NOTE:  This is an outline of Prophesy Today, explaining the nature of
Prophesy along with the more contemporary perversion of the Falling Away
and false prophets, and what place Prophets had in the appointments by
the Ascended Christ.

This outline came during the development of "The Cause, Cure, and Curse
of Idolatry" {part of Jeremiah and Prophesy III Bible studies}, and it will be
completed on this page shortly.  In the meantime, you are welcome to pick
up your Bibles and study through the related passages.

31-4:  PROPHESY.  Prophesy before and After the Ascension of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE:  This sub-title or sub-heading can only be presented now; and if you
wish you can look up these Scriptures in the New Testament and from
Moses in Deuteronomy 18:15-22.  It must because of the length of this
message be treated on a separate web page, “ProphesyToday”.
1.  Prophets and Prophesy from Moses.
2.  The Predicted more democratic nature of “prophesy” from Joel, and the
witness to the historical event by the Apostle Peter as recorded in Acts 2.
3.  The Ascended Christ appoints “prophets” of “prophesy” along with
pastors, teachers, and apostles and evangelists.
4.  Paul defines much  about the nature of these democratic prophets and
prophesy in I Corinthians 14.
5.  Evangelists and pastors today, along with their churches and
denominations, have gone back to a condemned variety of official prophets
and prophesy in Jeremiah, to abuse the system Christ set up after His
Ascension, all part of the great apostasy called the Falling Away.