of an evil heart of unbelief, and also serves to remind us that this will also happen approximately 40-80 years
before the Falling Away as most church members become intolerant of God, Christ, and the sound doctrine of the Bible.  

Bible fact number 2:  Jesus foretold this great Falling Away among Christians as “because sin will abound the love of
many will wax cold.”

This abounding of sin is called in II Thessalonians the “mystery of lawlessness” .  In God’s sight and from the
perspective of the Bible lawlessness and sin are virtual equivalents.  Paul in II Thessalonians told of how the mystery
was already at work in New Testament times, and how it would be like a rising tide of lawlessness that would flood the
whole world before the Second Coming and that would include a Falling Away of church members, not from church
attendance as  the mega churches like the New Life in Colorado Springs will continue to grow even as church members
fall away from God, Christ, and the Bible.  According to II Thessalonians, the world dominance of lawlessness will usher
in Satan immediately after the Holy Spirit is withdrawn from the earth, which will also fulfill the prophecy of Daniel
related to the Falling Away where the “power of the holy people is completely shattered.”

Bible fact number 3:  The New Testament warned about a superficial exaltation of novice pastors, evangelists, and
novice churches like Ted Haggard, Rod Presslar, and the New Life Church Movement.  At some point church historians
must investigate the real meaning of “new life” in that church movement.  Perhaps it is an emphasis on the new birth
experience that Jesus taught in John 3, unfortunately we have not read it carefully enough to be leery of instantaneous
new birth as contrasted to the type of new birth that Jesus taught which like the physical birth requires 9 months.  And
what I think the news meant, especially CNN, in talking quite often of the “Evangelicals and born again whites” in this
nation, is those like the fundamentalists of the SBC--by no means all southern Baptists, only the fundamentalists now in
control of the Convention, the largest Protestant body in the world and up until recently in the history of denominations
the most evangelical in the world; however we hope even as Democrats have overthrown the seemingly invincible
power of the Republicans so also will the real southern Baptists regain control over the SBC.

“not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil.”  (I Timothy 3:6)

The same churches and churches members as stated in the primary thesis of the SunGrist Bible commentary, WHAT THE
CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR, who don’t want you to know that they themselves are inevitably leaders in the
world-wide Falling Away—primarily because they have seen more works of God and therefore have more to fall away
from—are the same novice church members like at New Life church who must bare responsibility with their pastor, Ted
Haggard, for their Falling Away!  They with their rapid church growth, like Saddleback in California and the bishop lead
church in Atlanta, and the pride in which with the building of new stone and brick buildings, and becoming part of the
establishment which is synonymous with “world” in the Bible, have lost priorities like Satan did before he fell from

Bible fact #4:  Satan is active, more so now as he is about to be released from bondage as the Holy Spirit is withdrawn
with His restraining work of convicting the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment.  {Many charismatic and
Pentecostal churches like New Life with their violations of the Corinthian Scriptures—unrestrained, disorderly outbursts of
self-expression and self-glorification and without “understanding and spirit” will continue on in worship, especially with
tongues and self-glorification in their healing capabilities as just part of the false Gospel of Prosperity, without an
awareness that the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn from earth.  Satan tempts the most capable and active church
leaders today even as he tempted Jesus, first when such leaders as Ted Haggard see what they can have of the world,
Satan says to them “all this I will give you (and truly Satan, the prince of this world has this power now even before the
Holy Spirit is withdrawn)…if you will fall down and worship me.”  And with that surrender of allegiance to Satan, like
Haggard did and perhaps most of the New Life Church, even as most of the world-wide Christian movement is doing,
comes the other two temptations.  You will also see them as sure signs that a pastor, evangelists, itching ears Bible
teacher, or whole church has already sold out in allegiance to the world and to Satan.  These are summarized as:  (1)
turning the stones into bread, efforts of Satan to pervert spiritual talent to materialistic ends, the form of which today we
see as the Gospel of Prosperity, nothing less than the classical American thought pattern of the history of American
Thought called the Gospel of Wealth and the corollary of success (you see it also in the mega churches like New Life
where shopping centers are built in the church building); and (2) tempting God in some fashion by jumping in all the mud
puddles to test God to deliver.  You saw this latter in the Baker movement of “Praise God” where God is to be thanked
for all that happens, good or bad; and you see it continuing in Lakewood church in Houston.

“Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of this world and their
glory {there is none greater now than the kingdom of the United States).  And he said to Him {Satan said to Jesus), ‘All
these things I will give you if You will fall down and worship me.’”  (Matthew 4:8,9)

Don’t you know that at some point in his fame as the National Evangelical Association, and with influence in the nation
and with politicians, Satan came to Ted Haggard even as he did to all church leaders and church members of  New Life,
as typically he does to all churches and church leaders in this nation, to say I will give you all that you desire of the fame
and fortune and status and “a form of godliness” that you desire, if you will just secretly make allegiance to me, Satan

Bible fact number 5:  we are horrified to realize that II Timothy 3:1-9 is a “perilous times” description of church leaders
and church members today, those who have a very active and perhaps evangelical in the sense of which the world news
uses the word, an evangelical form of godliness that denies God and denies the real power of God as manifested with a
9 month new birth.

“For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents,
unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong,
haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power.  And from such
people turn away!”  (II Timothy 3:2-5)

Somewhere in some of those characteristics, certainly in the form of godliness with the substance of godliness, you will
find Ted Haggard, the New Life churches, and most of the churches of the world today.  Sin in the world and in the United
States has certainly abounded, lawlessness in the world and in the United States has certainly abounded in terrorism, in
corruption in our law making bodies, in leadership of big business, in priests molesting children, and in the unnatural
uses of men and women.

Bible fact number 6:  there is a big difference between sin which all humans, leaders, and church members by nature
and choice inevitable do and the habitual continuance in a sin for many years like Ted Haggard admitted to.  The book of
I John distinguishes between these two as “sin” and “commiteth” sin in the a habitual and repetitive manner over a
period of time without real “godly sorrow which works repentance”.

“Whosoever is born of God doeth not commit sin {habitual and continuous sin without godly repentance); for his seed
remaineth in him:  and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.”  (I John 3:9)

Now what will happen is that New Life community churches all over the nation will close ranks, and in particular their
leaders, to protect the status and reputation of such large churches with approximately 14,000 members by subtle public
announcements that Ted Haggard was an isolated casualty of the war with Satan.  There is nothing wrong with their
church and the rest of their leaders, once again ignoring and covering up the results in every church and among all
church members of the Falling Away.  You think that Haggard, no doubt now in depression, came up by himself with such
characteristics applied to himself of Satan as “darkness”, “liar”, and “deceiver”.  No, the US “evangelicals”—whatever
that word means, truly not a biblical word and can not include the SBC, the largest evangelical and Protestant
denomination in the world, have rushed to identify Ted with Satan, putting themselves in the background of where no
sins of the Falling Away exist.  What was true before this infamous incident in the news, and as presented in the book
WHAT THE CHURCHES DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR, is even more true now!


Bible fact # 7:

“Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal:  ‘The Lord knows those who are His,’ and ‘Let
everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”  (II Timothy 2:19)
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