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Yes, this unbelievable FREE offer in the tone of
"freely we have received, freely we give" of

NOTE:  Less than 1% of Bible related downloads
from this site have a charge, and those only for
expensives.  It is really a moral crime for Many in the
name of Christ and evangelism to make so much
money off Bibles, Bible teachings and preaching,
especially churches and other large organizations
who are charged by Jesus with the great
commission, to be given freely.

Well on a more Positive Note that you will welcome

1.  You can look up any chapter of
book of the Bible you want to read.

2.  You first download free, either the
first half of the Bible or the second
half, depending on where you want
to read.

The Bible Part 1
(Genesis thru Psalm
88)                           or
The Bible Part II
(Psalm 89 thru Revelation)

3.  Once you have done the
download, you can SAVE it on your

NOTE:  Surely you have been on the website
long enough to now that Adobe Reader is free
from or simply click on the
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4.  The convenience of PDF is that
you can zoom the print as large as
you wish or need with the zoom at
the bottom right.

5.  Also you can even have Adobe
Reader read out loud to you!

6.  Since the KJV of the Bible is
public domain, you can print as many
copies as you wish once it is in your
computer, and at any size you desire
or need.