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11-6:  Profit  Correction on  Prophesy (Speaking in the Assembly) in I Cor 14.

Few places in Scripture have we during the last 20 years seen the need for
“reproof”  and “correction” on ALL SCRIPTURE like we now see in the status quo
as I Corinthians 14 is understood and practiced.  While many give lip service and
some honor to I Corinthians 14, as the charismatic and special revelations
movement in American Christianity has come to dominate, the real meaning and
message of this famous chapter has been ignored.  Sometimes one would think
that the charismatic movement with the rising tide of the mystery of lawlessness
that started in Paul’s day, was the twin movement that would dominate American
churches and religion in favor of the Falling Away.  Although at first to be
considered strange, it should also be recalled that even Satan was transformed
into an angel of light; should it therefore be considered strange that this
charismatic movement, so anti-Scripture to I Corinthians 14, should be a prime
instrument in the ushering in of the inevitable Falling Away.

The meaning of “prophesy” in Jeremiah and I Corinthians is to “publicly expound”.  
Somehow prophesy and prophet has become confused with predictions of the
future; and while all the Prophets like Jeremiah, and we should be aware of that
by now, had predictions of the future on what God was going to do, the primary
message of the Prophet was on contemporary problems and issues.  For
example, Jeremiah primarily preached on the bad habits of God’s people.

1.  I Corinthians 14:3 has forever established the purpose of “prophesy” in
a local church or in part of the total assembly of Christ.  
{Some of these TV and
conference speakers think they can ignore I Corinthians 14 as they are not
speaking in a local church, but even as “where two or three or gathered
together in the name of Christ” as Jesus taught, so also it is an Assembly
in the nature of “My Assembly” when Christians gather for such Bible

a.  The purpose of public expounded in any assembly of Christ is to:  (1) edify,
(2) exhort, and (3) comfort.  (I Corinthians 14:3)  Any time or place of an
assembly in the name of Christ, that you find public speaking not to be consistent
with the building up of Christians according to the Word of God, any time you find
it inconsistent with the exhortations of the Word of God no matter what special
revelations are claimed, and any time you find it to be a false comfort and false
security as compared to what the Word of God as it exists now, that is as the
substance of “the faith once for all delivered to the saints”, it is NOT
PROPHESY!  If the prophesy is obvious for personal status and profit; if it smells
like self-edification, if it sounds like self-edification for profit and status, and if it
looks like self-edification for status and profit, no matter how large the crowd--
they could not be larger than all of God’s people in Jeremiah nor larger than all
God’s people in the Falling Away in the wilderness--then it is self-edification.

b.  The opposite of this kind of speaking in the church {prophesy}, according to I
Corinthians 14:4, is to edify self.  This applies to an individual worshipper who
gets all involved in arm waving and self-expressions of joy as well as to the public
speaker.  Speaking in a tongue, like an unknown tongue or another language, is
just one way that a worshipper or speaker can disrupt worship by favoring self-
edification over edification of the assembly.  That is the real subject of I
Corinthians 14 even though it has been perverted and misused, sorely in need of
reproof and correction.  And here is a stark example of where a little scripture,
say one or two verses are utilized out of the sink hole of ALL SCRIPTURE, to
use and pervert the total gist.  The gist is described in I Corinthians 14:1:  (1)
Your prophesy or speaking publicly in the church should first come from a pursuit
of love, the love Christ and God without the waxing cold of the sin and Falling
Away, not from the self-love of the bad habits of church members; (2) Save your
speaking to God, like in tongue speaking, for private prayers and remember that
in public prophesy your audience is other men
{granted God hears if you really
have something to say, but prophesy is TO listeners, not God}
; and (3)
while your spirit can communicate to God in any known or unknown God in
private prayer, it is not a matter for speaking in public exposition, in short not
prophesy.  {Why not allow God to define like He does in I Corinthians 14 what

kind of speaking that He desires publicly in His own House.}

NOTE:  Perhaps one of the previously unmentioned ways that we make
Houses of God a “Hideout for Bad Habits” is by disguising our prophesies
under the bad habit of self-edification.  However, we do recall that this was
also the problem of the “Den of Thieves” of Jeremiah, you sought to build
up themselves as secure, right, and comfortable by shouting charimatically
“The temple of God, the temple of God, the temple of God are these”.  Also
by speaking publicly the big lie.

2.  The bottom line of I Corinthians 14, and many never make the connection or
allow themselves to be reproved or corrected on the matter, at the same time
deceiving themselves that they have the profitability of doctrine and instruction in
righteousness on this portion of ALL SCRIPTURE, is to be found in a proper
attitude toward the Word of God as given in I Corinthians 14:36, the gist of which
is “did the Word of God come to you only, or did the Word of God come out of
you?”  You see this kind of forbidden by ALL SCRIPTURE attitude is what
creates for self-edification, profit, and status all these special revelations where
God told such a public expounder something that He did not tell others.

a.  If someone things himself “to be prophet or spiritual”, let him or her first
acknowledge that the things which Paul spoke and wrote are words from God.  
Paul was among the Apostles chosen, like the Prophets of the Old Testament, to
write Scriptures; Peter testified to Paul that He wrote in his epistles scriptures in
the same category as the “prophesies” of the Prophets, and that some of them
were both hard to understand, and how some in that day, and by the way in this
day and time, would wrest them to their own destruction.  (I Corinthians 14:
37,38)  You have two choices when you read I Corinthians 14 and you practice
public exposition:  (1) to remain ignorant with reproof and correction, and perhaps
also without any real sound doctrine and sound instruction in righteousness; or (2)
to acknowledge the clear teachings, attitude, and practices of I Corinthians 14 as
Word of God, unchanged and unaltered by modern times and by any claims at
special revelation.

b.  “Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to
speak in the church.”  {or any assembly in the name of Christ}  (I Corinthians 14:
34)  I would not even try to explain why so many confusions in Christ related
assembly are caused by women; however since the whole gist of this chapter is
to deal with confusions in assembly and worship, then we must just accept it as
so.  For example, above, we saw another confusion in worship and assembly
caused by special revelations which ignore the Christian community
understanding and history of the faith once for all delivered to the saints in the
Word of God.

3.  Sorry Joyce, Paula, Beth, and other “women of faith", the Word of God did
not come out of you nor was it delivered to you only; and your public silence is
required in any assembly of Christ just as is the same Word of God requirement
on any member that enters any church for worship.  THERE ARE NO
EXCEPTIONS.  And what you will generally find in such conferences that there is
much personal profit making, much self-edification of profit and status, and a lot
of subtle special revelations.  And generally the conference attendees have gone  
in order to secure some additional Christian status in their own family, church, or
the community at large.  It is that same old story of popularity, heaping up, and
hiding.  Look closely and you will find that these forbidden women public
speakers, just like Osteen and Warren “strengthen” listeners in their evil way, like
in Jeremiah, most generally by providing substitutes for the real God, real Christ,
and real Christian way of life, which in reality are the creation of idols.

NOTE:  By the way on the popularity surface, you may doubt that these
ladies have done any thing wrong, especially on the forbidden habits of II
Timothy 3:1-9; but think again!  There pride, boasting, self-love, arrogance,
love of money, without self-control, headstrong, haughty--especially when
you consider that they have made the deliberate choice in the name of the
American feminist movement to ignore the ALL SCRIPTURE of I Corinthians
14:34--that is all; and perhaps even the slanderers, despiser of good, and
lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

4.  Greater in the eyes of God is the Prophet who prophesies than the Prophet
who speaks in a tongue.  (I Corinthians 14:5)  And never forget that while it is
possible to speak to God so emotionally, and dominated by the spirit, that
language can lose meaning, and that this is an “unknown tongue”, what the
Apostles spoke on the first day of Pentecost after the Ascension was known
languages.  Really, if you want to be more New Testament then invite a
missionary to speak to your church or conference in the language of the people
where he is a missionary!  You might say, well most of us would not understand
it, so how would we prophet from the message?  Yes, exactly, all which is done
in the church or other assembly of Christ is to be done with “understanding”
whether it is prophesy, music, praise, or prayer.  Otherwise it is not public, it is
private and a violation of I Corinthians 14 in spirit and in truth!

5.  Along with this charismatic movement which has confused worship, has
between within worship services a new Babel, which confused and scattered all
the people of the world, of many sounds and languages.  Like taught in I
Corinthians 14:7-11, this is a confusion in worship and assembly of (1) lack of
distinction, and (2) lack of understanding.  You see it in the praise music, you see
in the self-expressions and edifications of Attenders and speaker, and you see in
the simplicity (without distinction} and lack of understanding of those who claim to
prophesy.  And we have let them get away with it out of the American respect for
religion and churches and religious conferences supposedly in the name of Christ,
although much of that comes from not even choosing to think about it or
acknowledge it like the respect given to some men and women after their death
that was not afforded them previously.

6.  Clearly by I Corinthians 14:6 the prophesy that edifies, exhorts, and comforts
is by:  (1) revelation from an Apostle or Prophet and therefore only as written in
the Bible of the authorized Apostles and Prophets; (2) by knowledge based on
that Bible, not special revelations; (3) by real prophesying that edifies, exhorts,
and comforts with distinct sounds and understanding; and (4) by the teaching of
sound doctrine, instruction in righteousness based on the ALL SCRIPTURE which
we already have as well as reproof and correction which closes the two gaps,
church administration and Christian living, of II Timothy 3:16,17 and the sink hole
where much of the ALL has been lost or ignored, even as has I Corinthians 14.

7.  Sing with the spirit and understanding; pray with the spirit and understanding;
and speak {prophesy} in any church or assembly of Christ with spirit and
understanding.  (I Corinthians 14:15)  If you give some Attenders a blessing that
they do not understand, it will have trouble being a blessing to them; although you
may profit for feeding your own ego.  Obviously this promotion of edification of
the congregation over confusion of the congregation applies to music of distinct,
beautiful, and quite sound as well as of praise, prophesy, and prayer.  Yet what
do we find in our contemporary churches and conferences: instead of correction
and reproof in the direction of a lack of confusion, we find correction and reproof
in the direction of noise in worship, a lack of understanding with the emotion of
spirit, and confusing preaching and teaching to be consistent with the rest.

INFORMATION:  The section above is a section from chapter 11, "Popular
Preachers of Prosperity" of the E-book BIBLE REPORTS FOR BELIEVING, and
chapter.  Also section 21-6 of the chapter on "Popular Preachers" of HIDEOUT
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