October 2013 SunGrist_Bible Newsletter


{unless Christ comes first, see the
Christ's Appearance News

Advised Approach for all Christians who "live godly in Christ
Jesus" (II Timothy x:xx), and that are not so overcome by the
"pride of life" (II John x:xx) with its "cares of this life and the
deceitfulness of riches".  The old fashion words were dedication,
"a vessel unto honor and sanctified for the Master's use", one not
"entangled in the affairs of this life" and In the world, but not of
the world.


ALL SCRIPTURE. Keep up the good work of getting through
the Bible in 3 years, the essence of the ALL Scripture approach
along with the use of the ASPI version of the Bible.  {The Learn
Christ commentaries, listed below, are available right now to you
without any charge to guide you economically, in time and cost,
through the Bible; and have as their foundation and structure the


"Contend for the Faith without being contentious", in the
words of Jude and the late J Vernon McGee.  Unfortunately,
because of the False Prophets that are Itching Ears Teachers,
like Jude we must pause from a primary concern of what it
means to be a Christian, to also contend for the faith.  Some of
the focus will center around the web page, "History of Christian
Fables from II Timothy."


Christian View of Life and Living.  For a more balance
in 2013 and the following 7 years, consider please the balance of
bread and Bible, and the positive of the Sermon on the Mount of
Jesus to all the masses balanced with the somewhat more
negative but also necessary contending for the faith


Christ's Appearance News Net.  All that remains to be
seen in the world news, according to II Thessalonians 2:1-3, is
the falling away and a world news visual on the man of sin, the
son of perdition.  The signs are there in the world news now, and

APPENDIX to this Newsletter

Please build yourself up an electronic library as listed below in  
your computer, available to you without cost, that are designed in
only 6 volumes of the Learn Christ commentaries to get you
through the Bible gracefully and with the Spirit in 3 years!