Recent Bible studies in Jeremiah, namely "The
Second Tragedy in Tucson" and a
continuation in "The National Dens of
Thieves", as well as what happened in Tucson,
in particular at the UA Memorial and the
unusual for appearance sake change in
seating arrangments for the State of the Union
Address, have necessitated a meaty Bible look
at the "Royal Law" as explained in Leviticus
and James.  Also necessitated by all these
superficial and amateurish quotes of Bible by
politicans.  And really an explanation of the
Royal Law, clearly written in Leviticus 19, and
part of the same law read in the Temple during
the revival under King Josiah; also an
explanation of the Bible Studies in Jeremiah on
how the leaders were mistreating the people in
the land, much like today in America!