You will want to checkout the purpose of the SunGrist_Bible Ministry at

1.  Promote Bible understanding.

2.  Extend the influence of Christ.

3.  Present Friends of Jesus as a challenge sufficient for the Falling
Away. {It was good enough for the Apostles  as presented by Jesus
Himself; it is good enough for youth and all of us.}

4.  Outreach for the churched and unchurched with the Holy Spirit and
the Bible centered around THE WAY OF CONTINUING FAITH from the
Gospel of John.

5.  Rescue Sound Doctrine.

NOTE:  This sometimes seems harsh as the preaching and teaching of
"itching ears" official prophets, priests, and evangelists, and respected
denominational leaders--even as in the time of Jeremiah--have drifted so
far from the ASPI {Authorized Semi-Public Version, II Peter 1:20} version
of the Bible, being more motivated by the influence of what church
members want and colleagues that have with them been similarly
"heaped up" by those same desires of church members,  being shocked
that a person of low official status, like Jeremiah, would have the nerve
to challenge what they know to be right.  Nonetheless, also like Jeremiah
who stood alone against all the official prophets and priests {who by the
way had lost favor with God as they substituted their own dreams and
visions for what came from God in the way of truth, and consistently
supported each other in their denominational schools and movements,
even to the extent of heathen practices}, and like Martin Luther "Here we

And we would often remind such oppositons that our fight is not with
them  of "flesh and blood" but against principals and powers much
higher than them, that Jesus and the Apostles were out of step with the
official religious leaders of their time; and that popularity is a very bad
sign during this time of the Falling Away.  {Don't fall back on Billy Graham
for support, the approximately 40-80  year Falling Away, and the even
worse the present American-like at least 163 year backsliding of God's
people in Judah, did not get well under way until the demise of his
world-wide popularity.}

Anything can be done by definition; and it is amazing how like Falwell
before his death, many religious manifestations of today are being touted
as signs of revival, like Messianic Judaism and other methods of works
for salvation like millenniumism, and the reformed gospel, even the
gospel of prosperity; when in reality they have long ago been exposed as
unnecessary troubling of the souls {the Apostle Peter in Acts 15:10} of
Christians, profiting in positon, status and financial support while they
live off "placing a burden on Gods people that neither we nor our
forefathers were able to bear".

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