Progress Chart for Bible Study Series on Religion Denying
The Power of God

"...having a form of godliness but denying its power.  And from
SUCH PEOPLE turn away."  (II Timothy 3:5)

We can appreciate those who say "We belong to Christ and not to a
religion"; however such Bible as James 1:27 dare not be ignored--

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this:  to
visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep one self
unspotted from the world."  (James 1:27)

NOTE:  Before Christians today have the courage to obey the
above command from Scripture to turn away from and avoid certain
sorts of such people in their churches and denomination, they must
first of all understand the total context of II Timothy 3:1-9, then "this
sort" of 2:17 like Philetus and Hymenaeus, then the kind of leaders
and church members that lead us into the great apostasy called the
Falling Away.  This is nothing less than getting illumination on the
total flow of II Timothy, what might be called a "this sort" or "such
people" outline from II Timothy.  It keeps us from calling names and
pointing out certain groups of church members as the Bible has
already done it for us.

1.  A "That Sort" Outline of II Timothy.

NOTE:  It is your obligation and privilege to study to have God's
approval by attention to ALL Scripture, and you must know how
"this sort" and "such people" have lead us into the great apostasy
of today.  Some as Jesus said, "...he who endures to the END will
be saved." (Matthew 24:13)

What Sort?

3.  Sort Out This Sort

"Avoid such people."  (II Timothy 3:5b)

4.  From Follies to Fables, II Timothy 3:9 and 4:4.

"Itching Ears" Theology, II Timothy 4:3,4.

What Happened to the Southern Baptist Convention and
Protestantism?  In fact all Christianity according to II Timothy and
the supporting rest of the Bible like Jude and Revelation 1-3 on the
7 churches of Asia Minor.

Baptist Distinctives and the One Baptism {Salvation} of the book
of Romans.

8.  Priesthood of Believers.

Perhaps it is hard to connect the dots but in previous Bible studies
on the ALL Scripture approach and method of Bible study, it is also
an appeal to exercise your obligation and rights among the
"Priesthood of Believers"' for how can ALL Scripture given by
inspiration of God be profitable to you unless you exercise your God
given right to soul competency.
        BOASTERS, PROUD"  (II Timothy 3:2a)

Sounds more like these men of "perilous times" and of "the last
days" are more politicians, lawyers, or the wealthy than church
members of some Christian religion; yet rather than being avoided
today, or sorted out, such men are respected in the world and the
church!  Unfortunately these men of perilous times and last days
are church leaders of different religions, and you know that you
recognize them because they are wrapped up in themselves--the
world might call it graciously a type A personality, they are given
over to the making of money to the extent of greed--the world lauds
calculated greed in the stock market, they boast at lot about their
own accomplishments, albeit in a feigned humility and in debate
where truth become more relative than absolute, and their pride in
many things of this world is apparent and lauded by the world, what
John calls "pride of life"--as much a lust as the lust of the flesh and
the lust of the eyes.