Recent Additions
SunGrist is always responsive to dialogue and the requests of its surfing
constituents, at home and abroad.  We like to think that our surfers are
more serious than those of Facebook and other social media.  In short,
the first two months of 2013, has uncovered 3 needs, through questions
and searches, that will be meet immediately by popular demand:

I.  Request for shorter web pages or downloads of lesser memory
demands as more and more constituents, especially overseas, come into by SmartPhones.

Short briefs on such research topics as rlocus, PID controller in
SciLab, CACSD in SciLab, Bungee jump modeled and prorammed in
FreeMat and Matlab, and so on and on for the future based on the
popular and recent requests from you interested surfers.  Newer and
more concise additions to the WORKING APPENDIX of "Technical
Applications of Computers with Matlab, and such free, open software
as FreeMat, SciLab, JMathLib, and Octave".

III.  Newer additions to the
Bible Predictions of Bible Prophesy.