Gospel Pride, the book of Romans

Some good reasons to label the NT {New Testament} book of Romans
"Gospel Pride"--

1.  It is obvious from the human authorship side of the Apostle Paul, by
his introduction in Romans 1:16,17 in the words of "I am not ashamed of
the gospel of Christ...", especially when you read Acts and Galatians to
see what all Paul went through to spread his Gospel Pride, that while
reluctant as even many are today to use the forbidden word of "Pride" in
any positive manner, that Paul was really ready to set forth the whole
panorama of the full Gospel of Christ, and the One Salvation under the
preferred title of Ephesians 1:5 of "one baptism".  It is an amazing facet
of superficial Christians how quickly they will speak of pride in children, in
school, in church, and nation; yet balk when Pride is used in the same
phrase as Gospel to summarize the book of Romans.  Is it because they
do not have an equal amount of Pride in the Gospel, do not show it, or
don't want to admit the lack in their Gospel Pride.

The reality is that there are so many aspects of God's salvation plan
covered in the book of Romans, that many titles have been suitable.  Our
Bible teacher and department head of Bible at Ouachita Baptist, Dr.
Wolber, entitled it "The Righteousness of God"; our teacher of Romans
at SWBTS, J.W. MacGorman has a commentary on Romans on
Amazon.com entitled "Everyman's Gospel", however I think the book
with the seminary course was something more about the Message of
Romans, or simply "The Gospel according to Romans".  {I read the
book, but primarily spent hours in the reading and outlining the book of
Romans itself, the first of many outlines during years of teaching and
preaching Romans at over 16 interim pastorates.}  The famous Dr
Barnhouse calls his commentaries on Romans, "Expositions of Bible
Doctrines Taking he Epistle to the Romans as a Point of Departure".

2.  Gospel Pride helps to counter THE LIE of Romans 1:25, the lie
according to that verse being the opposite of truth.  What is the truth
about God, His character, and His desires and plans for humanity, the
book of Romans is the place to answer this large quest.

"...who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and
served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever.  
Amen."  (Romans 1:25)

NOTE:  While weird fundamentalists will be tempted to run with this word
"lie", taking this single verse of Bible and going every where preaching,
as is their custom, it is better to be patient, allowing this whole Gospel
Pride study of God's Word in the book of Romans to explain in total
context the word "lie".  Expectations!  I hope so, "the lie" as contrasted to
just lies of which there are many, is a big word and requires the big
answer of exegesis of the book of Romans.  There is something wrong
with the editors of the BBF controlled LifeWay publishers, who object to
the title of "Gospel Pride" as not being BBF politically correct.  For short,
let us call it BBFpc.  {Just one place the new BBFpc controlled SBC has
given priority to denominational custom and tradition over Bible!}

3.  The prayerful reading of the Book of Romans with guidance from the
Holy Spirit, while practicing good ASPI exegesis, and a willingness to do
what is read will generate such a unique pride in what is jumping out of
because of the lively and dynamic nature of the Word of God, as to be
called Gospel Pride.  It according to McLendon Day in the "Wonder of
the Word" will be like a Chinese translator when working on the book of
Romans said, "The One that wrote this Book made me, because it tells
things about myself that only My Creator would know."

4.  There is another reason the BBFpc  {in other writings from
SunGrist_Bible it has been called fc for fundamentalistic correct} objects
to the title of Gospel Pride.  Such an approach with main chapters like
"readiness", "confidence", "courage" and "loyalty", makes the study too
practical, down-to-earth, and relevant to the Christian Way of Life and
Living as well as the best of Baptist Distinctives.  They just want
professionals of the denomination to be able to understand.

5.  Fundamentalists in their efforts to reach numbers from the world,
especially youth, have accepted such community values of doctrines,
although they are customs and traditions of the world:  indifference
toward God's teachings on marriage, competition like in the world which
is selfishness, acceptance of the "pride of life" as Christian as thought it
were not a lust like the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, and primarily
always wrapped in each new generation around other itching ears
teachings--at least words--the selling out on the Gospel of Wealth and the
corolary of life; and music without understanding and a distinct sound as
admonished in I Corinthians 14, and which is as bad or worse than
speaking in unknown tongues that can not be understood.

Please go to the webpage of "Baptist Distinctives and
Fundamentalists versus the Book of Romans", to read more on the
Romans series and as a
progress chart as sessions are added.  

NOTE:  Bible Baptists fundamentalists departed from historic
Baptist Distinctives as the Scofield Reference Bible became so
influential in the small backwoods churches of the Bible belt, and
then as Scofield's disciple Chalmers, his chosen successor at
Scofield Memorial Church {originally the First Congregationalists
Church of Dallas} and first President of Dallas Theological
Seminary} performed the theological work with extensive writing
and teaching even as R.A. Torrey had done for Dwight L. Moody.  
What a pandora's box of Christian fables got their headquarters and
place of BBF evangelism based on the SRB notes and Chalmers
influence and commentaries with such Christian fables as the secret
rapture, millenniumism, and dispensationalism; also spreading the
worse of Congregationalism and Presbyterianism* {not to knock
their significant good contributions to the spread of Christianity} that
in turn lead BBFers starting at the 1980 SBC to eliminate soul
competency and the priesthood of believers from not only the
Convention statement of faith but also from practice among Baptist.
While a good Bible argument could be made that the priesthood of
believers and individual soul competency is taught more in other
places of the Bible such as in Hebrews, Romans does provide the

*  Congregationalism and Presbyterianism has the influence of
minimizing not only individual responsibility to God but a lack of
confidence in the individual Christian's ability to find and know the
truth, or to just plan read the Bible for himself.