1-3:  Since the Bible in II Timothy 3:5 demands that you “turn away
from” or avoid people of “that sort”, whether you want to or not it is
act of obedience to a command of God as given in the Bible; and
naturally in order to avoid them, you first must be able to identify or
discern them from other church leaders.

Caution:  Some of this sort are popular, and on TV and otherwise;
some you are supporting; and some you are in attendance regularly
at their services and preaching.  It is not the intention of this article
to name them by name, but to present the false doctrine of the
secret rapture they espouse, to give the Bible personality traits they
exhibit--like “lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, boasters, and
blasphemers”; then you have the awesome responsibility to stack
them up against these verses by way of fruit inspection, and then
avoid them.

“And from such people turn away”.  (II Timothy 3:5b)

And the 3:5a of this verse, helps you to think about the difference
between the appearance of religion, alias “have a form of godliness”, and
the reality of that their very ministry denies a connection to God and
Christ, “denying the power thereof”.  In the ministry of so many popular
religious evangelists and popular pastors and Christian writers today,
bottom line God fails to get the glory, the evangelists fail to get the real
power of God.

1-4:  Bottom line is that you will have to SORT OUT THIS SORT,
and besides the clear definitions of this sort in II Timothy, you have
many other guidelines from Jesus and Paul for help.

1.  Jesus on the Falling Away in Matthew 24:11,12 identifies Christian
leaders as one group in 24:11, they are called false prophets, and then
the majority of church members in the other group, those whose Christian
love  “waxes cold” during the Falling Away.

“Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.  And
because lawlessness {sin} will abound, the love of many will wax
cold”  (Matthew 24:11,12)

NOTE:  You can still recognize and ID "this sort" if you are not
already deceived because habits of sin have gotten to your orginal
Christian love and enthusiasm, waxing it cold as a frog.

Those church members that wax cold during the Falling Away are also
those who are being deceived by the false prophets; thus the great
apostasy called the Falling Away is both a leadership problem from those
of “that sort” and a grassroots problem.  When one reads II Timothy 4:
3,4, the five stages of the Falling Away, it is hard to tell in the third stage,
“because they have itching ears”, whether it refers to the leaders that are
being heaped up, out, or into leadership positions, or it refers to the
church members who are heaping up itching ears teachers and preachers
by voting them in.  Since the falling away is both a leadership and
grassroots movement about 40-80 years near the END of time, we
should consider the itching ears as coming from members and leaders.
2.  Jesus makes it clear that this Falling Away happens near the END as
He in the next verse, 24:13, talks about the few that go counter to the
majority in the Falling Away, offering a promise of hope to the few not
overcome by a loss of first love and being overcome by sin and the false

“But he who endures to the END shall be saved.”  (Matthew 24:13)

NOTE:  How complicated “this sort” of II Timothy today make the
END or eschatology, the sort that first of all preach and teach a
“secret rapture”, and secondly manifest characteristics of “love of
self, love of money, pride, and boasting”, and thirdly through the
years become intolerant, like their own people, of sound doctrine.
Last week I heard one such preach that the resurrection bodies of
Christians would happen three times:  at the rapture, at the end of
the millennium, and at the END.  Oh how much simpler is the actual
gospel and events of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this you much
discern.  An obvious clue is if you do not get this from your own
reading of the Bible.  If you have to have a preacher or teacher that
is head over heels in academics and having the pride of life of his
academic credentials, or lording it over you with a doctors degree,
this is a clue that you are in the realm of that sort.

3.  Paul, no doubt, when he met with the elders from Ephesus for the last
time and before as a prisoner to Rome for martyrdom, warned of church
leadership that would come from within a local church and from without
that:  (1) would preach for personal profit or gain; and (2) would place a
priority of making disciples or followers of themselves over disciples for
Christ.  No doubt, he had in mind men of that sort like Philetus and

“For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in
among you, not sparing the flock.  Also from among yourselves men
will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples
after themselves.”  (Acts 20:29,30)

Surely you can identify these “perverse things” as, like itching ears
teachings  and theology, the secret rapture of that sort in II Timothy.  And
surely you can correlate “savage wolves” with lovers of self, lovers of
money, boasters, proud, and blasphemers of that sort.  Also those who
lead in II Timothy 4:3,4 in an intolerance {will not endure or put up with
sound doctrine} toward sound doctrine as the END time false prophets,
savage wolves, and speakers of diverse and itching ears teachings,
ultimately leading in the fourth and fifth stages of the Falling Away to a (4)
turning away from truth, and (5) being turned into fables.  Unfortunately
this is the churches, church members, and leaders that are turned into
fables.  Find and sort out “that sort” now!

1-5:  Have “this sort” already brought us to the fifth stage of the
Falling Away?

1.  The Falling Away of 40-80 years before the END is Now!  
It is hard to see through the appearance of leaders respected by so
many churches and church members at the grassroots level, yet we know
the majority inevitable will fall away from sound doctrine 40-80 years
before the END, and that looks like the period Christianity is in now!  
How can Christianity go any further away from truth when we so often
hear the academic theology of “this sort”.  If you don’t buy their
character, personality, and attitudes of that sort that are lovers of self, of
money, proud and boasters, then you can turn to the early identified false
doctrine of the secret rapture from the sort like Philetus and Hymenaeus.  
If you are on the ball with sound doctrine, and have the ears of the Spirit
to see and hear, you can recognize it in your church and denomination as
an intolerance to sound doctrine, the first stage of the Falling Away of II
Timothy 4:3,4.
2.  Judge righteous judgment according to these words of II Timothy
about “this sort”, rather than the appearance of a large pulpit,
gracious flowing rhetoric of national rated debaters and those
academically sitting at the top.  Like Jesus recommended on judging
this sort--

“Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous
judgment.”  (John 7:24)

When this current leaders sound and look so harmless do not forget that
they are the men, or at least the sort of men, that conducted warfare in
the SBC {one of their deceased leaders told Moyer on TC, “we are going
to keep fighting until one side or the other wins”--brother that is religious
warfare}; and indeed for the ten years between 1980-1990 they
conducted political warfare and takeover in the SBC, along the way
destroying careers and reputations of Christian brothers much better in
service and Christian love and spirit than themselves.  Now these
politically entrenched pastors of large churches, having already replaced
many men of sound doctrine in Baptist Seminaries, schools, and
denominational positions, desire for the next step to establish doctrinal
control of the SBC.  With their entrenched political positions, they are
crawling these strange doctrines on eschatology, ones that affect their
complete Bible hermeneutics and lead them to many strange conclusions
on other doctrines, out of dark holes into public light.  They started the
simple warfare in 1980 with a wiping out of the “priesthood of believers”,
efforts to discourage every individual church member to take up his Bible
and see for himself the truths of the doctrines they were about to offer.  If
“Saul has slain thousands and David 10 thousands, then “this sort” has
slain at least double that from pastorates, teaching positions in colleges
and seminaries, and denominational positions.  If you can consider this,
then you are ready to move from the bad behavior and pride of life of
“this sort” behold the first five characteristics of “lovers of self, to lovers
of money, to pride, to boasting {like a debater}, to the other 14 bad
habits, especially (1) “slanderers”, (2) “despisers of good”, (3) unloving,
and (4) without self control of their more worldly motivations for personal
gain and recognition, academic pride of life, or otherwise.  Look at these
bad habits and count the slain from 1980 until now, and then decide if
these words are too harsh to apply to that sort.
3.  In this year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2014 many and certain
church leaders of “this sort” are now prolific with their leadership to
turn the ears of their churches and denominations “aside to fables.”
When over so many years since 1909 as “ears are turned away from
truth”, inevitably according to the Word of God in II Timothy 4:3,4 we “be
turned aside to fables”.  Even as it is inevitable when a marching soldier
is given the command to “reverse march”, the turn is 180 degrees, so
when church leaders take us from truth, even though only their ears turn
aside from truth, then the other direction is to turn aside into fables.  You
know Tim was much smarter than we realized when he wrote the left
behind series as fiction.  Do you not see the similarity between fables
and fiction?
4.  The simplicity of the gospel has been lost in academic details, not
obvious to the priesthood of believers from the Bible, but which
must be explained by those with doctors degrees of dubious
You know when we think of theology from this sort like the complications
of 3 Christian body resurrections, like the church does not have the
obligation now to care for the poor, that is for later; and primarily when
we hear all this trash about so many events between rapture and Second
Coming that are non-existent in the Bible, the objects of creative
imagination.  With tears we are inclined to frightfully think that “this sort”
of today have already “turned aside to fables”, the fifth stage of the
Falling Away since we hear so many of works of imagination from the
years of their cancer. We are getting out of sort about this sort, and we
should as we take II Timothy as part of the ALL Scripture approach,
profitable for “doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in
righteousness” (II Timothy 3:16,17).
5.  “This sort” from II Timothy of the Bible is much more adequate
and descriptive than fundamentalists.
And for another reason we can express gratitude to this part of
Revelation as it has given a simple and more complete way to describe
what previously we have called BBFers, for Bible Baptist
Fundamentalists, the words “this sort” of II Timothy 2:17 and “this sort” of
3:6.  It is more complete in that you can easily hear and see the
characteristics and theology of this sort in far more than the
fundamentalists, although the fundamentalists have made it famous with
the Scofield Reference Bible.  {We dare not ignore that
Congregationalists with CI Scofield got into the act, and Presbyterians
with Scofield’s mentor, and we see it now with pentecostals--almost
anywhere the SRB is used.}  How the words of Paul in 2:7 “will spread
like a cancer” must burn into our minds, as we look back over the last two
thousand years, wondering how so many of what we thought were good
men getting into this condition, and more tragically as we see the church
on earth crash and burn into the Falling Away.

Finally, ask yourself, why over the 105 years since the 1909
publication of the Scofield Notes, from a divorced
Congregationalists lawyer, would you allow those said notes with
false doctrines of a “secret rapture”, Bible divisions into
dispensations when God is a non-variable, and a millennium {not
even Bible words}, to influence you more than the Bible itself; and in
the process for the last 34 years allow “this sort” of leadership to
take away your God given right to the priesthood of believers!