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Romans Soul Competency
and Accountability
             Romans for Christian Fables and World Labels
                                   {soul competency}

All labels lose major significance and become fables in the light of what
God tells us in Romans 2:1-11 and the first three chapters of Romans,
such typical labels today, which we knew because of “The Tyranny of
Words” to be inadequate but required for communications across
cultures and civilizations, like Democratic, Republican, American and
Arab, Muslim and Christian, Greek and Gentile.  {Of course we have to
be careful that we do not strive to eliminate from our communications,
the specific words of the Bible that God has chosen like Christian, Jew,
Greek, Gentile, and Arabia of Ishmaelites, as long as we see them all as
in the sight of God equal in distinction and accountability.
3-1:  No Partiality with God between cultures, Romans 2:1-16.
1.  We start with the bottom line of 2:1-16 first, that is Romans 2:11 is
the bottom line of the selected passage and to a certain extent of the
first three chapters of the book of Romans.
“For there is no partiality with God.”  (Romans 2:11)
You hear that Jew and Arab, Greek and Gentile, there is not difference
in the way God deals with any man of any civilization or portion of
humanity.  All are soul competent individuals in the sight of God, and
while group behavior has become increasing important in this modern
world such was with Skinner’s behaviorism and the concept of what is
PC, politically correct, which always implies that it is also socially,
government, education or summarized as culturally correct.  Well,
when you get down to your relationship with the great God of this
Universe through His Son Jesus Christ, temporarily throw it away until
you recognize your personal status in the sight of God and get your own
personal salvation straight.  Even among the special group of American
Christians called Baptists and more specifically Southern Baptist, soul
competency and individual accountability to God apart from the group
except where enhanced, when in 1980 under the influence of the Bible
Baptist fundamentalists {BBFers}, the priesthood of believers doctrine--
a Bible umbrella for soul competency--was dropped as a statement of
faith as this same group of BBFers took control of the SBC the next 10
years according to their 10 year plan.  {Please read “Takeover of the
SBC” in PDF, and available for free PDF download.}
2.  As God through the Apostle Paul labors in the first two chapters of
Romans”  ALL HUMANITY {as Romans 2:1 starts with the address of O
Man, for each human on this earth} equally sees in the creations and
minute design of nature around them and in their countries evidence of
a great designer;  ALL HUMANITY is born with a heart that recognizes
God the Father and desires fellowship with Him;  and ALL HUMANITY
has an inborn, independent of their culture, conscience that accuses or
excuses each other according to the automatic morality and law of God
the Father; and ALL Humanity whether they chose to admit it or not
have since the Ascension of Jesus the still silent voice inward of the
Holy Spirit to convict all humanity of “sin, righteousness, and
3.  With a reminder for today, which might as well be addressed
directly from God to the labels of Judaism, Islam, and Mormonism, “O
MAN” for all humanity is repeated in Romans 2:3 especially in the
words “in that you judge another, you do condemn yourself”, or the
uniqueness of the works of your culture will not cut it in the sight and
Word of God.  {Below, is this what you as a human of humanity thinks?}
“And do you think this {an inquiry about the way your section of
humanity is thinking}, O man, you who judge {each fable label is
seeking the high ground of morality from which to point fingers of
heathen accusations and self justification--”going about to establish
their own righteousness”} these practicing such things {the such things
as representative of evil things and are listed in Romans 1:28-32 as
unrighteousness}, and doing the same, that you will escape the
judgment of God.”  (Romans 2:3)
3-2:  The patient but inevitable judgment of the God of this Universe,
the God of Creation and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, on ALL
Humanity, and according to their deeds and not their talk.
1.  There is the saying among some cultures, sometimes heeded and
sometimes not, to “talk the talk and walk the walk”.  The words of the
Bible are that not only is there soul competency to know and heed but
also individual soul accountability.  God will not judge you on the basis
of you are a Muslim or a Baptist or a Jew or Gentile, but on the same
basis for all humanity, for there is no favoritism with God.
3-3:  There should no longer be an optimism for the future of world
events, like the fundamentalists through distortion of the time
sequence of “last days” would have you believe.
No more time for optimism, or to quote from Solomon, there is a time
for war and a time for peace! For several reason:  (1) the allotted time
of 40 years for the great apostasy now playing out in the world, called
the Falling Away, is almost at an end, any years now; (2) while false
concepts of history and civilizations, undue optimism about democracy
as the panacea for the world, inevitable, and seen in Arab springs,
what we are really facing in this world is an end of the “last days”--the
peace and outpouring of the Spirit has been the last 2000 years, but it
is almost over, and what is faced now is the last great battle of
Megiddo with the intervention by God and Christ, and a new heaven
and new; (3) instead of a fresh new outpouring of the Spirit, what the
Bible in II Thessalonians promises is a withdrawal from earth of the
Holy Spirit as the rising tide of the mystery of sin and lawlessness takes
over, as Satan shows himself more clearly, as allowed by God as He
releases him from the bondage of the thousand years {in reality over
2,000 years as the language of the book of Revelation is often
allegorical as in the description of both what happened to Joseph,
Mary, and Jesus in their rescue from the dragon down in Egypt, also in
the description of what has happened to Iraqi to allow troops from the
whole world to come to Megiddo, describes as the Euphrates drying
up}; and (3) a larger and total world involved great last battle, that of
Here once again the BBFers confuse humanity on the fact that the “last
days” started on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension of
Jesus, confusing not only that the Spirit then got in the atmosphere of
all humanity but also confusing that both the Spirit descending on all
humanity, young and old and servants and supervision, but also
confusing and moving forward to the last days of the last days, those
things that Joel and Peter said have been the history of the world and
civilizations since the FDPAA {first day of Pentecost after the
resurrection and ascension}.  And it maligns in the minds of some the
plans of God, such fundamentalists as Swaggart able to convince the
world that the last days are still in front of us, that the pouring out of
the spirit is still in front of us, and of course they must also moved
forward in time with such distortion of when the last days are, that
“whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD and Lord shall be
saved”, as well as the obvious signs in the heavens above and the earth
beneath that we see now and have seen in history, only increasing now
in intensity for the last great gigantic noise and earthquake and new
earth at the Second Coming of Christ.  Such distortions of God’s
timetable of “last days” does promote undue optimism, somewhat like
in the optimism of the days of Jeremiah as the false prophets and
priests preached “Peace, peace, when there is no peace, and healed
only slightly the hurt of the people”.  It serves for these
fundamentalists several purposes:  gets more money, increases
optimism for the future when the last days are almost over and the day
of Megiddo--a day of war instead of peace, increases disciples to
themselves as they expand across the world.
3-4:  Justification by Faith--another possible title for Romans, the OT
way for Abraham and Gentiles before made clear for all in the NT and
through the atonement of Christ on the Cross.  
Moving forward on the book of Romans, and beyond the review above
of Romans 1 and 2 {but which is justified easily by the extensiveness of
the salvation for all humanity subject matter content}, to the next OT
quote in Romans, that is (1) Romans 3:4 quoting Psalm 51:4; (2)
Romans 3:10-18 made up of  quotes from Psalms {6 places}
Ecclesiastes, and Isaiah; (3) Romans 4:3 with a quote from Genesis 15:
6, about God, Abraham, and righteousness by faith, also the beginning
of the great NT doctrine of “Justification by faith”, however not new
but in the OT and as old as Abraham, the father of the Jews and the
3-5:  It is also time to move forward on Israel, which  like the word Jew
can also be a self-outline of the book of Romans.  Recall that in the last
Bible session, “O Man, No Partiality with God” we outlined briefly the
“Jews” in Romans, enough to decide that the title could be Jews at
Rome instead of Romans; and promised then a similar outline of Israel
in the book of Romans.
NOTE:  There is a transition in Romans 9 from an emphasis on Jews to
an emphasis on the nation of Israel, yet with a new definition of both.
“I tell the truth in Christ, I am not lying, my conscience also bearing me
witness in the Holy Spirit, that I have great sorrow and continual grief
in my heart.  For I cloud wish that I myself were accursed from Christ
for my brethren, my countrymen according to the flesh, who are
Israelites {a good distinction, Paul’s brethren according to the flesh or
“who are Israelites”}
                        “who are Israelites?’
“{1} to whom pertain the adoption, {2} the glory, {3} the covenants, {4}
the giving of the law, {5} the service of God, {6} and the promises; {7}
of whom are the fathers and {8} from whom, according to the flesh,
Christ came, who is over all, the eternally blessed God.  Amen”  
(Romans 9:1-5)
1.  Israel in Romans 9:6, still a shocker for all that will allow it to sink
in that all Israel in the sight of God {in the sense of chosen people} are
not of the nation and location of Israel.
2.  Israel in Romans 9:27, Israel was also as an OT defined nation as
being larger than just Jews, being that of Gentiles also, and as quoted
from Isaiah that only a remnant of the long years of the nation of Israel
will be saved, and before that in Hosea 1:10 and Romans 9:25-26 God’s
larger people that includes all humanity, that is a remnant of the Jews
and a larger body of Gentiles.
3.  Correct way to pursue the law of righteousness.  Israel in Romans 9:
31, “but Israel, pursuing the law of righteousness, has not attained to
the law of righteousness.  Why?  Because {like Abraham the father of
Jews and Arabs did} they did not seek it by faith, but as it were, by the
works of the law.  For they stumbled a that stumbling stone.”  (Romans
4.  Romans 10:1, Paul expresses his heart’s desire and prayer to God
for Israel that they might still be saved for they definitely like the
Muslims and Mormons have a “zeal of God”, in other words very
religious people as humanity is able to create morality and religion.
5.  Did Israel not know to do better and be better?  Romans 10:19 and
21, In Romans 10:19-21 with 3 dynamic quotes from Moses: (1) in
Deuteronomy 30:12 how Israel would be provoked to jealousy and
anger by a nation not then a nation and a foolish nation like the United
States’ (2) in Isaiah 65:1 how God would later be found by those
{Gentiles} who did not initially seek Him, and in fact manifested to
them through Christ who did not ask for God; (3) and more specifically
as to why and how did they not do and be better, “But to Israel he
says:  ‘All day long I have stretched out My hands to a disobedience and
contrary people’”  (Romans 10:21 and Isaiah 65:2)  In short, Israel was
and still is except for a remnant that we highly respect and admire (1)
disobedient, and (2) stubborn.
6.  Romans 11:2 {have you noticed that several chapters start with
Israel} where Paul asked another question, does all this Bible, OT and
NT, mean that “God cast away His {original} people?
“Certainly not!  For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of
the tribe of Benjamin.”  (Romans 11:1b)
 (1).  “God has not cast way His people whom He foreknew.”  (11:2a)
NOTE:  The great Bible doctrine of the foreknowledge of God, here for
the Israelites that He foreknew and in the book of Ephesians those of us
who are Gentile Christians, He knew and chose before the foundation
of the earth (Ephesians 1:xx).
 (2).  “’I have reserved for Myself seven thousand men who have not
bowed the knee to Baal.’”  (Romans 11:4b and I Kings 19:10,14)
NOTE:  God throughout the long history of civilization has set aside and
reserved a generational 7,000 not even known by the religious leaders
like Elijah.
7.  Israel in Romans 11:7, all the elect of God are by no means of the
nation of Israel.
8.  A small remnant of Jews are not now blind, but after the fulness of
the Gentiles a larger remnant will see.  “Blindness in part is happened
to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in...”  (Romans 11:5)
9.  Romans 11:25-27 and Isaiah 59:20,21, “And so all Israel will be
saved, as it is written”-
3-6:  The great Justification By Faith chapters of Romans 4.
Once again we will count on the self-outlining nature of Romans on
Romans 4 and 5, and on the great Bible doctrine of justification by
faith, using the original internal structure of the Bible as Paul wrote his
14 books, that is around quotes in the OT and the proper interpretation
and explanation thereof.  There are 4 quotes in Romans 4, then
quotations are virtually stopped in Romans 5-8 as Paul makes sense out
of the previous quotes and information of Romans 1-4, alias the proper
interpretation of all that was written and quoted in Romans 1-4, and
even some to follow in 5-16.  The five quotes and  ASPI interpretation:
1.  Salvation by Faith:  “Abraham believed God and it was accounted to
him for righteousness.”  (Genesis 15:6 and Romans 4:3)
2.  IMPUTATION by God.  Blessed, like in the beatitudes of the sermon
on the mount, are those of all humanity where God has intervened, and
after an expression of faith, to both forgive lawless deeds, where the
law of God has been broken, and where God imputes righteousness
instead of sin.  Among the great apostolic preaching of the cross, we
should also preach the Imputation of Righteousness in the Place of Sin,
through the atonement of Christ.  (Romans 4:7,8 and Psalm 32:1,2)
3.  Jews, Israel, Arabs, Greeks and Gentiles, God made Abraham “the
father of many nations”.  (Romans 4:17 and Genesis 17:5)
4.  Arabs and Jews.  “So shall your descendants be” (Romans 4:18 and
Genesis 15:5)  The Arabs came through Abraham’s first son by way of a
concubine, Ishmael, and sometimes in the Bible are called Ishmaelites.
5.  It was written in the OT and the NT for the sake of Abraham and his
descendants as well as us, that, “it was accounted to him for
righteousness...”  (Romans 4:22 and Genesis 15:6.
NOTE:  See how Paul in the ASPI spreads out Abraham, his
righteousness, and his descendants of the Jews and Arabs, or
Ishmaelites; for it was the Judaism of his days on earth when the
religions leaders of such said, “We have Abraham as our father”; and
Jesus replied to them and those like him resting on the labels of the
world, “You are of your father the devil {they were trying to kill Him,
the only Son of God}, and the will of your Father you do.”  This should
not be applied that all members of Judaism then and now, even as all
members of Arab Islam now and then, are of Satan.  Some of the more
radical nature are, of course!
3-7:  The Apostle Paul’s interpretation and explanation in Romans 5-8
of all quoted and explained in Romans 1-3, and some to follow in 9-16.  
{In 5-8 we can not use quotes for outlining except for one or two
quotes, but many good reference Bibles have given us paragraph
summaries that are good for some preliminary outlining.}
1.  Romans 5:1-5:  That justification of faith and by faith of Romans 4
provides peace in its many splendored aspects such as hope in
2.  Romans 5:6-11:  Christ is our Peace and our Hope and our
justification through His blood.
3.  Romans 5:12-21:  Life in Christ contrasted to Death in our humanity
of Adam.
4.  Romans 6:1-14:  Alive to God and dead to sin, where previously with
all humanity and all civilizations in history and now, very much alive in
Sin.  {This and the last section are on the large doctrine of the Bible or
the original sin of all humanity.}
5.  Romans 6:15-23”  The choice of all humanity as slaves to sin or
slaves to God, with a recognition of the implications of both.
6.  Romans 7:1-6: Dead to the law of marriage and dead to the law
itself in the body of Christ.
7.  Romans 7:7-12:  Is the law sin or holy? centered around the “You
shall not covert” of Exodus 20:17 and Deuteronomy 5:21.
8.  Romans 7:13-25:  another cry of humanity, “O wretched man that I
am.  Who will deliver me from the body of this death.  I thank God--
through Jesus Christ our Lord! “
9.  Romans 8:1-11:  what the law could not do because of the
weakness of our all humanity flesh, the law of the “Spirit of life in
Christ” has done.
10.  Romans 8:12-17”  “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit
that we are children of God.”
11.  Romans 8:18-30:  From present sufferings all the way to
foreknowledge, destined to conformity--predestined, called,  justified,
and glorified.  What more can you ask than this as God the Father, the
Son, and the Spirit work out all these above things for those of us who
love Him and are called according to His purpose.
12.  Romans 8:31-39:  More than conquerors through Christ centered
around another OT quote, that of Psalm 44:22, “For Your sake we are
killed all day long, we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”