"COME and See" Resources:

I.  7 Messages for 7 Miracle Signs.

Philosophy of Religion., Rest for Your Minds.

NOTE:  If you are really serious about a Philosophy of Life and Living,
you will accept some guidance from those who dedicated their total
lives to the subject, authorities like Elton Trueblood on Philosophy of
Religion, Wayne Oates the Christian Psychology, Bernard Ramm,
conservative Christian expert on Christian Apologetics, Christian
Evidences, and
Hermeneutics, the science of Bible Interpretation. And
oh yes, F. F Bruce, well known commentator of the NEW
INTERNATIONAL SERIES of commentaries and respected author on
the Bible Canon.  Others will be mentioned on this page.  As Charles
H. Spurgeon wrote in his LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS, "Be not
such a wiseacre as to think you have nothing to learn from the past."

III.  "A Touch of the Eternal, the book of Job"., Rest for Suffering

IV.  Learn about Jesus, the story about the Lord Jesus Christ and
salvation with a complete flow through the Bible.  
8th Anniversary Page, "Come and See"
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