NOTE:  While "Rivers of Living Water" is
based on John 7:38, it is part of the Bible
Studies on Jeremiah series for the year,
and major chapter in BIBLE REPORTS
FOR BELIEVING, The Way of Continuing
Rivers of Living Water

We can read over it dozens of times and still miss the meaning
unless it grabs our attention in a special way that the possibility
exists that “Rivers of Living Water” can flow out of our own lives.  
The posssibility and promise comes from Jesus Himself.

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his
heart will flow rivers of living water.”  (John 7:38)

In order to understand this, and thereby also exercise this
democratic privilege of prophecy, we must understand “heart” in the
Bible as the very core of our inward man or being consisting of
mind, emotions, and will.  It is very closely related to “soul” or “spirit”
in the Bible except the spirit of man has both the old man and the
new man, both bad and good; and includes the conscience of man
which can run all the way from good to bad with degrees in between.
The great importance of the whole inward core or heart of man is
seen in the famous verse of Romans 10:10 where it is “with the
heart” that man believes all the way to righteousness that is
acceptable to God, and then with an expression of the outward man
from the mouth, “confession is made” all the way to salvation.  {You
may desire to read it in the Bible now from Romans 10:10, and think
on it; for the two step process of salvation, (1) believe and (2)
believing, is what this book is all about.}  That is there is so little
similarity to Christ and the average church today and with an ever
increasing gap during these days of the once in a nation historical
event of the Falling Away, bare obvious evidence in our current
environment that:  (1) an increasing number of church members with
the increase in unsound doctrines and practices of the Falling Away
never get past the simple believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to the
continuation of believing of the second step; and (2) that we hardly
recognize the gift of prophecy and prophets in our local churches,
which should be right up there with pastors, teachers, and
evangelists.  {If you do not immediately see the Biblical basis for this
conclusion, then please go to Ephesians 4:11; and note please that it
was the Ascended Christ who gave these gifts to the church and to
men of the churches.  I am sure you remember that Christ Ascended
after He had lived on earth, and that was after all the Prophets of the
Old Testament, so that prophets and prophecy--prophecy is what
prophets do--is as much an office of the New Testament church as
of the Old Testament.  In fact, what we will find in this Preface to
BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING is that prophets and prophecy
became more widespread in New Testament times than Prophets
and Prophecy in Old Testament times.}

1-1:  “Rivers of Living Water” Excites our Imagination and Bible

Been there and done that, when we first read John 7:38 all kinds of
exciting images, possibilities, and Scriptures flow through our mind.
Immediately since we are reading the Gospel of John already, we
think of the incident in the life of Jesus when He spoke to the woman
of Samaria at Jacob’s well, telling her as recorded in John 4:10 of
the “living water” that Jesus could give to all Jews or Gentiles that
would ask.  Yes, Jesus did contrast the quality of the water that
Samaritans like this woman could get out of Jacob’s well with the
living water from Jesus in that the first had no permanent thirst
quenching potential while the second from Jesus with a deep two
step process drinking, believe and believing, would lead to a “never
thirst again”.  And we do love the sound of the words, “But the water
that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing
up into everlasting life.”  (John 4:14)  However, this is not the same
as in John 7:38, because this living water of John 4:14 goes into the
inward man while the living water of John 7:38 comes out of the
heart of the inward man.
Yes, they are related:  the living water must first go into the heart of
a man or woman before it can flow like a river of prophesy out of the
heart; and that is the very gist of this book, that the continuing of
“believing” must take place before both full salvation, and no matter
how democratic in the church prophesy became after the Coming of
the Holy Spirit on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension of
Christ, there can in no local church be the “if all prophesy” of I
Corinthians 14:24, without the all taking the second step in salvation
of “believing”.

1-2:  You Must See in John and the Rest of the Bible This 2 step

Ho hum, we think, “another book on John and how to believe”, OR
“believe in Jesus, that is old stuff”; and we might miss the twin
themes of this book that at least half or our present church
members, that is a total of at least half of so-called Christians have
never gone beyond the first step of believe to the second step of
believing, and the reason so many churches in America today are
now making such significant contributions to the historical and once
in the history of a naiton Falling Away is because they have never
made, for many reasons remaining to be discussed in this book, that
giant step forward into the believing for full salvation and
consequently for the ability to have flowing out of their hearts “rivers
of living water”.
1.  You will notice the two-step process of believe and believing in
the stated purpose of the Gospel of John in John 20:31:  (1) the
“believe” in John 20:31a wih the words of “these are written that you
may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God”; and then the
“believing” in John 20:31b with the words to follow immediately, and
by the way so close that you sometimes do not realize that salvaiton
is a two step process, “and that believing you may have life in His
2.  After years of spreading the Gospel of Jesus, many of those
years as a Pastor at Ephesus, and no doubt the last of the living
Apostles of Jesus, the Apostle John near the end of the first century
wrote another book, and once again with a very clearly stated
purpose recorded in the book like the John 20:30,31 gist of the
Gospel of John, where he and the Holy Spirit made sure that you
would not miss the second step of believing.
“These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the
Son ofGod, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that
you may contnue to believe in the name of the Son of God.”  (I John
That says it all in the “continue to believe”!

1-3:  Most of our church members are in the “Den of Thieves”
category, simple because they must be leaders in the Falling
One of the prime reasons that it can be stated so confidently that
more than half of our church members are in the “Den of Thieves”
from Jesus and Jeremiah or HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS
category of II Timothy 3:1-8 is because at least half of our church
members have not progressed from the believe to the believing
process of salvation; and inevitably as we pass from the third stage
of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:3,4, that is from the vast now
present “heaping up of Bible teachers with itching ears” {by the way
the same as the proliferation of false prophesy and false prophets
that Jesus predicted in Matthew 24 as a true sign of the Falling
Away}, into the fourth and final fifth stage of the Falling Away, the
turning away from truth in the churches and the being turned by God
into fables, then the number of “Den” members in the church will
increase significantly.  How else can it be?  How in the world can we
go from the present condition where millions of church members
across this country and the world profess to be followers of Christ,
to the Falling Away clearly taught in II Thessalonians and II Timothy
4:3,4 without God’s own people in the churches turning away from
truth and turning into fables.

1-4:  The Minority Message to a Few of Each Church.

Even as it is so hard to faithfully preach the demand of Christ and
the Bible on marriage as a lifetime commitment without any
justifiable cause for divorce except one and simultaneously faithfully
lead divorced church members to confess divorce as a past sin and
put it behind them as forgiven by God, so it is hard to simultaneously
preach the present condition of churches at the same time
presenting words of encouragement and specialized security of the
believer to a few.  However take note that in the specialized
messages of Revealtion 2 and 2 to the seven churches of Asia
Minor, in each case, there was a large message for the majority that
had absolutely gone bad and then a minority message at the same
time to encourage the few.
1.  The message of Christ to the majority in each church.
(1).  The local church at Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-6), You have left
your first love; and unless you repent rapidly as a church body,
Christ is going to come quickly and remove your lampstand from its
place in the sight of God and in the kingdom of God.
(2).  The local church at Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11) ...well, there can
always be one out of seven churches about whom Christ has nothing
bad to say.  Of course, our problem today is that every church
member and every church thinks they are that one; that the other six
do not exist today; or certainly that it could never be their own church
since their pastors have told them for years that they are the elect of
God, the “called” if not the “chosen”.
(3).  The local church at Pergamos (Revelation 2:12-17), you are
already in a mini-Falling Away, because you have far too much
unsound doctrine in your church; and unless you straighten it out
yourselves in your own church, then Christ is going to start a fight
with you based on the Sword of the Word of God.
(4).  The local church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29), you have in
your church a very influential female prophetess that is cauing
unsound doctrine of Christian living, and without repentance in your
church calamities of judgment from God will come immediately on all
those supporters of such a prophetess and her also, not to mention
the inevitable and eternal consequences of such lack of continuing
(5).  The local church in Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6), while you have the
reputation in the community and denomination, of all Christianity, as
a First Baptist Church, a past reputation and name that you are
“alive”, in the sight of Christ and God you are now dead; and Christ
will come against you like a thief to take care of the Den of Thieves
in you.
(6).  The local church in Philly (Revelation 3:7-13), well really two
churches out of seven are good and faithful, and notice how this one
is faithful in that it has preserved with a continuing faith for salvation
and prophesying.
(7).  The local church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22), would we be
too critical of your church if we called it “lukewarm” like Laodicea, a
fact that you really know already, or simply would be rather be using
the Word of God in Revelation 2 and 3 as well as much other of the
Word of God that you will find in the following chapters of this book,
to point out why:  (1) well over half of your members are lukewarm
because they over a period of years did not pass from initial
“believe” into “believing”; and (2) they are well past the historical
point where from all of them democratically flows the rivers of living
water of prophesy as taught in I Corinthians 14.
2.  The Message of Christ to the Few of the Minority in Each Church.
(1).  Revelation 2:7, for the few only in the church at Ephesus, the
few who have the ear to hear the sound doctrines of the Holy Spirit,
these few only in this church will be considered as overcomers,
overcomers who will have eternal life and the privilege of eating from
the tree of life; alias those who continue to believe all the way to
salvation, that continue to prophesy with rivers of living water.
(2).  No minority message here because things are okay in this and
one other church of the seven; however in Revelation 2:11 that is a
more majority message, one to all the churches, as the challenge is
presented to overcome in order not to be part of the second death
where hell, death, and Satan are cast into the lake of fire and
(3).  By now you have noticed that the message to the minority, like
here in Revelation 2:17 and to the church at Pergamos, is to all the
churches, once again pointing out how many churches then and
today Christ must call in order to select a few “chosen” for all the
churches; and here the few overcomers among the many otherwise,
are promised:  (a) hidden manna to eat; (b) a white stone with a
personalized name from Christ that no one else has or knows.
(4).  “to the rest in Thyatira” (Revelation 2:24), the minority who do
“not have this unsound doctrine” or this minority who has not known
this depth of Satan, this burden of “Den of Thieves” and HIDEOUT
FOR BAD HABITS should not be on you, should not be place on
you, indeed is not placed on your in spite of the waywarness of the
majority in your church:  (a) hold fast to the security of the believer
that you have; and (b) you overcomers will receive in the New Earth
power over nations.
(5).  “You have a FEW names even in Saridis”--no church is perfectly
banrupt with Den of Thieves and with BAD HABITS (Revelation 4-
6), who have undefiled wedding garmets of the called and chosen;
and these few shall walk and live with Christ in eternity in pure robes
of white.
(6).  Yes, they are all overcomers in the church at Philadelphia.  They
all have continued to believe, they have continued to prophesy with
rivers of living water coming out their mouths, and with
understanding as in I Corinthians 14.  Would that we had today in
America one church out of the many completed dominated and
consisting of overcomers; but where is it?
(7).  Once again as always in the seven churches, there is a
message for the minority of overcomers to the local church at
Laodicea , Revelation 3:21,22, with a promise to rule and reign with
Christ on the New Earth.
1-5:  Bottom Line of Prophesy of all Members in I Corinthians 14.
The bottom line of I Corthians 14, then when Paul wrote it to deal
with the same problem of tongues in this local church at Corinth, and
now when the violations of proper worship and prophesy are more
widespread with the intial message and message of I Corinthians 14
on “Prophesy and Understanding” is that we have not taken our
brains to our worship service.
1.  Tongues in the Bible, especially in Acts 2, are primarily other
languages, except for gibberish where many try to simulate a coming
of the Holy Spirit, and on rare occasions like where Paul was caught
up to the third heaven, are emotional expressions meant to be only
between an individual and God, not in public worshipping.
2.  Prophesy is speaking publicly in an assembly of Christians, and
prophesy is meant to be addressed to believers.
3.  When all in a church body speak together prophesy, one by one
by the way, and in agreement, unbelievers are convinced and
convicted, which is the same as what Christ meant in John 16 when
He prayed that all might be One in order that the world would know
that real disciples of Christ were in that assembly.
4.  The subject of I Corinthians 14 is more about “Prophesy and
Understanding” than about any other subject including tongues.
5.  When problems continue in a church or denomination like those
forbidden with commandments from Paul of Scripture like in I
Corinthians 14, it is most generally because that same church or
denomination has the same bad attitude of the Corinthians that Paul
writes on in the middle of the chapter, I Corinthians 14:36, that the
Bible came to their church or group only or that they originated the
Word of God.
1-6:  And so much more, This Book is About the Rest of the
We still can not get it in our heads that like in the other Great Falling
Away of God’s people in the wilderness, that the majority of God’s
called people today--alias Christianity and the body of Christ--are
wrong simple because of the historical event in which we now find
ourselves of the Second Great Falling Away clearly taught in II
Thessalonians as required before the Second Coming of Christ.  
{Later we will discuss all the efforts of Scoffield notes and
fundamentalists to falsely rescue all living Christians from this last
and great Falling Away.}  God’s called people of Jeremiah could not,
or would not, also wrap their head around this very fundamental
concept of the Bible that there is a vast difference between the
called of God’s people and the “chosen” for eternal salvation on the
new earth of God’s people!
1.  No generation, including now and in America, wants to admit that
it is “the generation of the His wrath” (Jeremiah 7:29), even as God’s
people of Jeremiah refused to admit it until overwhelmed by an
almost infinite series of calamities.
2.  It is just where we are in history, and let us face up to it as
Christian believers in the Bible:  we are now in the third stage of the
five stages of the Falling Away (II Timothy 4:4,5)--intolerance toward
sound doctrine and teachings, Christians and churches driven more
by their own desires and wants than by Christ and the Holy Spirit, the
vast heaping up in all channels of communications of Bible teachers,
preachers, and prophets with itching ears, a wholesale “turing away
from truth” by Christianity, and finally a being turned into fables by
God; and we are dangling on the precipice of Bible based
backsliding where there is no turned back, as American churches fall
over the edge of a common falling away from truth and falling into
3.  To both define how this present and historical Falling Away of
Christians from the real truth of the Bible, also from the true God and
the true Christ, relates to “believing”, the second step of salvation, is
the rest of the story; of course, after from the Gospel of John and
supporting Scriptures, the twin process of “believe” and “believing”
are defined from the Bible.

1-7:  Living Water of John 7:37-39 is the Holy Spirit and
Everlasting Life.

While always Bible piddlers want to “wrest the Scriptures to their own
destruction”, with itching ears looking for some weird something
especially as related to the one baptism  {clearly the one baptism is
the one salvation} and the Holy Spirit, the meaning of John 7:37-39
is straightforward:  the rivers of living water which flows out of the
life of any believer continuing to believe--”believes” in John 3:38 and
“believing” in John 3:39--is life, abundant life, salvation, and
everlasting life.
1.  If you miss the real exegetical meaning of John 7:37-39, the
place of this passage will seem somewhat disjointed or just simply
like a historical insert to identify what Jesus preached on the “great
day” of the Passover Feast.  Yet it is very much in the context of
continuity of the Gospel of John, consistent with the purpose of John
as stated in John 20:30,31.

“And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His
disciples, which are not written in this book.  
{More of them you
can read in the synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke
and with help, if needed, from “A Harmony of the Gospels” by A.
T. Robertson since those other 3 gospels so well parallel each
other; while the Gospel of John is more a commentary on both
those Gospels and the Life of Christ with the specific purpose of
(1) generating initial faith or belief in Jesus as the Christ-Messiah
and the Son of God, and (2) generating a continuing faith in the
Lord Jesus Christ which can lead all the way to this life of
“rivers of living water”, or “life”, abundant, of salvation, and of
everlasting life.}
; but these are written that you may believe that
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may
have life in His name.”  (John 20:30,31)

2.  John as he writes near the end of the First Century, and from the
study of the church at Ephesus {likewise the end of a long life as the
last living Apostle and the care provider for Mary the mother of
Jesus as appointed to do so by Jesus Himself}, wanting to do the
very best he can before his demise and of course lead by the Holy
Spirit, at this very juncture of the book--7 chapters out of 21 or
approximately one-third of the book wants to insert what is
historically truth in the narrative of the life of Christ anyway.
(1).  It was the time for God’s people of Israel to remember in the
Passover feast the rescue of God from Egypt and death in the God
through Moses instituted feast of the Passover, a memorial to the
time in history when God passed over the houses of the Israelites,
or any others, who sprinkled the blood of the lamb on their door
posts.  And since this very passover is a prediction of salvation
through the blood of the Lamb, that Lamb of history being the Christ
who provided himself on the cross, an event toward which the
history of John like the other gospels moves and around which like
salvation it centers, it is only natural that John would place this insert
at this point.
(2).  While the insert may surprise you, the subject matter of thirst,
living water, the thirst which Christ can supply like He has already
mentioned bread, is definitely in the main flow of Christ providing
abundant life and everlasting life to meet the most basic of all needs
for humanity, the need to live well and long.
(3).  Part of the uniqueness of the Gospel of John, as John sits in his
study at Ephesus reading over the previous 3 gospels, is what it
includes that while not left out of the other 3 gospels, was not
emphasized:  (1) the necessity of “continuing faith” for salvation; and
(2) the place of the Holy Spirit in history, in the creation of this
everlasting life, in the one baptism of the one salvation, and at the
center of all Christian doctrine in the new birth.
3.  The Apostle John was not only the life-long provider of care for
Mary as appointed by Jesus from the cross, but also the longest
Apostolic interpreter and explainer of the life of Jesus; and once
both to introduce right here one of the major doctrines, subjects, or
teachings of Jesus--that is, the subject of the Holy Spirit and
continuing salvation and life, also to once again make the connection
between the one baptism of the one salvation with the new birth.  As
you see this continuities of the Gospel of John, John 7:37-39 will
seem less as an insert and more of a continuity of flow.
(1).  The new birth, often called “born again” or regeneration, was
taught early in John 3 when John recorded the historical encounter of
Jesus with a religious leader of the Jews, Nicodemus; and as Jesus
told him both (1) that he like all believers must be born again as an
adult, (2) that this new birth was a long process of believing,
conversion and new birth which like physical birth itself required 9
months {again the believing as going beyond just belief of a short
time}, and (3) as Jesus made the contrast between physical and
spiritual birth, he was providing like John in the Gospel an
introduction to Paul’s elaboration, also under the guidance of the
Spirit and after more teachings from Jesus, on the “old man” versus
the “new man” (Ephesians 3:20-24).  Therefore “the rivers of living
water” and Holy Spirit introduction of John 7:37-39 is just a
continuation of both the new birth doctrine from Jesus and the pre-
requisite from the human side of this internal re-creation, the matter
of continuing faith.  In short, even as the Holy Spirit continues in
history after the glorification and ascension of Christ, so also
believers that continue in believing continue in history and beyond,
through the new life provided by the Holy Spirit and Christ.
(2).  Jesus always aware of the most basic needs of humanity for
abundant life and everlasting life, and with God the Father, uses all
analogies, parables, and metaphors and illustrations such as “thirst”,
“living water”, “bread”, “meat”, “shepherd”, and more to describe both
the basic needs of man and how Christ was ordained by God the
Father as the means of meeting those basic needs.
(3).  The Holy Spirit, as the third member of the Trinity, was
appointed by God to provide a continuity to the work of Christ on
earth, coming almost immediately after the Ascension of Christ and
on the first day of Pentecost after the resurrection and ascension of
Christ, to continue the work of Christ on earth until His withdrawal
from earth near the end of the Falling Away.  (II Thessalonians 2:7)
a.  The Holy Spirit, third member of the trinity was present at
Creation just like Christ, the former as the spirit brooding on the face
of the deep (Genesis 1:2) and the latter as the mediating cause of
Creation, “all things were made through him” (John 1:3).
b.  The Holy Spirit is the “alter ego” or other self of Christ, thus later
in  John  Christ teaches in the most exhaustive teachings from Jesus
we have in the Bible of John 14-16, that it was better for all disciples
and apostles that Christ went back to heaven; because once in
heaven and at the right hand of God the Father, Jesus sent the Holy
Spirit to take His place on earth, and the Spirit could be every place
at once and would continue unabated in both His work and the
binding of Satan until removed by God the Father near the end of the
Falling Away {which by the way is what loosed Satan for the final
work of the falling away as the Spirit would no longer be on earth to
convict the world of sin, or righteousness, and of judgement}.
c.  You can pretty well number the period of the “last days” of the
Bible, starting with the historical coming of the Holy Spirit in great
power and presence on the first day of Pentecost after the
Ascension of Christ, and going to the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit
from earth with the subsequent release from bondage of Satan to do
his final dirty work, with this Coming and Withdrawal of the Holy
Spirit from earth.
(4).  Jesus, as John also records earlier than John 7 and in John 4,
previously taught about the “living water”.
a.  As a gift from God.  (John 4:10)
“ would have asked Him, and He would have given you living
b.  As unlike ordinary water, is a water that quenches the eternal
thirst for God and personal life with God, now and eternally (John 4:
“...the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of
water springing up into everlasting life...”  (John 4:14)

1-8:  The “With the Holy Spirit” in this book, like in John, not

Perhaps it has not been stated sufficiently enough, but his gist of this
book on BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING has always been and
continues to be a gift of “with the Holy Spirit”.  Even as Scarborough
has written the well-known book of WITH CHRIST AFTER THE
LOST, so this much lesser known book of BIBLE REPORTS FOR
BELIEVING has been “with the Holy Spirit” in seeking believers to
continue to believe; for it is only by continuing to believe that the
reciprocity of God is for the Spirit, the real new birth, and salvation
with everlasting life.  It is not also incidental that very prevalent
distortions and misunderstandings on the new birth as a 9 month
process also come with misunderstandings on the work and
functions, even history and place, of the Holy Spirit.  {The biggest
distortion is by those who would make a baptism of the Spirit as a
second act and as independent of the act of believing, failing to
recognize the consistent teaching of the Bible that the “one baptism”
of the Bible is the one salvation, that which comes with a real new
birth and from believing.  It is no second blessing, only the first and
lasting, continuity of believing; although it may require 9 months.}
The gist of this book on BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING with
the continuous supplement of “With the Holy Spirit” is actually a
better description of Bible teachings on evangelism than the WITH
CHRIST AFTER THE LOST; or at least it is a more thorough
description of evangelism according to the Bible, as to be with Christ
in the passing out of BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING is the
same as  to be working with the Holy Spirit, especially when you
consider that the Holy Spirit was sent by the Father and the Son to
take His place and do His work here on earth until near the end of
the Falling Away.
1.  John, always so precise in the listing and description of his
purpose for writing a Gospel, is equally as faithful to reflect the
teachings of Jesus on the work and purpose of the Holy Spirit on
earth with precision in John 14-16.  And John does not leave us
dangling in John 7:37-39 about the “rivers of living water”, mentioned
in John 7:38, then explained as an internal work of the Holy Spirit in
John 7:39, “But this He spoke concerning the Spirit...”
2.  Jesus prayed in the Garden that all disciples would have another
Helper or Comforter, an alter ego or other Christ, to be with them
and help them after His Ascension.  (John 14:16)
3. This Holy Spirit abides with believers and in believers “forever”.  
4.  This Holy Spirit is the “Spirit of truth” even more so that Satan is
the spirit of the lie.  (14:17)
5.  Only believers can “receive” and “know” this Spirit of Truth, never
the world, the children of the world, which is another way to describe
unbelievers.  (14:17)
6.  The work of the Holy Spirit is a triple location of work:  (1) inside
any believer that continues in belief (John 14:17); (2) beside the
continuing believer as a Helper or Comforter; and (3) to work with
the rest of the world to convict of sin, of righteousness, and of
judgment (16:8-11).
7.  With great detail, John tells of the teachings of Jesus on “with the
Holy Spirit” in John 14:26 as again he calls the Holy Spirit “the
Helper”, then telling how He will (1) teach believers all things {the
spreading breakdown in “sound doctrine” of the Bible today is due to
both a lack of reliance on the Spirit for teaching and a lack of even
the initial presence of the Spirit in believers with a real long range 9
month new birth}; and (2) bring to remembrance in the mind and
heart the teachings and commandments of Jesus, and once again
the increasing failure of this to happen in the lives of church
members, whereby they more habitually take the name of God in
vain rather than to remember the teachings of Jesus against
blasphemy of the name of God, is because the Holy Spirit does not
continue to abide with them and in them!
8.  You can tell by what continually flows out of the mouth of a church
member whether the Holy Spirit with life is continuing to flow like a
river of living water out of their heart; for even as Jesus also taught,
“it is what comes out of the heart of man that defiles him”  (Matthew
15:11), so Pastor James in the book of James echoed teachings of
Jesus when he wrote of how both “bitter and sweet” should not come
out of the same mouth of believers, the bitter whereby they take the
name of God in vain and disrespect and the sweet whereby they
falsely claim to be Christians or believers.  And the more habitually
the taking of the name of God in vain, the less flows the rivers of
living water!
9.  Since the job of the Holy Spirit in the wider world of all people in
the world was appointed to be and has been since the first day of
Pentecost after the Ascension, to convict the world of sin and
righteousness and of judgment (John 16:8-11); and since this is what
has bound Satan since that beginning of the “last days”, to be
released from this bondage near the end of the Falling Away (II
Thessalonians 2:7), then near the end of the Falling Away and
simultaneously with a visible on the man of Sin, perhaps Osama Bin
Laden, we will see a spike on top of the continuing rise of the tide of
lawlessness and sin, a spike on the rising tide of the “mystery of
lawlessness” of II Thessalonians 2:7).  Goodness, do we not see
that spike already; and except for all these pentecostals that still
speak in unknown tongues, we would be inclined to think that already
we are seeing that spike, the man of sin, the final days of the Falling
Away, and the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from earth.  {How foolish
are those fundamentalists who claim a rapture independent of the
final Second Coming of Christ, and a foolish doctrine that the Holy
Spirit is withdrawn from earth with that rapture!}
10.  Christians of continuing faith today have more benefits and
advantages than the first disciples and apostles in that it is better to
have the help of the Holy Spirit, the other Christ, than of Christ
Himself like the first disciple had.  (John 16:7)
11.  Even as the “intolerance toward sound doctrine” in churches
today and among Christians, especially the taking of God’s name in
vain and bad doctrine on marriage and divorce, is a bad sign of how
deep American churches are presently into the Falling Away, so also
faithfulness to the truth by a few overcomers in churches today is a
sign, although perhaps already withdrawn from His work in the world
on earth, that the Holy Spirit is still present in a few Christians on
earth to “guide you into all truth”.  (John 16:13)
12.  Again called “the Spirit of truth”,  truth and spiritual reality in
churches and among Christians is directly proportional to the
presence and control in some number of church members of this
Holy Spirit; and to be inversely reflected in the “turning away from
truth” of backsliding and the final stages of the Falling Away.  “He will
guide you into all truth”  (John 16:13).
13.  The Holy Spirit, like Christ did while on earth, speaks truth
according to the authority of God and consistent with the teachings
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (John 16:13).
14.  The harder sayings of the Bible (John 16:12) later revealed
through the Holy Spirit to the writing apostles of the Bible, and like
Prophets before them, and which through this inspiration of the Holy
Spirit brought us the Scriptures as a standard of both the authority
and teachings of God, came with the work of the Holy Spirit in the
writing of the Bible.  The authority of God, the authority of Christ,
and the authority of the Spirit or the authority of Truth, is in the
authority of the Bible.
15.  Things to come, or eschatology, was also the work of the Holy
Spirit, as for example in the book of Revelation, the Holy Spirit and
the Ascended Christ worked to record many of those prophetic
predictions (John 16:13).  While Revelation is complete, the writing
of the 66 books of the Bible through the Spirit of truth, and therefore
truth of God and from God is complete, there is much left to do in
individual lives and churches of “illumination” of this truth.

1-9:  The “As the Scripture has said” of John 7:38 refers to

In other words, “rivers of living water” were predicted in Jeremiah
and explained in Jeremiah.  At least 4 of the approximately 7 times
“fountains” or “rivers of living waters” is mentioned in the Bible, it is
found in the book of Jeremiah.  You may wonder why you will find
this same chapter or message or Bible Study in both BIBLE
REPORTS FOR BELIEVING and “Bible Studies in Jeremiah and
Prophesy”; well, the answer is that it is part of the message and
prophesy of both books, the Gospel of John (John 7:37-39) and the
book of Jeremiah.
1.  References of “Living Water” in other Old Testament books.
(1).  Song of Solomon 4:15.

“A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from

(2).  Zechariah 14:8.

“And in that day {the ONE day of the LORD and Lord of the Bible, at
the Second Coming of Christ} it shall be that living waters shall flow
from Jerusalem {the new Jerusalem lowered down from heaven}
both summer and winter it shall occur {in other words “forever”}.  And
the LORD shall be King over all the earth.  In that day it shall be--’
The LORD is one, and His name one.’”  

NOTE:  This positive statement of God and doctrine about God,
especially the “King over all the earth” will resound in your ears as
shortly we look at a similar positive statement of faith in God as the
river or fountain of living waters from Jeremiah 10:10.

2.  Truth and Truths on “Rivers of Living Water” from the book of
(1).  God calls Himself ‘the fountain {or river} of living waters”
(Jeremiah 2:13); identify that the people of two generations, that of
Jeremiah and the one near the end of the falling away have forsaken
Him as that “fountain of living waters”, most generally called
“backsliding” in Jeremiah although also the last two stages of five of
the Falling Away; and that God’s own people make for themselves
“broken cisterns”, alias many substitutes for salvation, true religion,
and everlasting life, that “can hold no water”, or as we would say in
the jargon of today, other gods which “will not hold water”; further
that if you would summarize the two evils of God’s own people, by
the way on only the two generations in history of Jeremiah and at the
end of the Falling Away it would generalize as two major evils:  (a)
the forsaking of this fountain of living waters; and (b) substituting
other gods of broken cisterns for the only God.

“For My people have committed two evils:  they have forsaken Me,
the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns--broken
cisterns that can hold no water.”  (Jeremiah 2:13)

(2).  A very positive statement of faith in the One, Living, and True
God, as of course contrasted to idols, is made in Jeremiah 10:10,
introduced and prefaced with the customs and traditions of many
people of the world today and even of God’s people whereby they
go through the process of a life style that substitutes over idols of
loyalty and control for the One God.  You perhaps have read the
prefacing story of how a man cuts down a tree from the forest, how
he warms himself and feeds himself with the fire, and then uses the
leftovers of the tree to fashion out a god that can not speak, that he
can control and worship.  Hardly do we stop to think that the
admonition of the first commandment is not only to “have no other
gods before Me” but also not to make any false or graven image of
the real and true God, which would include a mental or a physical
false image of God.

“But the LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the
everlasting King.  At His wrath the earth will tremble, and the nations
will not be able to endure His indignation.”  (Jeremiah 10:10)

(3).  The third use of God in Jeremiah as “the fountain of living
waters” both echoes the primary theme of Jeremiah, of how God’s
own people have forsaken and backsliding from Him, and further
expands on how (a) “He is the LORD”, (b) the only hope for Israel or
any peoples, and (c) how any that forsake this One true God like
God’s people of Jeremiah and the end of time, shall be “ashamed”,
“ashamed” very generally as you know in the rest of the Bible as
synonymous with a lack of faith.

“O LORD, the hope of Israel, all who forsake You shall be ashamed.  
Those who depart from Me shall be written in the earth, because
they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living waters.”  
(Jeremiah 17:13)

(4).  The last and fourth mention of “living God” is without living
water, and is primarily about perversion of the Word of God, or
“oracles of God”; however, it is more about the living water coming
out of the mouth as well as the heart as the living water of faith and
believing turns into the democratic prophesy predicted by John 7:38,
Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2:16-21, and the prophesy very adequately
described in I Corinthians 14 {by the way contrasted to the words,
dreams, special revelations, and oracles of the religious
professionals of today and of Jeremiah where all the official
prophets and priests were defunct and deceitful, also only “healing
the hurt of the people slightly”}.

“And the oracle of the LORD you shall mention no more.  For every
man’s word will be his oracle, for you have perverted the words of
the living God, the LORD of hosts, our God.”  (Jeremiah 23:36)

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