City-State Leadership of the Seared Conscience

Andrea Bocelli in his marvelous “Sacred Arias” DVD, pausing from the
outstanding music to talk about Rome, and how it is two cities, one city--
the Vatican--within another city, the city of Rome.  While Rome and the
Roman Empire, and to a certain extent the Vatican city-state-religion, very
unique in the history of mankind, the Vatican striving and succeeding in
dominating religiously and social over half the world like the city of Roman
also became a city-state-Empire that dominated the world.  Listening to
the DVD, the classical Italian and Roman Catholic music even as seeing
in America their large educational institutions and hospitals, it is hard to
separate in our mind the kind of Vatican leadership that allows the raping
by priests of women and children and all these contributions for good.  {By
the way, what you read to follow did not in any way come from Andrea;
and I am sure that he like millions of catholics that have appreciated the
architecture, education, and music out of Italy whether it was Dean Martin
or Caruso, struggle in their own conscience with the raping of American
women and children by priests, and the cover ups of the Vatican
leadership that continues to allow it to happen.}  
This Bible Study Session, continuing on “Christian Fables and the Balaam
Doctrine”, is dedicated both to all the victims of these rapes, to those
priests which struggle with the regulation of the Vatican that denies them
marriage and a family, and above all to the lawyers and social workers
that fight against these rapes and cover-ups.  Special thanks to Jennifer
Haselberger who spent five years as Archbishop John Nienstedt's
archivist and top adviser on Roman Catholic church law, according to a
online news article,
"A canon lawyer alleging a widespread cover-up of
clergy sex misconduct in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
has made her most detailed claims yet, accusing archbishops and their
top staff of lying to the public and of ignoring the U.S. bishops' pledge to
have no tolerance of priests who abuse"
; and you can read it for yourself
It is not the intent of this Bible study session to imply that the rapes of the
most representative of the Vatican, but it is to say that the 1014 A.D
apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church is represented honesty, bluntly,
and without fear in I Timothy 4:1-5; and since the Bible which is the
supreme authority Word of God chooses to talk about it so bluntly in these
five verses, we as servants of God and the Word, like Martin Luther, can
do not less.  As we progress through these 5 very potent and eye-opening
verses which should affect and change our concepts of such a city-state-
religion as the Vatican, we would also keep in mind the admonition of the
Apostle Jude not to bring “railing accusations against dignitaries”, but like
the archangel Michael did in contending with Satan, that powerful prince of
the world, Michael said, “The LORD rebuke you!”.  While being both
intellectually honest to the historical facts of the daily news, the total
history of the Roman Catholic Church, the respect the Pope and the
college of cardinals has in the minds and hearts of millions, even if a
symbol, throughout this session the exact words of the Bible are set forth.  
As the WORD and words from God that are divine in origin, absolute in
authority beyond any dignitary on this earth, sufficient in its message
without the many denominational additions of religious requirements,
commands, and regulations, high fidelity in communication so that it can
be read and understood by all humanity without any assistance except
first the new birth and then the inward guidance of the Holy Spirit--in fact
God expects this of all believers as a way to please God, and the Bible as
Word of God is alive, active, and used by God, bringing fruit to the life of
the Christian like the gentle rain of heaven, and further and lastly the Word
of God, the Bible is self-interpretative
{ASPI of II Peter 1:20,21} so that all
can read and understand it, something the Vatican has always fought
against, in the dark ages more violently than now.  However their intent is
still the same, to put themselves above the authority of the Bible, to make
of themselves the only legitimate interpreters of the Word of God, and to
maintain autocratic control of relgion and life.  Read again
II Peter 1:21
and then recognize how hypocritical the Vatican is, really repeating the
follies of what Jesus said about the hypocrisies of Judaism, when they try
to identify and take their authority as successors to Peter, yet deny the
very basis of personal Christian life sustained in the Bible, and with the
very words of “no scripture is of any private interpretation”, yet their own
private interpretations would close to the average catholic that very door
of reading for themselves the Douay-Rheims catholic addition of the Bible.
{You can read an look up verses in it online at
b=drb&bk=56&ch=2&l=8-9#x .}  Just as the official literal policy of the
Prophet of God Balaam, before he want off on his madness to advise
Balak against God’s people, that is with the policy of “No More and No
Less” than the words from God, we dare not either go ahead or behind
what the Bible clearly tells us.  In short, like on the Christian Fable of the
secret rapture, or Messianic Judaism, or the Pentecostal Problem, or the
Gospel of Prosperity, also on the Vatican problem of a city-state-religion
we have no right or other choice than to follow the Word of God, like
Martin Luther said, “we can do no other”.

15-1:  The Vatican of today with its good and bad like Judaism and
the Roman city-state-Empire strives to maintain many of the rules,
regulations, pomp and circumstances that Jesus came to this earth
to do away with in His crucifixion on the cross like the temple, the
veil in the temple separating us from God, intercession and
sacrifices of a priest, and the legalistic requirements of a mediator
between God and man.

“...having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was
against us, which was contrary to us.  And He has taken it out of the
way, having nailed it to the cross.”  (Colossians 2:14)

NOTE:  Granted that this is a day of lack of respect for government,
but keep an open mind as you come to read and understand I
Timothy 4:1-5, and you ask yourself could a group of religious
leaders claiming to represent God and Peter on earth depart so far
from the original faith “once for all delivered to the saints” and
recorded in the Bible.  When the Prophet of God Balaam, King Balak,
and Moab all come together in one city-state-religion organization,
the world is in a world of hurt!  Government, whether civil or
religious or both like the Vatican, will give you the appearance of
being human and hope you will overlook everything else, forgetting
that legitimate government is “of the people, by the people, and for
the people” and UNDER GOD through only the Lord Jesus Christ.

While those marvelous monk and priest missionaries were pioneering
Christianity all over the world, the City State (Vatican) back home in Rome
was going corrupt just like the city-state of Rome itself which destroyed
itself with corruption, though it once ruled the whole world.  Even as it is a
historical wonder that a city like Rome could become a city state and then
rule the whole world, often by allowing the existing cultures to remain like
in Palestine and the Greeks; so it is even more amazing that God has
allowed such a religious organization that started off like any other local
church in the earliest churches of Christianity, then by political and other
means {all should remember the persecutions of the monasteries by
Roman officials, recall the infamous dark ages}, exerted dominance and
control over at least half of the churches of the first century.  It reminds
one of the Bible Baptists fundamentalists of hundreds of small Bible
Baptist churches sat back and watched while Southern Baptists built large
local churches, then decided in approximately 1980 to take over control of
the SBC, starting at the top and by political means.  
NOTE:  Beware brethren, now that they have political control, you will
notice how you see them striving to exert doctrinal control.  The first thing
they did before 1985 was to place leaders in large SBC churches of other
denominations like Bellevue, FBC Atlanta and Dallas, and the Dallas
Theological Seminary, then once secure at the top politically in the SBC,
you started to hear those weird doctrines of the secret rapture,
dispensational ism, and millennium ism--all those of us who grew up in the
SBC did very well without, while we our simple fashion were just reading
the Bible to see what it says!  Before we Protestants, the other half of
Christian denominations {yes, I am calling the Roman Catholic church a
denomination just like any other religious organization of today}, cast any
stones of self-righteousness at the Roman City-State of morphing from
something good in a real New Testament local church at Rome to the
“Religion of a Seared Conscience” that has allowed and continues to
allow priests to rape American women and children.

15-2:  And lest you think it too strong to allow a Religion like the
Roman city state to be called the Religion of the Seared Conscience,
just stop to consider how Rome allows the rape, in the name of
relgion, of American children and women.

1.  It is the Bible in I Timothy 4:1-5 that identifies them in terms of their
orders from Rome:  (1) to forbid marriage, that has been a powerful
influence in all these rapes; and (2) the command of abstinence of good
meats that God has provided for humanity, and that when prayed over and
blessed by God profits the consumer.

“...forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from foods
which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who
believe and know the truth.”  (I Timothy 4:3)

It is a slap in the face of God to command abstinence from good meats
which God has created, to thereby deny the blessings to followers of
receiving those same foods with thanksgiving, and “those who believe and
know the truth” should not obey those orders and commands.  Even the
most disciplined of military organizations do not forbid good food to their
soldiers, nor do they forbid their soldiers to be married.
2.  According to the Bible in I Timothy 3:1-7, any overseer in a church is to
be “the husband of one wife”.  If in the face of this clear and simple word
of God and Word from God, leaders in the Roman city-state-religion strive
to countermand God Himself on marriage and meat, what other doctrines
of devils have they been seduced into the last 1014 years.
“The bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate,
sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach’ not given to
wine, not violent, not greedy for money but gentle, not quarrelsome, not
covetous...”  (I Timothy 3:2,3)

15-3:  Even as II Timothy has been noted and outlined as the
apostasy guidelines for the Protestant half of the church, so I
Timothy could be considered as the guidelines for the Roman
Catholic apostasy of the other half of Christianity.

1.  Brutal huh, but you see there is no graceful way for the Falling Away,
as predicted in the Word of God to happen without much sin, departure
from the original “faith once for all delivered to the saints”  (Jude 3) and as
recorded in the Bible, and yes, the help of seducing spirits and doctrines
of devils.  Notice that the announcement of the Protestant half of the
Falling Away comes in II Timothy, while the Catholic half is in I Timothy,
which is quite normal since the great apostasy of the Roman city-state
religion leadership happened about 1000 years ago, and the Protestant
apostasy, led in many ways by the BBF takeover of the SBC happened
approximately 34 out of the 40 year Falling Away designated in the Bible
(Hebrews 3:9,17, Acts 7:36,42).

“For the time will come {well, it is here now--in fact 34 years into the
designated 40 years for a Falling Away}, when they will not endure
sound doctrine {what is the standard recognized by God as the
criterion for sound doctrine, but the Bible as the Word of God}, but
according to their own desires {does that not sound somewhat like
seducing spirits of the previously written I Timothy 4:1}, because
they have itching ears {the leadership and the members developed
itching ears that lead away from original faith once for all delivered
to the saints}, they will heap up for themselves teachers {the will of
God is ignored, the guidance of Christ and the Spirit in the selection
of church and denominational leadership, instead churches and
denominations adopting the ways and methods of the world at
large}, and they will turn their ears away from the truth {how many,
many instances, do you not know now among Protestants and
Catholics, where they just plain stop listening and heeding the
Bible?}, and be turned aside to fables {yes, Christian fables, that is
what this series of Bible sessions is all about!}  (II Timothy 4:3,4)

2.  Briefly look at what I Timothy is all about for a outline to later use as a
guideline for the great and early apostasy of the Roman city-state-religion
leadership.  We keep saying earlier as it happened about 1000 years
before the similar Protestant failing away, and in many ways has provided
a bad example that many Protestant churches have followed in their falling
away of the last 34 out of 40 years.

15-4:  A Roman Catholic City-State-Religion falling away outline from
I Timothy.

NOTE:  First before the outline of the downfall of Rome, you should
note than rather than us bring railing accusations against dignitaries
like the Pope, the college of cardinals, numerous bishops and
priests, it is that the Bible, the Word of God and as such the ultimate
authority, that is allowed to express Itself on these railing
accusations. For example, and from Jude, we are reminded that the
DEPARTEES ( I Timothy 4:1) from the faith are themselves also the
ones who despise the legitimate authority of God--

“But these speak evil of whatever they do not know; and whatever
they know naturally {from their education and culture of the world},
like brute beasts {you see this is the end result of those leaders who
depart from the faith, and victims of seducing spirits and doctrines
of devils, those that develop the religion of the seared conscience
which forbids marriage and forbids good meats}, in these things
they corrupt themselves.”  (Jude 10)

                               Back to Balaam Again

“Woe to them!  {No, they are not getting away with it!}  For they have
gone in the way of Cain {disobedience to God and the way God
wants obedience and service}, have run greedily in the way of
Balaam for profit {where is their profits obviously?  in the land state
of the Roman-city-state, in their army for security, in their stashed
away wealth, in their rich garments and houses and cathedrals, etc},
and perished in the rebellion of Korah {the popes of Rome usurped
the authority of other pastors of local churches, and misled them
away from the Word of God like Korah tried to usurp leadership of
God through Moses}.  (Jude 11)

1.  NO OTHER DOCTRINE than that taught by the Apostles and recorded
in the pages of the Bible.  Right up front in I Timothy, 1:3,4, Paul and God
through the Apostle Paul, plants the seed for the Catholic falling away of
1014 A.D. with “that they teach no other doctrine”.  Somehow, someway,
Christians on both sides of the fence have developed the habit of thinking
that Christianity that is modern is allowed to evolve into something away
from the Bible, and better than the Bible, something that “is teaching for
doctrines the commandments of men” (Matthew 15:7-9 and Isaiah 29:13)
as Jesus warned.

“...nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause
disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.”  (I Timothy 1:

NOTE:  We see the waste of time of not only the LDSers, which
started already in a falling way with their 4 substitute Bibles, and with
their endless genealogies whereby they baptize for their dead
people, letting the poor innocent children be dunked 50 times for
dead relatives; and perhaps you never thought about that ridiculous
and endless genealogy of the Popes whereby they attempt to go all
the way back to Peter as the first Pope.  Number one, there is no
Bible or otherwise historical evidence that Peter the fisherman was a
Pope, and further there is evidence that the humble fisherman for
Jesus would be embarrassed to see in Catholic Popes a repeat of
the pomp, circumstances, and worldly robes of today like the
Pharisees and Sadducees of his day.

3.          “SINNERS OF WHOM I AM CHIEF”  (I Timothy 1:15)  Do you
think you would ever hear a Pope or SBC top leaders saying--

“This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ
Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief.”  (I
Timothy 1:15)

4.  And how about on where real HONOR and real GORY are going to go?

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is
wise, be honor and glory forever and ever.  Amen.”  (I Timothy 1:20)

5.  Prayer is to be made for all those in social and political authority, Kings
and religious leaders (2:1-3).  Some need a lot more prayer than others,
and according to the Bible, it is those who less claim the need for prayer
that need it most, like the sinner who knows no need for a physician.  
Those needing prayer for the forgiveness of God for sin, in the Vatican,
are those who think that only they can forgive sins; and that within itself is
an impossible dilemma.  Part of the reason these top leaders in the
Vatican refuse to control the rape of American women and children is that
they can not afford to destroy the ability, given by them in the first place
with their supposed august authority, to forgive their own sins and the sins
of others in their abused parish.
not allow any one, no matter what the dress and worldly dignity, to cheat
you out of direct access to God through Christ.

“For there is one God and One Mediator between God and men, the
Man Christ Jesus...”  (2:5)

Timothy 3:1-7).
apostasy, or falling away, of the Catholic half of Christianity with the gory
details.  This is probable the most starting revelation of the Bible to those
who are Christians, and were it no for the obvious identification of the
Vatican as the culprits by those forbidance of marriage and meat, we
would never have known. (I Timothy 4:1-5)
9.  How to also identify a “good servant of the Lord Jesus Christ”, I
Timothy 4:12-16.

15-5:  At what time in this downward trend of the increased Falling
Away of today, do you stop listening to the “itching ears’ teachings
of Christian fables, or wait until you also turn away from truth and
are turned aside to fables?  Wake up America, and wake up world!

1.  Like in the days of Jeremiah, when it was too late for peace in
Jerusalem and Judah, false prophets today are also saying “Peace,
peace, when there is no peace, and are only slightly healing the hurt of the
people.”  (Jeremiah 7:11)
2.  Turning away from the truth was a malady in the Jerusalem of
Jeremiah, turning away from truth was dominant in Judaism after Jesus,
and turning away from the truth of what will happen to Jerusalem, Judah
and the camp of the saints as a world army comes against Jerusalem to
wrap up world history, dominates Christian thought of today.  Likewise as
in the days of Jeremiah and the destruction of Jerusalem by the
Babylonians, people not only can not see how ISIS and other Muslim
terrorist groups that are dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the US,
how God will use ungodly nations like ISIS and Babylon and Moab to
destroy Gods own people, and then take care of them afterwards {“God
knows how to reserve the ungodly for punishment...”}, and further not
realizing how God can control making the decision Himself as to who lives
and dies during the time of destruction.  Although the Jeremiah is clear
during those final days in Jerusalem and Judah how God would control the
Babylonian swords to the extent that some would be saved and taken in
captivity but most killed, we still do not get it!  Although God told in
Zechariah 13 how only one-third of the Jews after the Roman destruction
of Jerusalem would be saved, but by fire, we still do not get it.  Although
God has told us in Zechariah 14 and 15 how only half of the city of
Jerusalem will be saved in the final battle as all the Muslim and other
ungodly forces come in an army against Jerusalem, we still find ways and
unsound doctrines and Christian fables to ignore and turn away from the
3.  How can the majority of the world do this?  It is a symbol to the power
of the “seared conscience”, Protestant and Catholic, that of Satan the
prince of this world who will bring forth many Men of Sin like the current
leader of ISIS who is brutal, a preacher, and has no regard for life--like
Satan, Men of Sin in many places of the Middle East today have no a
seared conscience.  It is a symbol of the ultimate in turning away from
truth on the real falling away, on the real resurrection of the dead at the
END time second coming of Christ, and the many Christian fables that
always keep the majority of the world, from Adam to now, from seeing the
truth.  Beware even if in your large group, clan, or etc it is popular to hold
a certain belief, for the way of the majority is within itself a clue to the
wrong way to go even as “broad is the way that leads to destruction, and
many that follow it, and narrow is the way that leads to life eternal and few
find it.”  The extent as a Christian and a church member that you have to
follow the Leadership of the Seared Conscience is up to you!  Even as
the explicit teaching of the Bible is that every Christian is a priest of God
and has only one Mediator, Christ, between Him and God, so the Bible
also teaches that your responsibility is directly to God through Christ; and
as no one can take your soul competence and the importance of you as a
individual in the sight of God, so no person can also take the place of your
stewardship and accountability in the sight of God.
There is some justification of some Protestant preachers claim that the
Pope is the “Man of sin”.  Of course Man of sin is generic in that at the
END of time as the armies of the world come against Israel and
Jerusalem, there will be among the leadership of those many armies
several Men of sin, the generic being that they both are religious and  
preach and are men of war like the present leader of ISIS.  Another way
the Bible identifies this generic Man, a Man of sin, is that they will “stand
in the temple like God, and claiming to be God.  Do you not see that
anywhere?  Men of sin like the leader of ISIS claim to take the place of
God in their utter disregard of human life, putting themselves in the place
of God as to who lives and who dies!
Those who have made their own conscience, Christian or otherwise, the
supreme guide for what is right or wrong, sometimes by the educated and
cultured and sometimes by the opposite forget:  (1) that God is still greater
than our human conscience, where collective in a society, a community,
or individual (I John 3:20); and (2) the Bible teaches that some may have
a good conscience like Paul and Timothy, others even in leadership, or
maybe especially in leadership can have a SEARED CONSCIENCE that
has lost the ability to recognize and teach truth; therefore when the Word
of the God in the Bible is ignored, their is no anchor or sail for the soul.

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