1.  There are no denominational strings
attached to the Great Commission.

2.  There is more to giving for Christ and
missions than a yearly checking off of
requirements of church and denominational

3.  Once you know about a real need, and for
Christ, according to the parable of the Good
Samaritan, you are actually obligated to give
what you can to such needs as the Christian
mission in Yangon.

{$14,000 to buy this building}

4.  What other denominations are striving to
do in the future for world missions--that is, to
train locals to take their place, Zam Lam
Thang and his wife have already achieved in
that they are natives of Myanmar {formerly
Burma} and are Christians, besides with a
doctorate in Ministry from Canada, they are
already trained.

5.  You can do it directly without any
administrative costs or involvement from any
other else.  And if you desire to know more,
you can email Zam Lam Thang directly.

Pastor Zam Lam Thang
GPO Box 1057
Yangon, Myanmar

{or get your charitable group or church group
involved in this more than worthy cause}

6.  It is by far the number one investment that
you can make right now in the spreading of
the Gospel of Christ in the world.

7.  Look at the faces of those children!  How
can you resist them?

8.  The need is great and right now as Zam
Lam Thang have recently gone to the city of
Yangon to establish a Christian Mission; and
you know of the many problems in the midst
of a Buddhist country.

9.  They are real missionaries, not these that
reside in a comfortable English speaking
church with a home of comfort and security in
Bangkok, Thailand, or can not take the
pressure of strikes in Venezuela; but people
on a mission for Christ under trying and
life-threatening circumstances.  In other
words, they are the real thing for Christ!

The need is real and the need is now!

10.  This is an unquestionable way to "store
up treasure in heaven rather than on earth";
whereas so many others are questionable!

11.  Pastor Zam Lam Thang of Yangoon.
Reasons You Should Give
Now to the Christian
Mission in Yangon