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"But they have not all obeyed the gospel.  For Isaiah says, 'LORD, who has believed our report?'  So then faith
cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  (Romans 10:16,17)
(Photos courtesy of John Quinn.
Reports for Unbelievers
"For Isaiah says, Lord, who has believed our report?"
Dedicated to John Quinn, a friend and fellow Naval Airman from Air Early Warning Squadron
VW-15 days in Argentia, Newfoundland.  John Quinn is shown in bottom left photo at far right--
the tall lanky young men--all we flight crew members were young  and adventurous in those
days. John is underneath the VW-15 aircraft 291, one of several lost in accidents, and the
one on which the crash, John says, turned him from agnosticism to atheism.  John allowed
me to name this corner for unbelievers after him, a typical unbeliever if there is any such
person; and that will be one of the prime reports for unbelievers on this page, while "in
meekness instructing those who oppose themselves" yet without apology as much greater is
our responsibility to God, Christ, and the Bible for ultimate truth than it is too such lost and
unbelieving friends.

SunGrist_Bible and this website are indebted to John for bringing to our attention that
unbelievers have been neglected in the written and audio messages of this site as well as in
the books.  We stand corrected  here, and to the four goals of SunGrist will be added, "With
Christ after the Lost", if I might borrow from L.R. Scarborough, the first professor of
evangelism at SWBTS.

However I should explain that since unbelievers are in two broad categories according to the
Bible, the unbelievers in the churches that are classified by Jesus as "tares" or "goats", and
those outside the churches also of many "Varities of Relgious Experienced" to quote from
William James, the father in American Thought of pragmatism, pragmatism no doubt has
been the most determinative philosophy of American business and other competitive
endeavors.  In defence of SunGrist_Bible and in favor of intellectual honesty let it be said that
the tares and the goats in churches have not been neglected as a most determinative bad
influence, especially as we progress deeper into the Falling Away where churchmembers
"will not endure sound doctrine" (II Timothy 4:4,5).  You will find in the blogs, answers to Bible
questions, free downloads; and especially in the books like SNATCHING, STUMBLING, AND
discussions on this presently bad dominant influence of those brethren who have not heeded
the admonitions against "an evil heart of unbelief", departing from the only living God in spite
of Hebrews and Paul's clear admonition in Hebrews 3:12:

"Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing
from the living God."  (Hebrews 3:12)

Yes, that is addressed to the "brethren" who are fellow church members; and the sad fact is
not only that thousands of them can (1) develop an evil heart of unbelief and (2) depart from
the only living God, but also that many of these tares and goats in the churches have already
departed and perhaps a majority.

What then has previously been neglected among this very large class of unbelievers over a
long period of time, perhaps up to 40 years like the first generation of the children of Israel in
the wilderness {and the main subject of Hebrews}?  That they like the other lost need
salvation and need to be "instructed with meekness" on how to recover from an evil heart of
unbelief generated over many years and in spite of active church membership.  They too can
be recovered for the glory of God if they have not passed the point of no return as identified in
the "now" of Hebrews.

We have mistakenly used the "today" emphasis of Hebrews for the un-churched class of
unbelievers, when in reality it is for the church members as clarified first of all by the quote of
Hebrews 3:12, clearly addressed to brethren of the churches, and secondily by the 3:13-15
following verses which end with a quote from Psalm 95:7,8.

"Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion."  (Hebrews 3:
15 and Psalm 95:7,8)

Although "today" came for all of the first generation in the wilderness at the same time,
"today" is different for each individual and each church so that "now" much be utilized in order
to not go in unbelief and hardening beyond the point of no return which is today.  You see
when now equals today for that person, it is too late to respond to the grace of God!  
Therefore we urgently continue to make reports, heeded or otherwise.  To turn the phrase of L.
R. Scarborough with his book WITH CHRIST AFTER THE LOST, we continue to be "With
Christ after the Unbelievers", always and continually with more concern for the 1 than the 99,
faithfully making our reports to those unbelievers of the realities of the situation between the
God of the Universe and themselves.

Anyway at the top and below here links to pdf messages and audio reports, and quotes on
additional pages (report1, report2..., reportn) will be made available.


You have noticed confusion in the church congregations, and that is the subject of the first
report to unbelievers as addressed in Hebrews 12:18-29; and that confusion will only grow
more intense as we get deeper into the Falling Away that must happen before the Second
Coming of Christ.  Why start with a congregation when we are about "with Christ after the
unbelievers"?  For the simple reason that this congregation at Mount Sinai were starting their
wilderness journey of unbelief.  That is, their journey after testing and proving from God of 40
years, they hardened their hearts as they saw like no other generation the mighty works of
God.  In short they developed a hardened and evil heart of unbelief, and they over a 40 year
period departed from the living God.  It is not easy to separate unbelief in the local
congregations today from unbelief in the public at large, nor should we.  Unbelief is unbelief
and the consequences are the same; however once the basis has been laid for the nature of
unbelief and its consequences in this first report, we in the nature of biblical analysis will
continue in subsequent reports to distinguish between unbelief in the churches and unbelief in
the public at large.

Click here for REPORT FOR UNBELIEVERS #1:  
"Confusion in the Congregation"

This is the foundational message in the Bible for all the other reports for unbelievers.  Please
read it, download it, or listen to it in audio.  We are assuming that these reports are made
"with the Holy Spirit"; that is, that the Spirit of God is still at work in your heart to "convict of
sin, righteousness, and judgment."

Report #2:  Bible Reports for Churched and Unchurched Unbelievers.

Happy New Year!
There are many new projects for 2008 that will be added to
SunGrist_Bible and the website of SunGrist_Bible,  While most of these will be announced later,
the critical timeliness of the subject matter demands that the new book
to be presented in 2008 be introduced.  It takes a lot of courage, and
perhaps some foolhardiness, to call any House of God  a “Den of
Thieves”, but Jesus did and Jeremiah before Him; however what you will
find is a meaning much deeper than on the surface where some wealthy of
companies like Enron and World Com have stolen from their own employees
while hiding as respected members in their local churches.  True Jesus
criticized those of the House of God during His time that would buy and
sell there, using the status of the House of God as a vehicle for profit
much like mega-churches are doing today as well as these operating
officers of large corporations are doing.  But what Jeremiah referred to
in 7:11, and Jesus used that as a basis to cleanse the Temple, was how
the people of God treated the House of God as a hideout even as a Gang
would that stole, murdered, etc and then ran right back to the Den as a
place of security and safety.  In other words at heart of what Jesus and
Jeremiah meant was that the people of God were living as they wanted to
all week contrary to the will and covenant of God, then coming on the
Sabbath like church members today to say “We are Safe” because we are in
the House and Temple of God!  We are a member of the elite of God, and
in the Temple that God Himself has chosen for His own people.
This new book Project for 2008 entitled DEN OF THIEVES, REPORTS FOR
CHURCHED AND UNCHURCHED UNBELIEVERS, having faced up to the well known
spiritual realities of religion today in American Society like the
Falling Away, like the tares in the local churches and denominations,
and keeping in mind that Jesus taught to make no effort to separate the
tares from the wheat for fear of getting the wheat by mistake; still
what must we do about the tares in the church:  and further how about
those on the way to becoming like Hebrews 3:12, “Beware, brethren, lest
there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the
living God.”  These are the unbelievers in the church with certain
common issues as unbelievers outside the church.  What you will find
attached to this newsletter is the second chapter of “Den of Thieves” on
“Bible Reports for Unbelievers”, and with an introduction of what should
be do about it since there should be no effort to shift the tares from
the wheat in the kingdom or in the local church.
All would admit that among our goals for 2008 should be efforts to
make reports to unbelievers.  Most generally we do not think about some
of  those unbelievers as in the local churches and denominations, yet we
dare not neglect the tremendous influence which these “tares” have on
the churches and the kingdom.  Is it not possible to make efforts to
neutralize the influences of these tare leaders without trying to
separate them from their local church or kingdom; after all, the most
influential of those tare-leaders are the false prophets and itching
ears Bible teachers, the wolves in the sheep clothing of the local
church that have the goals of personal profit and status by making
disciples to themselves.  Yes, Jesus, Paul, and the other Apostles
warned us about these and about their influences; and the fact that we
have so much trouble finding one of them today is not because there are
none in the United States, it is because they are hidden in local
churches and denominations too close to us to see or detect!  

As you read the attached chapter and as preparation continues on “Den of
Thieves”, all your comments are appreciated.  Simply email them to or

Click here for Report for Unbelievers #2:  
Bible Reports for Churched and Unchurched

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