Bible for Romans
 Bible Background for Romans

You might also consider this as a
progressive scratch pad for the Bible
studies in Christian Fables, Romans, and
Israel.  Even during this time of world
wide Falling Away in Christianity that
creates these major fables in churches
and denominations, it is possible to break
through with sound doctrine where the
principle of hermeneutics is considered of
keeping any chapter like Romans 5 and
any book like Romans, or as a matter of
fact any topical, expository, or textual
Bible session in the total context of the
Bible.  So many tangents and diversions
from sound faith and doctrine has been
caused, as the preacher boys use to say in
homiletics, "by taking a text and going
everywhere preaching".
Also like with the Pentecostal Problem
(PP) of the top 6 Christian fables, this
must often goes with a pompous attitude
like Paul spoke of in I Corinthians 14, an
attitude that gets pastors, preachers, and
evangelists today just like churches in the
first century, in trouble with the PP, that
is, they think that either (1) the word of
God came out of their church, or (2) they
think the word of God came to their
church only.

As a scratch pad beginning for November
of 2014, deep into Christian fables, world
labels, and sound doctrine, the following
extensive Bible studies are provided from
the Learn Christ Commentaries which
were written and designed much like
ENGLISH BIBLE, to rapidly survey the
whole Bible, and based on a first
complete outline of the Bible, the OT
according to the NT, based on all the OT
quotes in the NT from the OT.  The
logically assumption is made that the Holy
Spirit in working through Apostles and
Prophets chose for the NT the most
important quotes to be listed again,
interpreted, and explained, even
practically implemented.  You will get a
flavor of this thoroughness of approach,
and respect for the Bible in total context
by downloading and reading below
LCCver1c.  If you interest at this point is
more specifically either the Son of
God/Son of Man or the Righteousness of
God and Man, those downloads in PDF are

Righteousness of God and Man.

2.  Son of God/Son of Man, or "God, Man,
and the Son of Man".

The Learn Christ commentary volume
1 version c, the OT according to the NT,
or the Top 12 Topics of the Bible.  
Actually as developed through the years,
there were so many ways to look at that
ambitions of title, that consituents of
online Bible studies are offered 4
different version of the same basic survey
of the total Bible, versions a, b, c, and d.