6th Anniversary Message:  A Refreshing Textual
             Look at Acts 3:19-21

You have read Acts 3 before and this total Sermon from Simon Peter; however if
you sit under a fundamentalists Bible Baptist preacher I doubt that you have heard
all the words in textual format, especially on God’s holding of Christ captive in
heaven until the very end of this old earth and the ushering in of the new earth, that
is at “the restoration of all things”.  Therefore just a fresh look at the words
themselves should be refreshing for you, but beyond that is the potential for more,
much much more!
In the first of this series on “Refreshing Evangelism” or “Times of Refreshing from
the presence of the Lord” if you prefer, Blackwood’s book on homiletics,
PREACHING FROM THE BIBLE, was mentioned; and from that book as a source
of authority along with Riley’s PRECHER AND HIS PREACHING, Charles Spurgeon’
s LECTURES TO MY STUDENTS, we would note that there in general 3 types of
sermons:  (1) textual, which goes straight down through the text like in Acts 3:19-
21 and in the order of the text; (2) expository, where a chapter or so of Bible
verses are expounded like we may do later in this series on this whole sermon from
Simon Peter in the early days of the kingdom of Christ immediately after the
ascension of Christ to heaven; and (3) topical, where a certain doctrine of teaching
{doctrine and teaching are interchangeable words} in the Bible is covered
everywhere it is located in the Bible, or as many as the preacher can find with the
use of something like NAVE’S TOPICAL BIBLE or a good concordance.
2-1:  A Refreshing Look at Acts 3:19-21 with some exciting previews of
REFRESHINGS you will receive in the future newsletters.
1.  Times of Refreshing must have the foundation of repentance, conversion, and
the blotting out of sins on the part of God.  (Acts 3:19)
2.  The completion of Times of Refreshing comes with the simultaneous Second
Coming of Christ, the new Jerusalem lowered to Mount Zion, and the creation by
God the new heavens and the new earth. (Acts 3:20a)
3.  God the Father sends Jesus Christ the second time, as He also sent Him the
first time except the second time in power and glory.  (Acts 3:20a)
4.  This same Jesus Christ was preached throughout the history of Israel by the
Prophets, staring with Moses.  (Acts 3:20b and 2:22-24)
5.  Even as heaven now receives on the dead in Christ until the creation of the new
earth, Christ will be in heaven until “the restoration of all things”.  (Acts 3:21a).
“...since the world began”  (Acts 3:21b) marks the beginning of all things (Genesis
1:1); and “the restoration of all things”, people and land, marks the end of all things
with the re-creation of new heavens and a new earth. The Apostle John on the isle
of Patmos had a special revelation of this great event of the restoration of all things.
(1).  Restoration of the Land.
“Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth
had passed away.  Also there was no more sea.  Then I John saw the holy city,
New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God {see how everything is sent
by the God in heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the New Jerusalem}...(Revelation
(2).  Before that, in Revelation 20:11-15, John saw the restoration of the peoples
of the earth.
6.  This famous “restoration of all things” was spoken of and written in the Prophets
from the beginnings of the Bible.  (Acts 3:21b)
2-2:  Recently a Bible search question, sincere or insincere and skeptical who
knows, came on www.biblecombibleman.com which asked “is sound doctrine the
same as sound teaching?”
1.  Sound doctrine is sound teaching if it comes from the Bible, as in the Bible the
words “doctrine” and “teachings” are interchangeable.
2.  When sound doctrine does not flow out of the Bible from the teachings of the
Bible as given by the prophets, apostles, and Jesus the problem is not with the
Bible, it is with the attitude of the interpreter.  The reader or hearer must be willing
to do what is taught in order to properly understand it
3.  That brings us naturally to consider the ASPI interpretation of the Bible.  It is
quoted, “no scripture is of any private interpretation, {Authorized Semi-Public
Interpretation, as you must first be born again and then have the help of the Spirit
for understanding} but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the holy
Spirit” (II Peter 1:20,21), but few get the impact that this demands not many
interpretations of Scripture, but only one; and anytime there is a contradiction of
interpretation, one of more parties has lost contact with the reality of the way the
Bible was written.  Primarily contact with the Holy Spirit, and a pre-requisite to do
the will of God and Christ in order to understand.  In short, the majority of people
and even Christians just can not get it into their heads, that the learning and
understanding of the Bible is different from all other learning; because the Bible and
the way it was written is different from all other books and wisdom,
2-3:  Another search question, what are the stages of turning away from truth?
Hopefully this sincere seeker after Bible truth found the answer as directed to such
e-book as DEN OF THIEVES, HIDEOUT FOR BAD HABITS, and most specifically
in “Turning Away Finalizes the Falling Away”.  It behoves that speaker to look at
and download the free PDF of the same title and save to his computer, of course
that requires a Adobe Reader is on his computer, also free from www.adobe.com.  
As you have read or will read in “Turning Away Finalizes the Falling Away”, the
introduction begins with the 5 stages of the Falling Away of II Timothy 4:4,5, of
which “Turning Away” is the fourth stage.  God Himself takes care of the 5th stage
as such of called only but not chose of God’s people are “turned into fables”.  {It
happened a long time ago to most in the Roman Catholic church and even more in
the Mormon Church--in fact since they started with their famous non-Christian
Bibles, there is a question as to how they could have every fallen into truth; but only
in the last 40-80 years has it been happening to members of Protestant churches.}
Then TURNING AWAY continues with a statement of the gist of the message:
While most pastors today would have you think in order for increased membership,
that falling away is absence from attendance at their church, a careful study of
Bible, especially in Jeremiah and Hebrews, indicates that falling away is really a
falling away from God, Christ, and the real Bible.  One might say that everything
that was lost in the Garden is once again lost as God’s “called but not chosen”
people lose the benefits of RESTORATION!
You must download and read the message.  The other main points, which one
might call the stages of turning away from truth, are:  (1) the text of the message
of Jeremiah 7:28 {don’t forget that Jeremiah preached the stages of turning away
from truth every day at the temple gate, and this is recorded in the famous temple
message of Jeremiah 7 and 23; also that the Bible is given to not only individuals
for examples of what to do and what not to do, but also to cities and nations (Jude
7)}; (2) what can help America and American churches today from Jeremiah deal
with the stages of the falling away and of turning away from truth--the next time
you read through the testing and tribulations of Revelation, and then pray at the
close of the book “even so come quickly Lord Jesus Christ”, remember that the
twin events of the Falling Away and the final tribulation are (a) inevitable and (b)
and must happen immediately before the Second Coning--
“3. The answer is simple: (1) a minority of Christians in the churches and in
America will overcome the Falling Away and the turning away from truth and (2) the
majority of church members and citizens that lose the battle with truth also lose
their salvation so that the Second Coming also loses hope of eternal salvation with
God for them.
NOTE: Is it any wonder that Paul says “work out your salvation {or work at and
with your salvation, and from the inside out} with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:
12).  And Paul writes in Hebrews, the book of the falling away, “how shall we
escape {escape what?  the falling away and eternal death} if we neglect  {in any
way} so great a salvation” (Hebrews 2:3)
Remember we are still in the stages of turning away from the message you can
download in PDF, “Turning Away Finalizes the Falling Away”:
(3)  When truth dies in a nation of Gods people, and the answer is in Jeremiah 7,
for God’s people then and now; and if you have not read it, and meditate on it, and
taken it very seriously as to what could also happen to you other people who think
you are among God’s chosen, THEN WAKE UP!
(4)  When was truth born in Israel?
(5)  True Prophesy is truth:  False Prophesy is a lie and False Truth.
(6)  How Judah was cut off from the truth?  Here is your answer in that message of
the stages of the turning away, 1...2...3, etc.
(7)  Falling Away is to the Second Coming as Truth is to the Falling away.  In other
words the falling away must come before the Second Coming and a loss of truth
before the great apostasy of the Falling Away.
(8)  A nation of God’s people, majority-wise, can turn away from truth.  It
happened to Jerusalem and Judah, and it can happen here.
(9)  As the pillar of the truth crumbles and as the ground of the truth shakes.
(10)  We depend on the truth about truth in the Bible.
(11)  Strange so much about truth in the Bible and yet so little heard from the
pulpits of the nation.  One would think we are already deep into this fourth {turning
away from truth} and final stage of the Falling away just before God turns our
whole nation into fables.
2-4:  What will be restored at the end? as Restoration of ALL things at the end
time Second Coming of Christ is obvious in the text above of Acts, “...Jesus Christ...
whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things...”  (Acts 3:
The very general answer is simple:  EVERYTHING LOST IN THE GARDEN OF
1.  Yes brethren, it is shouting time as first of all close fellowship with this great
God of the Universe, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ will be restored through
Christ.  It was lost as God cast our distant forefathers, Adam and Eve, out of the
Garden; and it will be restored as God lowers the New Jerusalem down from
heaven to ever live and dwell among a new world with a new earth of God’s people.
2.  For those that have already died in Christ and those caught up with them at the
Second Coming and termination of the old earth by fire, the physical bodies of real
Christians that have previously on the old earth been members of the one body, the
assembly of Christ, will be restored.  Lost in the Garden was sinlessness, lost was
the absence of pain and sorrow and death; and all these lost benefits will be
restored!  Isn’t that worth a shout.  This is in short full salvation of the everlasting
soul with the body.  While today preachers use the words like lost and save, and
speak of how there is the beginning of salvation in the new birth with continuation in
Christlikeness through sanctification by the Spirit of God, then finally glorification at
the END as the soul and body come back together, Peter in this famous second
sermon after the Ascension of Christ described it all and more in the potently
packed words of “the restoration of all things”.
3.  It is beyond our understanding as to which Christians of the assembly written in
heaven will be better off, the ones that have already died before the Second
Coming or the ones who must make it through the Falling Away and the final
tribulation of destruction of the old earth, OR the Christians who have already died
“in Christ”.  Obviously while the previously dead Christians can have their souls in
heaven with God and Jesus before the Second Coming, then be transferred with
their bodies to everlasting life on the new earth, this is contrasted with the live ones
who have their bodies and souls instantly restored at the Second Coming.  And
again, it is shouting time as either one is great!

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