"But they have not all obeyed the gospel.  For Isaiah says, 'LORD, who has believed our report?'  So then faith
cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  (Romans 10:16,17)
(Photos courtesy of John Quinn.
Reports To Make Believers
"but these are written that you may believe..." (Jno 20:30,31)
While the original page of Reports for
Unbelievers remains the same, and remain
dedicated to John Quinn, the friendliest
unbeliever I know, my approach has been
converted by the book of John and the
Apostle John to be more positive and
expectant of good results as we would be
faithful to the commission from Christ to "go
and make disciple".  Hence on the previous
page while you see the title "Reports for
Unbelievers" on this page we pass to
"Reports of Make Believers."  You will notice
that all the chapter downloads available to
view or save in your computer are from the
Gospel of John which is very positive and
expectant of disciples.

Every human being made in the image of
God has the inherent capability based on the
way God made us to become a believer; and
while it goes counter to the prejudice and sin
as a result of original sin and practiced sin to
automatically believe in Christ and receive
the new birth, it is possible as "faith cometh
by hearing {or reading} and hearing by the
Word of God.  In this case on this page, the
Word of God is primarily 7 messages from
the Gospel of John, the Gospel of "believe",
centered around the 7 miracle-signs of Jesus.

I.  John 2, the first miracle-sign of the turning
of water in wine.

Click here for a download in PDF of the
chapter from Den of Thieves* entitled
Wedding Feast at Cana".

II.  John 4, the second miracle-sign of the
healing of the nobleman's son from a

Click here for a download in PDF of the
chapter from Den of Thieves* entitled
"Reports to Make Believers".

*"Den of Thieves" is the book currently under
development by Jerry McMichael and
SunGrist_Bible with two parallel and
simultaneous themes:  (1) Many churches
today are a "Hideout for Bad Habits" (the
equivalent of the "Den of Thieves" from
Jeremiah and Jesus; and (2) to present
reports to create disciples from the Gospel of
John.  These two themes come together in
the last chapter of  "Den of  Thieves" under
the title of "Called versus Chosen".  Have
you ever wondered why so many people
called "God's People" in the Bible,
sometimes by God Himself, turn out after 40
years not to be God's eternal people after all
like most of God's people that God rescued
from Egyptian bondage.  Well, there is a
difference to being selected by God to be
among the "called" and selected by God to
be among the "Chosen"; and you know of
course, this is based on the saying of Jesus
that while "many are called, few are chosen".
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