One thought was to make the title
"Selfies IN CHRIST with looks at the
image of the character and
personality of self more than the
appearance of self in a photo.  
However, having said that it should
quickly be said as did one expert,
you are a body and you are a soul!

Essentially the messages of the
Bible on Self, most often called in
society personality or character, are
the same for youth and adults.

In case the Bible verse of the YOUTH
IN CHRIST image to the left is too
small, it is repeated here, from I
Timothy 4:12, let there be no
discrimination between youth and
adults when it comes to being a
good example for all
believers--female youth or male
youth {the Bible is generic for male
and female}:

You can see some similarities
between the Bible recommened
Christian examples in word,
conversation, love, spirit, faith, and
purity with the Religious Dimensions
of personality of Oates:  meaning,
direction, balance, interpersonal,
maturity, integration; or it might be
argued that those "goals of man's
becoming" in character are word,
conversation, love, spirit, faith, and
purity correlated with those of the
above religious dimensions of

It is easy to misunderstand
Spurgeon in the quote from him to
the left but among other things he is
saying:  (1) more of Christ in my life
and less of me; and (2) no doubt
having in mind what Paul wrote in
Galatians 6:14:  "But God forbid that
I should boast except in the cross of
our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the
world has been crucified to me, and I
to the world."

All these thoughts and quotes are
thought provoking for Christian
thinkers of wisdom; but only the
BEGINNINGS of Bible sessions on
self, personality,character, "IN
CHRIST" and the religious
dimensions of personality.

One apparent problem with being
yourself in this world is that "the
world passeth away, and the lust
thereof; but he that doeth the will of
God abideth forever."  (I John
You know, Brad Pitt quoted this near
the end of the movie "Fury".

According to Jesus, your light and
your salt is your good works:  "Let
your light so shine before men, that
they may see your good works and
glorify your Father which is in
heaven."  (Matthew 5:16)

Preliminary Progress Chart
for Bible sessions on "In
Christ" Self

History of Man and

2.  Bible on "In Christ".

BIC (Before In Christ) and
AIC (After In Christ) of

4.  Religious Dimensions of
Man's Personality.
Let no man despise thy youth; but be
thou an example of the believers, in
word, in conversation, in charity, in
spirit, in faith, in purity. (I Timothy 4:12)

          Self "In Christ"
Christ and Self-Fulfillment

God chose us In Christ from before
the foundation of the earth in order to
be What?

2.  "To Be" as chosen to Be, What and